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I think I am finally settled on Dana Villa for my wedding and reception. Does anyone have any reviews and pics at all?



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    Hi MrsHG2B, 

    I was going to get married at Dana Villas next year having read great reviews and seen stunning pictures. However, after speaking with our wedding planner, we were told that the terrace us actually 174 steps down from the top of the street and as it us quite open and exposed, people have a tendency to burn in the heat. Obviously if your getting married in the evening, this would not be a problem. We would have definitely had our ceremony there though had we not had guests with mobility issues. 

    There are plenty of reviews on Trip Advisor though and pictures on the Dana Villas website

  • Ηι,


    Certainly Dana Villas is a stunning venue, but if you have guests with heart issuew or mobility is not the right place for them. There are other venues more easily accessible such as La Malteze, which has stunning views as well.


    Good luck

  • Hi MrsHG2B, 

    Check in Bonder & Co, they have awesome villas in Ibiza 

    I hope I've helped.


  • Hi

    i got married at Dana Villas this August. If you want to email me at [email protected] I'd be happy to answer any questions image

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