Wedding in Santorini - advice please!!

Hi everyone! 

I have been spending weeks looking at and attempting to organise our wedding in Santorini for 2015.  

I am looking at getting married at either Danas Villas or La Maltese, then having the reception at the same place as the ceremony or at Theros Beach Bar.  I am also considering staying at a hotel in Kamari...not sure if anyone has any recommendations? Has anyone found booking your own accommodation and then getting guests the same accommodation as you a problem?  When I am looking at various hotels there appears to be hardly any rooms left!!! I am worried I am going to have to book for 2016 instead!

Just wondering if anyone has any advice or tips and if anyone has got married at the same places! I would love to hear your experiences! I have contacted planners at Weddings Santorini and The Bridal Consultants, so if anyone has any advice on planners that would also be welcome!!


Emmy x


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    Hi Emmy, 


    I'm getting married in 2 weeks at Dana Villas (we have 25 guests so we will have both ceremony and reception there).  I use Poema Weddings, they have been wonderful so far. 

    We stay at Imerovigli, Remezzo Villas - they have room for 6 people, and allow children. We let everyone choose where they want to stay - at the end everyone stay at 2 villas in Imerovigli and Fira. The other one is Agapi Villas.

    2015 should still be fine to organise your wedding. How many guests are you planning to have? Good luck!  


  • Hi Emmy,

    I am getting married in Santorini this year. My suggestion is to have ceremony and reception in the sam place as you avoid to pay the transfers from ceremonyplace to the wedding reception place. I am getting married in Pantheon and I did this followig the advise of my weddding planner Olympia from Marryme in Greece. you can check her website She is just marvellous and she saved us a bunch of money which we can spend towards our honey moon. In Dana villas if you have up to 30 guests is ideal to have the wedding reception there as well. Happy planning

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    Ladies, I got married in Santorini in May at Pantheon Villas (beautiful!) - we had the reception there too.

    Re Dana Villas, it is a super stunning location - bear in mind there are at least 200 steps down to get to it (in case you have any elderly/immobile guests).

  • Hi,


    My wedding is all booked for June 2015 ceremony at Suites of the Gods and reception at Theros Wave Bar. Like you I am really worried about accommodation as I have not booked up yet and although the sites I have been looking at have only just started taking bookings for June next year they seem to be selling out really fast. :S But I'm sure if we look hard enough we can find the digs we need! x

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    Im getting married at Dana villas in 4 weeks and I am using Weddings Santorini. Michael has been amazing with my never ending questions and changes of mind. He always replies, although it may take a little while. I don't mind this as I appreciate he is probably busy and also it is Greece! He's provides me with all info I needed to choose venue/photographer etc. 

    I can't wait, I'm so excited ????


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    Sorry I forgot to add, we are staying at Villa Ilias which is just up the road and very reasonable for Santorini. We do have some guests staying Kamari. I found it easier to just include a little info about the resorts in the invitations and then let everyone sort themselves out

  • Hi,

    Congratulations on your wedding.! I got married in May 2013 in Santorini.  My wedding as at St Irene and the reception was at Theros.  Both venue's were amazing.  We had the most amazing reception at Theros, it was perfect.  All the guests said how amazing the venue was.  We paid for the free bar there aswell which went down really well.  We went through Ionian Weddings, they were absolutly amazing - couldnt recommend them highly enough.

    We stayed at the Kamari Beach Hotel, it was a lovely hotel, lovely big pool.  I researched a few hotels in Kamari and gave an information pack to my guests, but i left it upto them to book into any other hotels they liked.  We had 13 of the 22 guests stay in our hotel and the others stayed in 2 other hotels.

    To give you a rough guide on price, our wedding was 30th May 2013 at 5:00.  We had 22 guests, our package was £4600, which included, hire of both venues, free bar at Theros, Food at Theros, hair trial and hair on the day, photogropher, transportation, legal fee's, planners fee's etc.,

    If you want any further information feel free to inbox me image xxxxx

  • Hi

    We're getting married 27th July 2015 at Santo Winery and Theros. Did you decide on Theros in the end? We went out for the second time this summer and went to see Theros and it got us so excited - its a lovely venue. Its not quite as big as it appears in the pictures online, but I prefer that because id hate for it to feel too empty (although were having 70 guests). The staff there were lovely.


