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Hey, where abouts in Bali are you getting married? i get married in Bali on 26 May 2008!!


  • leonie9481leonie9481 Posts: 103

    I'm staying in the Melia Bonoa, but getting married at a private beach villa further north, on the 28th April 2008

    Where are you staying?
  • Hi, im staying there too, how come your not getting married there? That is so cool that were staying at the same place although i get there at the end of May! How many guests are you taking with you? x
  • leonie9481leonie9481 Posts: 103
    We wanted someonwhere a bit more private than on a beach, or the hotel grounds- didn't want any half naked germans lingering in the background!!

    Its has cost a lot more, but we have the whole complex to our selves so will be great.

    Only taking family with with, so about 12 people altogether.

    How about you?- & How come you picked Bali to get married there?

  • Cool that sounds amazing! I really cant wait now, we currently have 37 guests coming with us and people keep adding on. My partner has family in Australia and he wanted them to be there so thats why we choose there really but weve always wanted to go! Have u been before and have u stayed at the Melia Benoa hotel before? x
  • leonie9481leonie9481 Posts: 103
    Never been before, so never stayed at the hotel. My friend who booked it for us has been & said it was amazing!

    can't wait now- only 277 days till i leave!!

    i'll have to send you photos when we get back, so you can see before you go! :\)
  • wow ive heard really good reviews from it as well, which travel company have u booked with and how long are you going for?? When do u go and when will you be back, that will be amazing if u can send me your pics,

    Have u bought your dress yet? Have u got any bridesmaids?

  • leonie9481leonie9481 Posts: 103
    We booked with Thomas Cook & are going for 17 days. We leave on the 21st April & get back on the 7th May

    Already got my dress back in April, along with my tiara & veil!! My 2 sisters are bridesmaids & are going to be wearing lemon colour dresses.

    Have you got your dresds yet?

    What colour/theme are you having?
  • Cool 17 days that will be awesome, we dont go until the 18th May so you will be able to send me some pics when you get back! x

    Im having 3 bridesmaids, was supposed to be 4 but one of my friends is pregnant so can not come with us now, one is my twin sister and the other 2 are close friends, i am having cerise colour (hot pink).

    I bought my dress back in April too, well i put a deposit down and they said it would take around 3 months for it to come in, cant wait to try it back on again.

    What you doing for favours? im struggling with ideas x
  • leonie9481leonie9481 Posts: 103
    We're having mini whisky bottles for the men,& the woman are getting mini photo frames & a orchid flower candle.

    Had confirmation this morning that our villa is booked!!image

    H2B is getting nervous now!

  • Thats a great idea and will go down well! Im thinking cigars for the men and miniture perfume for the ladies.

    Weve had confirmation of our flights and accomodation this week and i cant wait, its count down now!

    H2B is well nervous too, hes not looking forward to the church! x

    How old are you btw? x
  • leonie9481leonie9481 Posts: 103
    I like the mini purfume idea- never heard of that before.

    I'm 26 & so is my H2B

    How about you, if you don't mind me asking?image

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