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2016 Venue suggestions

Hello, I am new to this site and am in the process of looking for a venue in France to get married. Looking for recommendations.

My fiance and I visited several venues a few weeks ago but nothing really looks any good or ticked the right boxes. We are planning another visit but are a little uncertain which places to pick.

1) There is a venue in Bordeaux we like the look of but the planner is really slow at coming back to us - should we be concerned.

2) Another venue north of Bordeaux seems nice and pops up all the time on google search but the reviews are very mixed and you can't bring your own alcohol in - do you think that's a problem.

3) Another place in the Dordogne looks good but have to hire all of the rooms (believe me there are lots)

We are widening the search before our visit but keen to know others recommendations in France (pref South or South West due to flights)

We want to get married in 2016 and have about 70 invites.




  • FayeDFayeD Posts: 15

    Hi there are some nice places in Southern Brittany, we have a mob home out there and considered marrying nearby. What put us off was the complications of marrying in France as was told we had to be resident a number of days before the wedding. I don't think wedding planners are as abundant there as other countries. Good luck with your search.

  • Thank-you Faye, shall have a look. We are visiting three places next week, getting excited now.

  • FayeDFayeD Posts: 15

     It is exciting isn't it? Have fun image

  • yippeee we've done it and booked our venue for 2016. We went to France and saw three venues in total and fell head over heels in love with the petit moulin in annepont. Met the owners and the wedding planner and ticked all of our boxes.

    omg we are sooo excited. Love to get in touch with other brides getting married in france xx


  • FayeDFayeD Posts: 15

    Fabulous! X

  • Hi Marie  - Le Petit Moulin is a wonderful location for a wedding.  I'm making a cheeky plug for our band REPLAY... We're based not too far from you in the Dordogne.  If you're looking for music take a look at our website and if you'd like any further information just drop me a line.


  • Thanks 'another Rose' we have only just signed and sent the contract and paid the deposit, will be looking at music soon I think. My Wedding planner is great and said she will speak to me about the individual requirements then talk through options. Have you played at the venue before?


  • Hi Marie - we have a wedding booked there for the first time this year but our Bass player  played there a few time in his old band... it's a fabulous place.  We work with a few wedding planners and they have said it's a great venue too.  Looking forward to finding out in July!

    Who is your wedding planner? 

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