International Wedding Certificate

My partner and I got married in the Algarve last month and just before we left to come home we got our International Marriage Certificate.  When we opened up the envelope we found what looked like a very bad photocopy that had an embossed stamp on it.  When we asked our planner about it we were told it was correct.

My wife went to our bank to update her name on the account and the bank refused to accept it as they also thought it was just a bad photo copy.


Has anyone else had this problem or have we been given the wrong type of certificate?



  • Jo35Jo35 Posts: 305

    Hi ,is the certificate in English or do you need to get it translated ? We married in Zante we got 3 certificates in Greek they were typed on green mottled effect thick  paper we also got 3 translations with them which were all printed and signed by a solicitor , I think you may have been given the wrong thing I would definitely get in touch with your planner again as it doesn't sound right x

  • Ian10Ian10 Posts: 2

    Hi Jo,

    Thanks for replying.  It's an international Marriage certificate, it's in Portuguese on the front where our details are but there is a translation for each of the boxes on the form on the rear in different languages.  It's just that it looks like a photocopy, and a bad one at that.





  • amyh81amyh81 Posts: 109

    Hi there.

    we got married in Portugal last year and I'm pretty sure that it sounds like what you have got is right, ours is on quite think paper and has an embossed stamp on it.

    no probs with it though at the bank or with a new passport

  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706


    I got married in Portugal in May and got the exact same! The bank wouldn't accept it but the passport office would so had to change my name with my new passport. Took a while to do but finally after a lot of stress got it sorted.

    Lea x

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