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Hello everyone, We are getting married at a beautiful place called le petit moulin in annepont france in 2015, and am just looking for some options for music bands. My lovely planner has given me heaps of recommendations but just wondering if anyone can recommend any in particular image


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    Hi! We are also getting married in France in 2015. Are you using marry me in France? We have just booked brightlights they are based in Nice but travel. We have found them great to deal with so far, very much looking forward to them playing. We really struggled to find a band that fit our tastes in music but brightlights hit the nail on the head. 

    Have you visited your venue yet?

    Enjoy the planning!! Xx

  • Hi Victoria, I've got Brightlights on my list that my planner gave me, I love the sound of them just want to keep options open for others. 

    We didn't use marryme in france as the planning fees were extortionate, the girl was nice we met but didn't seem very organised.

    We've visited le petit moulin, we looked at about 8 different ones and this place was exactly what we were looking for, absolute luxury and nothing too much trouble for my planner Jen and the owners. They are so accommodating but found other venues had too many regulations we weren't keen with. 

    Where are you getting married? xx

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    I had a look online the venue looks great! 

    We are getting married at the monolithic Church in Aubeterre and are all staying at Manoir de Longeveau -,and having the reception there. We are using Marry me in France for styling. We went and had our free pre wedding holiday last week and did the menu tastings and had meetings with our wedding co-ordination and also the marry me in France owner and a stylist! Feels very real now! 

    I really struggled finding bands bands and brightlights seemed to fit us perfectly! They seem to be getting booked quite fast for 2015 - when are you getting married? 

    We really struggled with size of properties, we looked at a few on our initial visit but my H2Bs only request was that everyone could stay  at the venue, this was really difficult as most venues could only sleep between 15 -50 people, but Manour de Longeveau can sleep up to 150 in 20spmrthing gites

  • Victoria2405Victoria2405 Posts: 229

    So it fit the bill on every front!

    enkoy planning, sounds like you will have great fun with the planner. You're venue looks gorgeous! X

  • Have a look at - I'm lead singer, we're not too far from you and we do lots of weddings. We know Longeveau and the are around there very well.

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    Hi Ciara,

    The petit moulin is beautiful, I live in france in the haute-vienne close to the charante. I have a local singer booked for my wedding this year, not a full band. 

    There is a facebook page for brides and suppliers where you could ask if there are any local bands for hire. Here is the link!/groups/272493289573435/


    Good luck with your search x


  • Hi Deekel,

    Thanks for the link I had a look at the facebook page but can't see where the bands are located. What is your singer like, what style of music?

    Do you know le petit moulin where we are marrying, the wedding planner Jen is amazing and so kind and helpful? 

    When are you getting married?


    Ciara xx

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    Hi Ciara,

    My singer is called Jack Law (based in the haute-vienne) he does Buble type of music and also modern acustic songs too. He is on the fb page.

    I have seen photos pf the Petit moulin on a link that Jen sent me as she is one of the wedding planners that I work for. I will be visiting in August or september when I deliver a vake there. I have never met Jen but she is very on the ball and sound lovely when we speak on the phone.

    23rd August this year we are having our wedding in our village, ceremony in the Mairies as we are permanant residents in france and then around the corner to the salle de fetes (village hall). Country rustic themed wedding and lots of diy bits to keep costs down but has been fun doing it all xx

  • Hi Deekel,

    Ive been reading some of your blogs, how exciting organising a wedding as great as yours for such a small budget, i am sure it will be simply fabulous. How great would it be if we go for a cake from France (may bring one over from the UK) I will talk to Jen about using you if thats the case. She is a fab planner I must say, all my emails are answered promptly and the venue is just adorable.

    What sort of diy bits have you done, I am looking for some wooden signs with writing on, have you got these?

    Ciara x

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    we have had lots of hiccups along the way so wedding been postponed twice but all now well on track.

    We have done own favous, name cards just doing our table numbers. I have also made our wedding post box and table plan and will be up cycling jam jars with straws through the lid for our cocktails to keep the bugs out lol.

    Now have H2b mum on the job too making table runners and some throws to go on our straw bales for outside seating.image

    Sadly I have not got any signs otherwise I would have lent them to you after our wedding.I know there are lots for sale on etsy  

  • aaw thanks, will have a look on etsy, many thanks xxx

  • was the Wedding? we've got lots organised already now for our wedding, also spoke to Jen today and they have two more dates available for next year and that's it!!!!!! Dead excited, i can't begin to tell you image

  • Hi Ciara,

    Our wedding was fab will get around to uploading piccies soon once I have quietened down with work. 

