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El Dorado Seaside Suites Photographer help

Hi everyone

Has anyone got any recommendations for photographers for the El Dorado hotels? Were getting married in May 2015 at Seaside Suites and have no idea which photographer to choose as if we bring in an outside company its an extra $800 to allow them access to the wedding. Has anyone on here had experience with booking a photographer for this hotel?




  • Mrs T2BMrs T2B Posts: 129

    Not had experience with a photographer here but this is where I'm going on my honeymoon in 3 weeks. eeeek - good luck finding a photographer

  • MrsDenbyMrsDenby Posts: 199

    Ohh please let me know what you think of the hotel when you return?? Have a fabulous honeymoon image  x

  • I live in Mexico, my daughter's getting married in the UK (legal part) and I'm planning both her UK and Mexican wedding. I found the people at Cancun Wedding Center, its an org address very helpful with giving me information, the owner also lived in England for a long time! image They emailed me price quotes and references for the styles I want and sent them to me in one go so I didn't have to go hunting myself because most photographers have a website under their name so they are not easy to find. They also have information on everything else to do with weddings and events. The owner is wonderful, I met her in person, and to cut a long story short, she explained to me that she opened the center because she was frustrated about the services and hidden costs of the hotels she worked at and she explained that the hotels only recommend vendors where the hotel gets a commission... 

  • I'm no help but I just booked up for my honeymoon here for August 2915! Cannot waIt! I shrieked in the travel agenta when we booked it and skipped round the shopping centre grinning ear to ear. It looks incredible!!

  • Mrs T2BMrs T2B Posts: 129

    Back from honeymoon at Seaside Suites and it was absolutely fabulous!! We had quite a bit of rain but it didn't really matter. Had some beautiful spots to get married on the beach there, although not sure what time they normally did the weddings as we always saw them getting set up but we never actually saw anyone get married. You'll have a fabulous time there and the staff are so friendly, especially the entertainment team. 

    Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did x

  • Hi MrsDenby,

    Can't help on the photographer front I'm afraid but just wanted to say I went there for our honeymoon in March and it was absolutely wonderful! Saw someone have their wedding there and then pictures on the beach afterwards which looked lovely!

    Hope you find a photographer and have a wonderful wedding x

  • Thanks everyone! Its very reassuring that you've been and enjoyed the hotel!

    We've booked Sarani for our photos and have opted for a half day package as we don't want to miss anything!


    Tina9 thank you for the info and I will definitely have a look image



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