We've just cancelled our wedding which we had planned for next August in a hotel nearby simply because it was getting out of hand both financially and regarding father in law basically inviting everyone he encountered!

We now want to take ourselves, our children and anyone else who would like to attend on the basis they pay for their own transport and accomodation, off to Italy and we havent a clue where to start when it comes to planning.

We think Lake Garda will be nice for our needs as there appears to be lots for children to see and do in the locality and we are thinking of doing the deed around Easter 2009. I know this seems a long way off but our original wedding was planned for August 2008 and the temperatures in Italy will be too high for our liking around that time, plus H2B is a teacher so Easter is the next appropriate holiday!

Can anyone offer any advice, to get us started? We dont want to spend amazing amounts and would rather splurge on the hotel we stay in than a fancy venue if the truth be told. But obviously want to make the day special.

Any advice on venues for ceremonies and receptions would be greatly appreciated, and any rough estimates as to what our budget should be would be a bonus!

Mags xx


  • Hiya,

    There a a couple of websites that can help.......... and

    I am talking to both companies about arrangements. You can get married in a town hall and have a meal in a little italian restaurant afterwards............right up to castles and grand hotels!!

    Good luck!!

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