    I worked again with Jen at the weekend, it was my first visit to le petit moulin, I can see when you want your wedding there. It is stunning!!!  


  • Hi Deekel,

    Thanks and oh my god im so excited. She sent through some pictures of the Weddings these past few weeks, I have also been looking at some of the pics the couples posted on their facebook pages so have actually been talking to real life brides that married there (god i sound sad) everyone raves about the place and Jen. 

    We are so so so glad we booked the place, xxxxx

  • Hi Ciara.. another strong recommendation for Brightlights who did our wedding. Everyone was saying they were one of the best bands (not only wedding bands) they'd seen in a long time! We had an amazing time and i'd push the boat out to get them if they're available. 

    Victoria, have a great wedding next year and good luck with it all. Excellent choice of band and i'm disappointed I can't do it all over again image xxx

  • Hi Ciara,

    Hope I'm not too late to suggest my band. It's called SouthWest and we play something for everyone, from soul to blues and rock, a bit of Stevie Wonder thrown in, some Tom Jones, Prince etc. All great songs, played well. There are music samples and links on our website at - including links to Facebook, youtube, SoundCloud and the rest. (I can also play piano during cocktails, the meal or ceremony.) You can contact Glenn through the website for more details. Apparently, our rates are outrageously reasonable...

    All the best with your plans - and maybe meet you next year!


  • For those of you looking for a planner...We had such a horrible experience with Marry Me In France that we felt compelled to share our experience with potential clients. The whole planning process with Marry Me In France ended up giving us more anxiety, rather than the support a couple looks to their planner for. If you want to have a stress free wedding, I would look elsewhere for planners. We were left with such a terrible taste in our mouth that we knew we needed to post and inform others of the headache that comes with booking MMIF as planners. At the end of the day, we felt like our wedding was nothing more than a cash-grab for the company. We started off the process with the owner (Beth), then after signing the contracts, we were handed off to her aloof underling (Becky), who then wasn't even available by email the day of the wedding. We were then handed off two days prior to our wedding to an on the day coordinator who was not fully prepared or filled into any of the specifics for our special day. The whole thing felt like a bait-and-switch. After the fact, we reached out to the owner to voice our displeasure but she replied saying she was too busy to discuss or deal with until wedding season was over. 


    Throughout the process, we felt like we were always forced to chase down MMIF for guidance and answers which caused even more stress. Our planner was very passive and reactive and only sent answers or actually did things after we expressed concern and asked for a skype meeting to follow-up. Prior to our skype, we would finally get what we needed 5 minutes prior to the call to avoid conflict. We had to chase our planner down several times just to nail down a timeline for the wedding day, which we felt was an absolute necessity and one of the primary tasks of a wedding planner, and were met with resistance - she said we didn't need one and that these things work themselves out on their own and that a timeline can make things more stressful. We pushed back and eventually worked one out but feel we did the lion's share of creating it and received little assistance from our planner in creating it or offering us a sense of what a normal timeline should be. She assured us that a schedule was not needed in part because the vendors knew exactly what to do, and this was not at all the case. 


    The hand off process to the on the day coordinator was anything but smooth and felt like a way for Marry Me In France to clear themselves of any liability or blame for problems the day of - no one could be held accountable for any issues.  The venue did provide a beautiful backdrop but our on the day planner and the vendors (all referred by Marry Me In France) were unprofessional, ill-equipped,  and unprepared when it came to our requests and needs. Much of our wedding day was spent scrambling to fix mistakes which were easily avoidable-if only the coordinator was properly prepared/filled in or anyone from MMIF had been reachable the days leading up to the wedding. We have included only a handful of things that went wrong below:


    -Our on the day planner wasn't available for the actual wedding rehearsal so we needed to fill her in moments before we walked down the aisle on walking order and discuss song specifics with the jazz trio since MMIF never passed along this information. We were also unable to reach anyone from the Chateau or MMIF when we were without power for 18 hours. We left several messages but they did not show up to remedy this problem in any way. When the rehearsal dinner restaurant called us an hour before our dinner to tell us that they could not acc
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