    We have Nikos with Santorini Weddings as our planner. We met up with him whilst we were there and he was great. He even took us to his house to try a bit of his homemade wine and gave us a bottle!


    With regards to hotels being booked up it must have been that you were looking too far in advance online. Even if you look now for next July a lot of hotels say they have no availability (on for instance) but its just that they havent started taking bookings yet.But I imagine you've figured that out now! Ive just emailed them direct. Theyre usually quite slow at getting back to me, but that's the Greek way!

    We saw a couple of nice hotels that were reasonable in Kamari and Perissa that Im recommending to my friends. Let me know if you want the details. They have all offered 10% discount if we make multiple bookings


  • Hi JN0101

    Just wondered if I could pick your brains on the hotels you saw in Kamari, I'm getting married in Santorini next August also using Nikos and we go out for a week in October to meet up with him and have a look at the venues, we've chosen dana villas and theros, I've just started looking at hotels that I can earmark to have a look at when we are there but there's about 75 in Kamari, so would appreciate your help.



  • Hi Vikkii

    My favorite in Kamari was Arion Bay. It was right on the beach and the owner was great. Theres a range of rooms - standard and superior, so maybe if you had friends on a tighter budget they could stay in the standard rooms. The owner said he would do us a good deal if we made multiple bookings. Im waiting for him to confirm prices with me though, so cant vouch for that yet!

    If youve got anyone on a really tight budget Poiseiden was good value I thought - rooms are about £56 on for next July. Basic rooms, but its right on the beach, decent pool etc.

    Kamari Beach Hotel was really nice too, a bit pricier than the other two but lovely.

    I cant remember the others (apart from Sunshine Hotel which I didnt like)

    Hope thats OK!

  • Thank you so much, can't wait to go 3 weeks today!


  • Hi emmy!

    My name is Alexandra and i am a wedding planner in Santorini island.Both places are really nice but i have for you a better one and less expensive option caldera view always.if you are interested please contact me [email protected] Our  office has 27 years of experience in Santorini island and has got full marriage packages,and can help you with accomodation car rentals limousine services excursions and everything that you need.

    please feel free to contact me for anything you need


    Congratulations and all the best

    Alexandra Chalmpe Kritikou

  • Hi all,

    Congratulations to everyone :) my fiance and I have planned to get married in July 2018 at le ciel (both ceremony and reception). We have deposits put down and we're using Alexandra at Gold Weddings. We have booked Phosart for photography and Andreas Marcovic for videography. We haven't sent invites yet so have no idea of how many guest well have.. probably between 40-100 🙈have not had a chance to look at accommodation yet but we're thinking Kamari. Has anyone any recommendations for that area? Would love a nice hotel within budget for all that we could all stay in. Also, any recommendations on flowers and what's the average price in Santorini? Finally, do I need a decorator for the reception or does the venue or wedding planner organise this? Thank you....this group is amazing and so helpful :) x

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    Hi Laura,

    we're getting married at Le Ciel June 2019 but going out there in April to try and figure some stuff out such as flowers and decorations etc. 

    I love your choices for video and photography, they're out of our budget though. 

    We are also planning to stay in Kamari both this time and for the wedding. We will be looking around at some different hotels so will be able to give you some info when we're back if you like? 

    It's my understanding that the planner can do anything u want them to it just depends on whether you want to pay them to arrange it or do it directly 😊

  • Hi, just looking for some help/advice. Me and my partner are looking to get married in Santorini in summer 2020. We’ve got our hearts set on Le Ciel for both the ceremony and reception. Were expecting to have around 20-25 guests. 

    Can anyone who has been married at Le Ciel give me a rough estimate of cost? When looking online I can only see wedding package costs but I’d like to have an idea of the total cost so I can budget for it. 

    Also, any recommendations for wedding planners would be much appreciated. 

    Thank you! :) 

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