Vivenda miranda brides!!!

Hi ladies!! 

I have just returned from our wedding at Vivenda Miranda in Lagos!!! I just wanted to let all you future miranda brides that you have booked a good one! 

The venue is amazing, views are stunning and the food and staff are incredible!! We used algarve weddings by Rebecca. Rebecca and her team are fantastic - make you so relaxed and take care of everything! 

I just wanted to start this thread in case any of you had any questions!!!


  • How much have you cost for your wedding at Vivenda Miranda in Lagos?Can you share any pictures?

  • Hi Ginge82,

    I am so pleased to hear from a Vivenda Miranda Bride as the venue isn't often mentioned on these forums!

    We are having our reception at Vivenda Miranda in June and we are also using Algarve Weddings by Rebecca image I really cannot wait, only 8 months to go lol 


  • Ginge82Ginge82 Posts: 13

    Hi girls!!

    chris Tina the wedding package cost around €6000.

    Birdie have you visited the hotel at all? It's amazing - it was so much more than we ever imagined it to be! All everyone is talking about is the venue!!! It will fly in for you now!!

  • Yeah we've visited it twice now - went to try the food there during the summer and it was gorgeous! image 

    How did you find it with the music? Were they strict about the evening party ending at a certain time? xx

  • Hi girls, visited this venue whilst over this summer. Its lovely-we went straight down and the views are stunning indeed. Unfortunately we found out it’s not our party venue! Basically we were told the music is noise restricted and we needed to stop the party by half eleven-midnight.image

    The staff didn’t make much effort to accommodate our wish for a later wedding party because of the hotel guests. We have dreamed of a late party with all our family and friends and decided this venue is not our cup of tea.

  • Ginge82Ginge82 Posts: 13

    Birdie we got married bout 3 and we were eating for 5 so our band started at 630pm I think and played for 2 hours and then one of our guests dj for the rest! I think the bar staff asked to him to turn it down bout 1130 but we played until midnight but the night ended promptly at midnight!! I think the key was getting married early in the day then having our meal relatively early which left about 6 hours for the madness of partying! 

    To my knowledge they weren't any complaints from other guests - nothing was mentioned to us the following day or on the Monday when we checked out! 

    I think the hotel staff maybe ordered a lot of taxis for midnight because everybody seemed to have a taxi waiting and my guests aren't that organised to do it themselves!

    other than being asked to turn it down we had no problems and the music was at a decent enough level all night to have a party atmosphere!!

  • Yeah we are getting married in a Chapel at 1.30 so starting quite early for a wedding abroad.. Our guests are partyers though so it was one thing i was a bit worried about..

    But the setting is amazing and at the end of the day it is a wedding not a normal party night out. Did the bar close at 12 aswell?

    I'm sure your photos are amazing! Which photographer did you use?x

  • Ginge82Ginge82 Posts: 13

    Yeah I think getting married early is definitely the key!! Yeah the bar closed at 12 as well! It was just a selection of spirits and beer that they had!

    We used yes I do photography! Fernando the photographer was brilliant - he def knows his stuff! He even had a drone to take overhead birds eye shots! Have you booked a photographer yet?


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