Hi ladies and gents, 

Had anyone used Michael at weddings-in-santorini? Is he good and what were your experiences?


I've also seen a company called poema?




  • Haven't heard about them I  used Gold-Weddings Santorini( and I would totally recommend them as we had a great time,the place was magical, and the most important their prices are really competitive(got my package 400 euros less than others!)

    You can see their organized weddings' photos on their facebook site( travel)

  • Hi,

    I havent used them but i have good things about both.  Santorini is amazing!! You will have an amazing wedding!! i got married there in 2013, it was the best day ever!!!!! Congratulations. 

    Do you have any venue's in mind yet? xx xx

  • Hi Michael organised my wedding in August. I had no complaints, he always replied to my emails and everything on the day was just how we told him we wanted it image

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