Weddings in the Dominican Republic/honeymoons in Mauritus

Hi fellow B2B,

This is the first time I have written on here.

Im getting married at the Melia Caribe, in the Dom Rep on 20 October this year, Has anyone recently been married there or planning to?

We are also going to Mauritius for our honeymoon the week after we return (yeah I know its a bit extreme but I plan on doing this only the once so I want to savour the moments)

We are staying at the heritage Golf & Spa resort on he south coast of Mauritius. Anyone else going there for their honeymoon in November or know anything about it?

Jan x


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    Hi Jan - we're going to the Heritage Golf & Spa for 2 wks after our wedding on 20 October so you'll prob be there at the same time. Don't know anyone else who's been, but it looks fab doesn't it - am esp looking forward to the daily spa treatment!
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    Hi Janster we're going on honeymoon to dominican in July and we're staying at melia caribe, Bavaro, Punta I'll have to let you know what its like......My H2B's friends daughter got married there last year and its supposed to be paradise....and paradise and loads to do is what we were looking for so thats why we're staying there.......there's so much to do apparently and not enough time to do it all in......we intend squeezing as much as possible into our two weeks there (If we managed to get out of bed lol).......Chanine
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    Hi Chainie,

    We were lucky enough to visit the resort whilst we were staying further up the coast last March. It looks fantastic, really clean and absolutely massive, the gazebo looks even better close up than on the photos, i could imagine walking down the little aisle into the gazebo with the pink flamingos watching on.

    cant wait - still 6 months to go through for me.

    You will have to let me know what its like as ive read some rally bad reports on the reviews, although the weedings ive read about have all been really positive.
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    Hi Janster....I defo will let you know......have you looked on the domincan republic site yet....if not here's the link
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    Just seen your posting about where you are getting married.


    We have just returned from the Dominican in June where we stayed at the Melia Caribe. My sister got married whilst we were there and it was absolutely beautiful. The day went well and on time. They did everything she wanted. Horse and carriage was superb and photos are really clear.

    When they had to go and choose the 36 prints that they got with the wedding package it was too hard. So in the end the parents of both decided to club together and buy the lot for them, all 170+ photos, 6 DVD's and master copy for USD700.00.

    After the ceremony whilst the photographer was taking pictures the wedding organiser was handing out champagne, 7Up or water to the guests and that was flowing until we were ready to head into the bar. We were also given a slice of wedding cake, which was really nice. When they had finished with the photographs the photgrapher took my sister and brother-in-law down to the beach for some beach shots and we all retired to the bar and waited for them to return. We then went for a sit down meal in the Dominicana restaurant, they had actually reserved part of the restaurant off for our group and it was really special. they had menus made up with their names on the front, date of wedding. And inside was a detailed menu with a message from the hotel wishing them the best of luck. Food was really nice during the reception, then we were given the choice of more wedding cake or a choice of their desert tray.

    Bride and Groom then went home to get changed and came back to party.

    All in all was a really good day and I would really recommend a wedding here to anyone who asked. I am a travel agent so when someone asks me where is nice to get married I can now tell them that the Melia Caribe hotel is really beautiful. I am getting married myself next June but I am getting married in Cuba, even though I really liked the Melia Caribe, I think this is my sisters place and I need somewhere different so we are staying at the Melia hotel in Cayo Guillermo.

    Hope this helps..


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    Hi Niki,

    Thanks for that, im really excited now and cant wait.

    do you mind if I ask you a few questions please?

    1. Did you eat at the french restarant Ma Maison as that is where we are thinking of having our wedding dinner.

    2. Could you please find out from your sister the cost of translating all her documents over here as its looking like it gonna be around £660 and as that seems a lot just to prove who we are it would be nice to get confirmation of what we need to take documetn wise and how much it should cost, I hope this question isnt too cheeky.



  • Hi

    Can I suggest you check out for some realistic feedback on hotels all over the world-including yours.

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    In Answer to your questions:

    1) The steak at Ma Maison was the best we tasted at the hotel. Really mouth watering and not hard to chew. My sister had her meal in the Dominicana restaurant but the menu was from Ma Maison.

    2) I have just spoken to Samantha about her translating costs and they were as follows:

    Australian Embassy - GBP8.00

    Affidavit - GBP100.00

    Documents translating - GBP220.00

    Documents legalising - GBP220.00

    British Embassy - GBP76.00 (£19.00 per document)

    Total - GBP624.00

    Hope this helps


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    Hi Niki,

    Thanks very much for that info, it seems to tie in with the costs we have calculated. Very steep I think, but i guess there has to be a price for getting married in paradise.

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