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hi I'm getting married in Mexico 2016 and considering hiring a UK photographer and paying expenses for them to get there and back plus accommadation, mainly because I'm not impressed with the hotels photographer and the research I've done is turning up some extremely high prices (to the extent a UK photographer won't cost any more) and also not as good/to our tastes as the UK photographers.


has anyone else done this? do they also need a visa? Are there any other costs I should be factoring in?


thanks x


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    I've never heard of anyone doing this, there were loads of options of photographers when we got married abroad, unless you have an unlimited budget I don't think it's something I'd even consider 

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    hello, we are doing this as we dont like the pictures that the resort photographer do and they only take about 5 pictures! 

    We dont have a unlimited budget but photos are a big thing to us, and its one thing we will always look back on and i wouldn't like it if i didn't have nice pictures. and especially for family members who are unable to attend, nothing worse then getting out horrible pictures for them! 


    We are taking someone who i know, and the agreement is that we will pay for her to come for 1 week and as we are staying in a all inclusive hotel it includes food, drink, accomdation and flights. we are paying £950 for her which is what we would pay for a photographer here near enough! We gave her the option of coming for two weeks if she wanted but she would pay the difference, which we is as she wants to get used to the lighting, and what time the sun goes down and the position of it etc. We are getting married in cuba and there are only flights once a week on a tuesday , we get married on a wednesday so she didn't want to be coming out a day before the wedding and not know the area or anything!!


    if photos are important to you then go for it!!xx

  • Have you had a look on There are a lot of destination photographers on there, it is better to get someone who is used to do destination weddings.

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