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ladies going abroad are you having a hen do? 

I wasn't going to as I feel the people who are coming abroad with us are spending more then enough without paying for a do! 

But family and friends insist on having one. 

So I am looking for ideas on what to do to give to my bridesmaid but I am not one to go up town clubbing and drinking! It's my kind of night mare! I don't really want people spending more then £30/£40 each. 


What suggesyions do you have?! 



  • Cara18Cara18 Posts: 101

    I am not having a choice 're hen do as the 2 bridesmaids are determined to have one. I have told them explicitly what I don't want which is a stereotypical hen do. I have suggested afternoon tea or dinner and drinks. I'll have to wait and see I suppose. 

  • Jo35Jo35 Posts: 305

    I didn't want a hen do but as my friends weren't coming to my wedding they wanted to do something luckily they know what I don't like , we just went to a local hotel had a lovely meal  , drinks and a damm good laugh and I really enjoyed it was simple and not too expensive .x

  • i have the same problem, i'm planning something out there. And if they are dead certain they want to do something in the uk. I think we will go shopping and have afternoon tea. I'm not really into going clubbing or something , that's why i don't really want one. Especially with people spending so much money to come. Other than that i'm going to have something in the house with a beauty therapist coming in and food and fizz image

  • FayeDFayeD Posts: 15

    Hi I am having a 'hen do' 2 days before wedding in Italy where we are getting married but may also have one at home for friends who aren't coming. I was thinking of maybe hiring a room in a pub and having a disco with party games. Very tasteful games of course image

  • i'm not getting married abroad but my hen do only cost £25 per person so thought i'd chime in. 


    we did private pole dancing lessons. 3 hour tuition (by an actual teacher not just any old pole dancer lol), break half way through where the girls were given two bottles of prosecco to share, i got a full bottle to myself. was absolutely hilarious! you can definately do things within that preice range which are fun/different to your normal drunken night out. we finished by curling up at mine with an ann summers party, loads of food and drinks image 

  • What are people doing for their hen parties abroad?  I am starting to really like the idea of just having one abroad a few days before the wedding but we are getting married in the countryside in Italy so I haven't had many ideas of what we could do.  I thought of maybe seeing if we could get a beauty therapist to come to the villa and then just having a girlie night with chick flicks etc?xxx

  • PopsyxxPopsyxx Posts: 1,009

    well i have been told that i have no input now and its left to them! 

    we are getting married in cuba, so we are in a all inclusive hotel as there is not much else outside the hotel, we did say that maybe us ladies will do something the day before but again it comes down to money. i just feel bad that people have to pay out more money.

    there is a adult only hotel next door, and i have read of a excursion for a day trip that you go on a boat have lunch, go to the adult only hotel and have treatments in the spa then have sunset dinner but its about £70 each. 

    if not we may just go to the spa in our hotel and have a massage or something! xx


    thank you all for your replies image x

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