Best time for Ceremony - October

I am getting married at the Olympic Lagoon Resort in Paphos on Oct 5th next year. I didn't specify a time when booking and have been given 3 O'clock. However they can do 5 O'clock and I am thinking of changing.

They have said dinner would be at 5 which I feel is too early.

The wedding co-ordinator recommends 3 as she said it is on average only 20 degrees and we would get good pictures with plenty of light. However I have read online it reaches around 27oC at that time of year so I doubt it's 20 at 3 O'clock.

I also thought it would be better for sunset pictures as the sun sets around 6.30pm and then dinner around 7pm.

I haven't been in October so would like some advice with regards to the weather. What is the usual temp about 3 and also 5 and any other advice is welcome.



  • I can't imagine it will be 27 degrees in October, go for what you want but maybe it'd be worth running through a schedule of everything, having the ceremony at 5pm doesn't give you much time to fit everything else in image


  • Amy55Amy55 Posts: 4

    I think 5pm would be better, you will still have the light but it won't be too hot for your guests if they are going to be sat out in the sun for the ceremony.

    Also having dinner at 5 is too early. If your married at 5 you can have a drinks reception throughout sunset and have pictures taken. Dinner at 7 sounds better.

    I'm getting married Sept 19th and have recently been to Cyprus to get things booked and the weather was perfect later on! I'll be getting married at 5.30.

    do you have a hairdresser and make up artist? I'm having problems finding these.

  • Hi today it is 26 degrees and it goes cooler in the evening just after sunset unlike the month of September. The sun is not as intense in October so a ceremony time a little earlier say at 4pm would be ideal leaving enough time for photos with your family and friends, plus some of you both alone without being rushed and time to relax with your guests before sunset photos. The sun sets at 6.30pm so photos would start earlier than this at around 6.10/15pm. Hope this helps Karen xx



  • You might find my website helpful xx

  • Fran7Fran7 Posts: 78

    Do be careful though as sun goes down around 6.30ish at that time of year so work out some approx. timings and see what that may effect. On the positive side you could get an amazing sunset!!

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