Advice needed from Lake Garda brides - Vows? What are they?

Hiya all,

Having planned and thought about venues and dresses and who to invite and what to eat etc etc etc.........

A thought has just occured - THE VOWS What are they?

I know they are in Italian and you have a translator, but what do you have to say, do you repeat your vows in English, or just say I DO at the end???

Can anyone help??!

Also, does anyone know if you can have a friend give a reading at the ceremony??

Many thanks

Clare x


  • Hi

    You can have two readings at the ceremony if you want.

    Gwen sends you the vows through and you chose which ones you want.

    The vows are read out in Italian first and translated into english, you do have a choice and you can say your vows in english or Italian we chose to do it in Italian

    Hope that helps x
  • Hi Debs,

    Thanks so much for letting me know! That has put my mind at rest......any mention of 'OBEY' in there?

    He he he.

    Clare x
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