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Sorrento wedding planners

Hello all, 

im recently engaged and after so much stressing of trying to find a uk venue we opted to have a sorrento wedding in Italy! ...we've never been but it looks stunning! We hope to visit in a couple of months! Very exciting!

Ive been in touch with thomson who came out fairly reasonable, but I found the hotel choices very limited. And then they wouldn't tell me how much any extras were until I'd paid them the deposit! I found Thomas Cook not very helpful really as they couldn't even give me holiday prices and said if have to wait until September! (We are wanted to get married sept 2015 so it's a year from then) 

i then thought about contacting some wedding planners based in Sorrento. One of which contacted me straight back and has been extremely helpful. Which I was very impressed with. The package is more expensive than that of a uk travel agent but my instinct tells me it's worth it. I've yet to hear from the others I contacted but it is a Sunday and I only sent the emails this morning!

Is there anyone else that's been in a similar position? If so how did you find it? Did you encounter many problems? Any other sorrento brides, past or pressent that can offer any advice?! 

Also do we know what sort if weather Sorrento has in September? Or is it pot luck- a bit like the uk?!! 

ps, we have chosen the cloisters in Sorrento for the ceremony. we are waiting to book the wedding planner to see what reception venues she works with etc.


  • MrsDoc2bMrsDoc2b Posts: 2

    Hi there! Only just started looking myself in the last few days and also new to this forum!

    We would like to get married in the Catholic Church in Positano followed by a Reception in Sorrento in Aug 2015. Do you mind me asking the quote that your Sorrento planner offered as I am also trying to chase down planners and quotes!

    Will let you know when I hear a response.. I also emailed yesterday (Sunday) and am waiting for replies! X

  • I got quoted €2000 for the whole wedding package. I just need to pay for the booking fee on top and reception and additional costs. 

    What to I am concerned about as well is what we do after the wedding?! If we have dinner at a restaurant for ecample, then what?! As I'm used to weddings at home going on till 11pm drinking and dancing etc. hopefully I can still do something like that abrosd?! 

  • We booked our wedding in Sorrento yesterday! We chose villa fondi for our ceremony and we are waiting for Thomson to confirm our date (they did say it can take 6-8 weeks) and then we can get down to the details like reception, flowers etc. xx

  • DianaDiana Posts: 102

    Hi Ladies,

    We've recently decided on Sorrento as our wedding venue - Aug 2015.

    Wondered how you're getting on with Wedding plans and if you have any tips to share or recommendations for hair, flowers, etc



  • Izzy7Izzy7 Posts: 1

    Hello!  I have also planned to get married in Villa Fondi next September. We are just looking for the right wedding planner. I emailed thats amore wedding & it's been over a week & they still haven't got back to me. So we are on the hunt again!

  • Hello! We also want to get married in Sorrento July 2016. My best friend got married there last year and her big day was wonderful image!  She used a very good wedding planner Rosanna from Orange Blossom, everybody has been very impressed by her great work, precision and attention to details! Really a wonderful big day to rembember, organised perfectly ... I've also decided to use Rosanna as my wedding planner, she replies straight away with plenty of information, very good and reliable image you can have a look here for more details: Happy wedding planning! xx

  • We are getting married next September at Villa Fondi in Sorrento and im so excited! We booked with Thomsons and they have assigned a wedding planner to us from Thats amore wedding planners who have been so helpful and respond quickly to emails. Everything is arranged and im impressed at how calm i feel. You get loads of optional extras and a good choice of restaurants for your reception image.

    We also created a webpage for our guests so they have all the information and arent left in the dark with arrangements. We included different hotels to chose, things to do, wedding plans etc.

    Im really glad we chose to get married abroad and went with Thomsons (I feel like a walking advert!)

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