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Hi All,

I see there are a lot of cyprus dwellers on this site. We have booked our honeymoon, 1 week at a villa in Argaka followed by 2 weeks at the Amathus Beach in Paphos, do you have any advice about what to do or where to see in Cyprus. We have been before, and wil definately go on the catermaran, but we have only been to paphos, would like some inspiration when we are at the villa as we have car hire so would like to use it

Thanks in advance



  • EF2BEMEF2BEM Posts: 60
    Hi Sally3, i know it could be a travel for you but if you want a fun day out there is always the aqua park in Ayia Napa .Em :\)
  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Hi ladies, there is a waterpark in Paphos too. You must take a trip up into the mountains its beautiful up there and you can find a traditional restaurant for a full meze its was gorgeous! I know there are a lot of historical sites in Paphos if you like history. This might help for information

  • EF2BEMEF2BEM Posts: 60
    Yes the mountains are a must see i go every time i visit Cyprus ,its not for the faint hearted if you are scared of heights though can be a little scarey on the way up!! and remember girls to take a little something to keep you warm when you go dont want to poke anyones eyes out with being cold if you know what i mean image
  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906
    Totally agree, you must go to the mountains and stop and walk up them across the river to the fountain, it lovely.

    The drive up is an experience alone, but something you must see.

    Polis is also a lovely place as well as lara beach, if you go at the right time you may see turtles.

    Peyia is also worth a trip to the peyia village tavern.

    If your into golf Aphrodite golf is out of this world, its worth going just to see the hotel there.

    Oo and you must take a swim around aphrodite rock, apparently its suppose to make you pregnant? may be wrong their though

  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    Polis & Latchi is a beautifull little area well woth the visit

    agree go right to the top to Mount Olympic in the Troodos Mountains & check out the Monastery

    I believe you can have a day trip to Kyrina hope I spelt that right in the north

    Adonis Falls in Paphos

    Aphroditi's Rock at Petra Tou-Romanu

    Kollossi castle where Richard the 3rd got married during the Crusades

    Currium Ancient ruins as well as Currium beach beautifull

  • sheltylass32sheltylass32 Posts: 115
    hi you should visit the akamas peninsula it is stunning but dont drive there walk as we went there in a 4x4 and i was terrified but when i got there the beauty made the journey worth while, took my breath away.
  • sallysimpson1sallysimpson1 Posts: 1,491
    wow thanks for all the great responses, i am going to make them into a list and get a guide book aswell. I cant wait to go..........44 weeks and counting!
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