Villa Catignano, Siena (catering options?)

Has anyone here got married at Villa Catignano near Siena?

We have just booked it for July 2015. I'm struggling a little bit to find catering options - I've been given details for Katia at Terra di Siena but I'd like to try some other options and choose the best. We're going over there again in September 2015 so I'd like to line up some food tasting/speak to them to get quotes before then. Does anyone have any recommendations for caterers based in or around Siena?

 Thanks so much!



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    Dear Kate,

    I just found this note while I'm looking for the perfect catering service. We'are going to get married in August 2015 at Villa Catigano as well image I assume that you are really far with all your plannings. You started last year. We are just at the beginning because we decided spontaniously last week to have this event this year.... image Therefore, I would be more than happy if you provide me with some recommendations re. Catering, flowers, etc. I would greatly appreciate your support. I know that most of the stuff is really personal as every couple wants to have their own individual wedding story, but I hope that asking to share some experience and information -from one future bride to another- is allowed  image

    As being said the above, I would be more than happy to hear from you.

    Best wishes from Hamburg, Cara

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    Hi Cara, happy to help. Also - if you go on tripadvisor, there is a lady who wrote a long post with lots of info about who she used and how much things cost. So another hopefully useful source there!

    CATERER - we tried two and they were both excellent.

    We went for Albatros in the end but be warned they don't speak any English so only use them if you either speak Italian or have a planner. Because they don't cater for overseas weddings, they were about €30/head cheaper than the others we tried but the food/wine is excellent. I think we're paying about €80/head including an open bar.

    A plus about Preludio is they have a huge wedding supplier warehouse so if you use them then you can include all of their props/decor/table settings for free.



    We tried a few - but we are using Il Bouquet Siena - but again they don't speak much English.

    We also tried a few others: Jardin Divers: - quote was quite expensive but their flower arrangements are amazing; Stiatti Fiori( (It took her ages to get a quote back to me and she wanted to charge €100 for delivery - having said that, I've seen her work and it's pretty); Natura Verde, Siena (Taverne D'Arbia) - - the lady in the shop was soooo helpful and nice but again not much English.

    We are using Guty & Simone for DJ/band - I think they're about €1300.

    We also booked Stefano Santucci as our photographer - he's based in Florence and has been completely brilliant. He as an assistant so we'll have two photographers on the day.


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  • Hi Cara5. We’re planning a wedding at Catignano in June 2020. Can you give us some tips and advice on caterers and bands etc? Thx James 
  • Hi Jamesrigg

    We are based in Tuscany, feel free to send us an email!

    Bye ;)

  • Hi jamesrigg, we're also getting married in Catignano in June 2020! Did you get anywhere with choosing caterer, band etc? The quotes for catering from our planner are so much more expensive than I realised...  :#
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