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Malcesine Reception

Hi ladies,

We are due to marry at Malcesine castle in August 2008 and have decided to have our wedding meal at La Pace (yummy food, intimate little restaurant - just right for us and our 25 guests).

Unfortunately you cant have musivc or dancing there as it is so small and it is in a public location. We were hoping to go on to a bar for dancing afterwards and were wondering if anybody could reccommend any bars with music that are either in Malcesine centre on within a short distance? We were thinking of emailing them to see if we could reserve a section for us and our guests? Sadly, Gwen has not been very helpful with this matter and I get the impression she is getting a bit fed up with my emails! image

Having some music and dancing is important to us so it would be fantastic if anyone could help!:\)



  • BabybonBabybon Posts: 198
    Hi, please don't be offended by the tone of Gwen's emails - they sound the same to me too but I'm sure it's because she is so busy, with little support and is trying to deal with everything...We get married at the castle in 51 days!! (not panicing at ALL!!) and having our reception at Excelsior Bay as it allows for a dance floor etc...there are 49 people coming with us!

    I've been thinking of anywhere that might be suitable and to be honest all the bars around Malcesine and in the twon are quite small and intimate, based around food - which is understandable!!

    I think the nearest bars might be Riva (approx 30 mins away by bus) which would suit your needs but I can't recommend one, sorry!

    not very helpful i know.!xx
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