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Wedding in Cyprus - Athena Hotel?

Hello everyone - I am new here after getting engaged in Jul image

Just started taking in ideas and making some enquires for our wedding that we are planning in 2016. We have both agreed that Cyprus would be an ideal location for the wedding!

Can anyone help me... I really like the look of Athena Beach hotel Paphos. Should I book through Thomson as a package or separately using their wedding planner Jayne? There will be between 20-30 of us going. Do they do a discount if all guests stay in the hotel for 7 days? If some of the guests can't afford to stay at this hotel, anyone know of a close hotel that is a bit cheaper? What food options do you have after the weeding? Any tips/advice for booking this hotel would be soo apreciated!!

Booking flights separeately - can anyone recommend cheaper flight options?


Many thanksimage


  • If you go the hotel website you will find an email address to contact them. Ask them for details of their packages and prices.

    They sent one to me a few months ago while I was looking. I know they also do a bbq for the meal if you want as we visited the hotel while on holiday to have a look around. They had tables set up for a wedding and were doing the cooking too. It looked really nice, the tables were decorated beautifully.

    I think you would be better to book direct with the hotel as with Thomson everything goes through their wedding team and you don't have direct contact with the hotel, it also saves money! I think it gives more control as you choose your time and date and get confirmation a lot quicker.

    There isn't any cost for guests not staying at the hotel (unlike AI resorts) as you are already paying for their meal. The wine was pretty cheap if I remember about €9 a bottle.

    My favourite place out of all the ones we looked at was Alexander the Great but it was booked up for summer 2015 so we choose the new Olympic Lagoon Resort.

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