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We are newly engaged and researching regarding getting married in italy. We would like an outside, seaside/sea view wedding, ideally on a beachside patio or terrace. To minise travel and cost we want to hold both the ceremony and reception in the same venue, so a hotel would appear to be the best option for us. We hope for a romantic yet relaxed feel in a fresh (not dated) venue.

I have contacted a few wedding planners: slow dreams, the bridal consultants, exclusive italy weddings & that's amour weddings. Has anyone used any of these company's or have any tips or suggestions which may meet our ideas? reviews dor these companies are so varied. We are looking for a package deal for approx 40 but at a reasonable cost.

Many thanks ???? xx



  • Maybe you could start with sending emails to all of them and ask them give you some proposals with approximate budgets . Then you could compare and see which one seems to offer what you are looking for ?

  • Yeah, that's what I'm currently in the process of's so hard when there are so many companies, I always try to go off of recommendations. But I guess that's the fun of wedding planning ey! image

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    Hi Aimee, do you have an idea of where in Italy you want to go? You mentioned the beachside so are you looking for somewhere like Sorrento etc? There's quite a few posts about Sorrent/southern Italy by the sea which you can find on here - lots of those mention particular wedding planners.

    We're getting married in Tuscany and I generally found that planners tend to focus on a particular area and less that are nationwide (there def are some!) so if you narrow down your area then you might find more options and can also search on here for some recommendations.

  • Hi, yes I think somewhere like sorrento is the most likely place....thanks for that, I will look back through the posts (in a bit new to all of this image). All the best for your wedding in Tuscany x

  • Hi, i am in the same boat looking for somewhere that does wedding packages in Italy. I found this website through facebook but I can't find any testimonials for them and their blog doesn't seem to include any real weddings just staged photo shoots  so I am unsure about them. The photographs look beautiful though. Hope this helps!

  • Definitely try Hitched in Italy.  They put together a wedding package and specialise in budget weddings - which I had! image

    And.. xxEmma1xx be careful about not having any testimonials, this is the first thing I looked at when planning my wedding.

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