Deia Mallorca wedding

Hi, anyone got married in or around Deia?

We are finding it difficult to choose a place - there are a lot but very expensive or not exactly right. The wedding will be August 2015, so we have time....

Anyone got married in Son Marroig?



  • Hi Caroline, i have definitely seen a post about Son Marroig but i think it might have been on this  maybe have a trawl though. Have you been over to Deia to have a look yourself? Because we found that everything available on websites were really expensive and it was only by going over there ourselves and talking to people that they knew the hidden treasures where a lot of the locals get married and they are so much cheaper x

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    Hi Caroline,

    Did you find a venue for your wedding? We're getting married in Mallorca next year September and were considering Son Marroig too. I wonder if the only way to book the venue is through a wedding planner or if we can actually get in touch with the owner. So far we got one very high quote through a wedding planner... Any information would be much appreciated! Thank you and good luck with your planning!


  • We're getting married in Deia next May, and found that the best way to plan and get venues and suppliers booked in was to go over there for a weekend, rent a car and blitz as many venues as possible!

    I must have visited 15+ possible venues in the Valldemossa/Deia/Soller region, and finally have everything booked in now, after seeing them all in person.

    Totally agree, most venues aren't cheap... but there are some hidden gems!

    For a low key small reception Restaurant Mirador de Fornadada (close to Son Marroig) has an amazing balcony with beautiful sea views. 

    Also worth looking at hiring an agroturismo exclusively, and bringing in caterers (you could then buy your wine, cava, beer at a supermarket and make a big saving)




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    Can anyone advise the best way to book Son Marroig? I've emailed several times but no reply. 





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    Hi All,

    I am planning my wedding in Deia and was wondering if anyone could recommend anything that would be useful. I am going there in June and it would be great to get some tips so I can view/meet anyone when I go. Things I am looking for are: Villas/Catering/Florists/Photographers


    Many Thanks  

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