Barcelona Wedding!

Anyone else getting married in the Barcelona region?

I'm getting married in Sitges, 22nd Sept 2015. We've rented out a house called Casa Felix which has a tiny church down the path from it. It's gonna be family time at the house as it sleeps up to 40 image 


  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    Do you live in Spain? I thought it was really complicated to get married over there unless you lived there, how have you got round all that? image

  • Jenny 8Jenny 8 Posts: 34

    I ain't getting married there, and don't have idea about it. I think you should any of your friends if you live in Spain, as they would know better about it.

  • MOB3MOB3 Posts: 1

    MrsRossToBe were getting married at Casa Felix on Sept19th, will be checking out on the 21st! ????????????

  • Yep and we are checking in that day? It won't be complicated as we are having a Catholic ceremony and our wedding planner assures us that it is possible. If all else fails I'm happy to do the paperwork in the UK.

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