Cuba wedding 2015 advice

i am getting married in varadero in March 2015, I am look for any helpful tips on what essentials to take, favours, thank you presents and and advice would be appreciated.image


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    I am getting married Cuba may 2015, favours we are just going to buy cigars for people- no they aren't everyone's cup of tea but it's cuban! 


    Thank you gifts, I was wondering the same! 

  • Thank you for that I never thought of cigars, I was going to get some favours shipped over so would save me a fortune doing that. I am thinking of buying a little thank you gift for my wedding planner as heard she is amazing on sorting everything our for your needs but I am totally stuck on what to get her, I was thinking of taking it over from this country as have read that you cant really buy much in Cuba but I don't know if this is true.


  • PopsyxxPopsyxx Posts: 1,009

    i did think about shipping things over, but wasn't sure whether they would receive them?! you never know what its like sending things over to different countries, and i would worry that they would lose them! 

    Yes i have also heard you can't buy much over there and if you can its very expensive. 

    I have heard they are grateful for toiletries (especially pain killers and sanitary towels)

    Could you find out if she has any children? I know a lot of people also take gifts for peoples children x

  • perfume is also hard to get over there, as well as most toiletries like Popsy said

    im going to varedero in 4 weeks! for a holiday!

  • Ah fab thank you for all the helpful info girls really appreciate it. Cant wait to go now hope weather is nice for you goin away.image

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