Where do i start????

Me and my partner have decided we want to get married in Mexico, june 2017. We haven't decided on a date we just know we want June.

Where do i start??? When do we need to let people know and how ? We both know its not going to be cheap for people hence why we want to give people over 2 years to save if they do decide to come. We've been down the the travel agents and we can't book till possibly just over a year before the date we want.

Has anyone else got married in Mexico? Where did you start? How did you do it?!

any advice will be much welcomed!!! 


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    I'm not doing Mexico but we are going aboard to get married in 2016 aboard, we are getting married in the June, so I'm the June just gone we gave family a information sheet with were we picked to married and how much on average it cost for a holiday so they got to years to save, in the August we actually booked are wedding with a wedding planner instead of travel agents which I was adviced by other people that they are better to book with, so now I am working with my wedding planner I know how my ceremony and reception venue all booked, and now all I'm waiting for is 2016 holiday prices to come out which is about April/may

    I hope this helped you .

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    Hello we are getting married in Cuba may 2015, been planning since jan 2013 you can only book the actual holiday to begin with like a year in advance. the holiday prices start to be released from the April or October the year before. So we were only able to book April 2014. 


    we  decided straight away on the hotel we wanted but as times gone by we changed hotel for various reasons but  as we hadn't booked it gave us the time to do it and find a different hotel.

    around march 2013 we sent out save the date style cards to people saying we are getting married cuba may/June time 2015 and would love for them to join us. Then if they wanted to be there it's more then enough time for them to save! 


    Get in contact with the hotel see what their wedding options are. I actually booked the wedding with the hotel before booking the holiday. 


    any other questions please ask image xx

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    My daughter was married in Cancun exactly a year ago. We booked the holiday and wedding 12 months before. It was relatively straight forward, any specific questions just ask.

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