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Hi, could anyone recommend any private wedding planners they have used please? I always thought I would go for thomson but waiting for the wedding date etc for so long is putting me off . Thank you 


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    Hi Jill5, 

    We are getting married abroad next year and using Ionian Weddings. They are based in Twickenham, London. They cover the Med, Greece and Cyprus and are very efficient. One of my friends is also using them for her wedding in Italy in two years. 


    They are are very friendly, knowledgable and good at getting back to you with answers to queries etc. I also find their prices reasonable.

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    where are looking to get married? I'm gettin married in Rhodes June 2016 and I'm using someone called unforgettable Rhodes they have someone who is based in London and also in Rhodes I emailed them and within a day the told me the day and time I could have and was all booked. I was going to book through travel agents and a lot of people told me they put the price of the holiday up they take forever to get back to you even when you have a date it can take a while for them to get back to you when it comes to planning

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    Thank you I will have a look at ionian weddings now , yes I've heard that about the dates which isn't good as I'll he deaperate to know wouldnt want to wait weeks! I've now chosen to get married in cyprus looking at the alexander the great beach hotel so far but theres so many to choose from its so hard to pick especially when we haven't visited any. 

  • Hi,


    I used a local wedding planner, I I was very satisfied. Olympia our wedding planner - is very friendly, very proffesional and she gave us a very good price. W got married in Santorini but she does other destinations too.

    We were happy with all suppliers recemmended. Florist (very reasonable) , photographer, video, venue, hair and make up. You can check her site - she has some wedding published, but you can create your own wedding package according to your needs. Her site is 

    Certainly there are other wedding planners too, and you can find thme on google

    Good luck


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    I can recommend a friend of my wife who is an overseas wedding planner. She primarily specialises in Mexico and the Caribbean but ive no doubt she would be able to give you some advice if you need it.

    She is called Sammy Jones and runs her email address is [email protected].

    Hope this is of some help to you.



  • If you decide to consider France I can recommend an excellent one - first class.

  • Anyone know of a good wedding planner for the south of Spain/Andalucía area? Much appreciated!

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    Nennypenny wrote (see)

    Anyone know of a good wedding planner for the south of Spain/Andalucía area? Much appreciated!

    No but it's very complicated to get married in Spain if you're from the UK so it's not a popular place to go for 

    OP - if you're thinking of Cyprus try Linda from Paphos Total Weddings, she was fab 

  • Oh really Heliganeden? How come if you don't mind me asking? Is it difficult to have a legal marriage? Are there strict rule?

    My parents live in Spain which is why I thought it may be easier. Oh dear need to do my research then!

    Thanks for letting me know! 

  • Hi, I am getting married in the Costa Blanca area of Spain in 2015 and I can 100 percent recommend "Say I Do Wedding Planning Costa Blanca" They are organising everything for us, they are very professional and friendly, we are so excited. We will be having the most beautiful venue, where we can have al fresco dinning with lovely grounds. Hope this is helpful for anyone planning a wedding in that part of Spain like us.

  • Cathrine, what a gorgeously location! Have you found any of it tricky? How are you with leaving it to the experts to organise?!

    I know I would love love the idea of al fresco dinning and tapas and warm evenings. Just the Spanish laid back lifestyle! Love the sound of the Beautiful lakeside venue or the Grounds with Palm trees and orange groves! 

    Is your wedding religious? Are there any restrictions you have found getting married in Spain?

  • Hey,

    You should consider Dubrovnik, Croatia for wedding. Beautiful city and amazing locations... It was not easy to pick just one. We had a pre and post wedding events and help from local wedding tailors Paula & Paula, you can find them on


  • Hi Nennypenny.

    Nice to hear from you. To be honest the hardest part of everything has been deciding where in the Costa Blanca to get married in. Once we knew where we wanted to hold our wedding it became much simpler. It meant we could look for a good wedding planner that would cover the area we had chosen. We have now chosen our venue, which is the grounds with palm trees and orange groves, if you have been on the website you will know which one I mean. The grounds are huge and there are many areas to choose to dine in including a large area that is undercover.and a swimming pool area.

    Regarding the organisation of everything, I was worried at first as I like to have total control over things, but the lady we have been in contact with has been brilliant and works very close with us to ensure that there is no confusion. She has been helping us with regards to flowers, table and chair hire, catering, photography, basically everything. All this has proven so far to be ideal, as we really have no idea not living there or talking the language.

    You asked about the service. We have opted to do a registry office service in the U.K first with a few close friends and family members. Then in Spain we will have a full service with exchange of vows and rings, so unless we make it known that we have already done the legal side of things, no one will know, this will also be held at the same location, which for us is ideal. The service will be conducted in English by a minister organised for us. And like our wedding planner joked we will have two weddings and anniversaries, anyway if it is good enough for George Cloonery,to do it this why, why not. Ha, Ha, Ha.

  • Hi Gill5,

    I got married in Santorini and used Ionian Weddings, they are fab. Cant recommend them enough image



    The ceremony in Spain isnt legal, you have to have a registry office ceremony in the UK 1st and then a blessing over there.  They are only legal in Spain if you or your partner live there.

    They only recognise Catholic ceremonies in Spain aslong as you or your partner are Catholic.


  • SantoriniBride2013.

    Thanks for your comments on weddings in Spain. that is not totally true as some wedding planners are now able to organise legal weddings in Spain, but I believe a least one of you must be a resident and been living there for a least two years or more and there are non Catholic churches that are ordained to carry out legal weddings. We have opted for the registry office ceremony first with a few close friends and family, then we will have our big day in Spain. The service we will have will also have a certificate that we sign, vows and exchange of rings. We are very happy to be doing it this way.

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