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Hello all image I am looking for advice on how to have my wedding certificate amended. Our wedding was held in Crete on May 21st 2014 !! All arranged by our Wedding planner Ruth Niemi of Sun Snow and Weddings ! After initial problems with the venue etc ( not as advertised to us at all !) we paid extra and proceeded with our perfect day. On arrival back in England Ruth sent us our wedding certificates and we immediately realised that it had the wrong DOB for myself, they had infact used my husbands DOB again in the brides section. We contacted Ruth who told us that she would have the mistake corrected asap ! That was 9 months + ago and we are still without our certificate !! Sun snow and wedding have since sent us new certificates still with the same error ! And then informed us that we need to go to court to have the amendment authoirised ! I have  chased and chased over the last 9 months to only recieve replies to my emails stating that things move slowly in Crete and it is being proccessed ! I am totally at my wits end as I have no proof of our marraige and therefore cannot change any of my documents in the Uk !! We paid a lot of money to Sun snow and weddings and apart from feeling very let down and totally at a loss as to how to get our wedding certificate !! Any advice or your own experiences would be grately appreciated x 


  • My husband and i used Sun and Snow weddings last summer and had absolutely no problems at all we couldn't be happier with the service we got and our day was beautiful.
    We got our certificates fine.
    I am sure the problem will all be rectified as soon as possible and Ruth will be doing all she can.
    We have been going to Greece for many years and the Greeks are in no hurry!!

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    I have been to 3 weddings organised by Ruth at Sun and Snow weddings and in each of those weddings everything  was exactly  what was asked for and more and 2 of the brides nicknamed her Monica  from Friends as she was so organised.  I know  the Greek way of things v well and i am quite confident  that they are the hold up and that Ruth and her team are going above  and  beyond  to get things sorted. Someone  can only do so much when they are up against  the odds especially  when  those  odds are the Greek and particularly  Cretian government. I think slating the company  for someone  else's  error is a little harsh. Try and be patient,  i am quite sure Ruth  is doing all she can to rectify the situation. 

  • I used to work in Crete, and I know how slow the Greeks work.


    To change any documents it does unfortunately take a long time, the Greeks don't rush just us British rush!! 

    Ruth is clearly doing the best she can for you but unfortunately only so much she can do..

    Ruth arranged my wedding and it could not have gone better, Ruth was very professional and worked with us very closely. I have recommended her to my  cousin, and this year we are out there for my cousins wedding, knowing this will run smothly.

  • My husband and I also used Sun and Snow Weddings marrying in Crete last Septemeber.

    We could not have asked for a better planner, Ruth was fantastic from start to finish. We recieved all relevant paperwork - all being correct and in good timing not long after our return. We were surprised with this as we all know Greece is a slow country especially with the legal and governmnet side of things.

    I find it very hard to believe that Ruth is not trying her hardest to rectify this. My husband and i went to the town hall with Ruth to go through all paperwork very carefully with a fine tooth comb as this information is what was then printed onto the legal documents. This is something i believe Ruth does with every couple.

    It says to me that your attention to detail is shocking. As with having read your comment and yourself having used this company to book one of the biggest days of your life, you have not once or twice but three times got the company name wrong!

    Please also note that Ruth is helping you all she can with this situation, i was aware of a couple whilst away in Sept that were staying at the same hotel as us had an issue with their marriage certificate- they were having to sort it themselves. The company who arranged the wedding did not want to know!

    Give it time, you will get your certiifcate, there is no matter of urgency to change your name, after all, if no proof of marriage no company will be none the wiser!


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    I'm not convinced all the people who've replied to you are genuine OP. They all have a first name followed by a number, are new members, and say almost the same thing word for word. I don't have any advice for you I'm afraid, but hopefully someone real will come along to help you soon xx

  • We used Ruth for our wedding in 2013 and had no problems at all.  The day was perfect and everyone had a great time.  We, again, received our marriage certificate and echoing what's said above, am sure that the matter will be sorted out soon.  Good luck.

  • Hi Rebekkah,

    I have messaged you. Please can you check your messages, thanks



    Oh dear it does seem a little too obvious doesn't it  thanks VicN  image x and even more blatant to me who is actually posting as there are references to things within the posts that are relevant to my situation but I haven't highlighted within my original post. As for the comment about my attention to detail did calling YOUR company by the wrong name THREE times upset you ???  Maybe I feel upset 9 months after my wedding still being addressed by the wrong name !!!! Lastly the comment about no proof of marriage no company will be none the wiser ???? Mortgage bank accounts etc aside NO PROOF of marriage hmm reread your comment and realise what that actually means to someone in our situation ! To those of you that have genuinely replied thankyou x and Beverley05 thankyou so much for your message I will get the details mailed back to you x as for the not so genuine comments maybe try to make it less obvious next time as you may aswell have just typed under your real name and saved yourself the time of making false accounts !! 

  • Haha how blatant do they want to get?!

    How embarrasing. And rude calling your attention to detail shocking!!! :O

    Sorry you have had issues Rebekkah, although my mate did live in Greece and had all sorts of issues with getting paid and things, they just must be super laid back unlike us! image Plus the government is all messed up apparently. Hope it gets sorted soon, I can see why you would be frustrated.x

  • Rebekkah,

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  • Thanks FleurCouture x I am so glad that everyone can see these reply posts for what they are ! I have not made one post on any site previous to this and have simply emailed back and forth for 9months waiting for my certificates but as you can see from the comments above my certificates are not felt important enough to get upset about ! After the last lot of emails and excuses I decided to try to get some advice from genuine people who may have found themselves in a similar situation to see if this really is the normal procedure in Greece and if the amount of time it is taking is correct. In stead I have now been met with silly posts desperately trying to justify what is happening ! And after reading this last night I popped onto my Facebook account and realised I have been BLOCKED from Ruth ! Well that's more than enough proof of who is really posting ! x

  • If they spent as much time as they do on damage control as actually sorting stuff out then you wouldnt have had to post in the first place lol! x

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    Hi Rebekkah,

    Im on a mission to make sure no one books with Ruth.  I read all the replies to your post above and couldn't help but laugh at how obviously fake they all were.  im a little late to this party I know and hope that since writing your post, you've managed to get it all sorted out.

    here is my review of Ruth at Sun and Snow Weddings:

    Where do I start? My wife and I are from Toronto, Canada and married in Crete, Greece.  We found Ruth online and first impression via Skype interview was great.  Very friendly, bubbly and pleasant.

    As time went on and during/after the wedding, we realized she's a complete flake.  She was terrible. She lacks basic organization skills, can't handle the pressure of juggling multiple weddings, never takes responsibility and always blaming others like "the lazy greeks".  She hung up on us multiple times, she didn't fulfill her contract (see document section below), she didn't deliver on the flowers and gave us something (roses) we told her a thousand times we don't want, she didn't even help the wedding part plan how we'll be walking down the aisle the day before the wedding.  she just ran off for another meeting!! (this is a day before the wedding!!!!).  I gave her and all vendors a 5 page detailed plan for the day of, everything down to the hour.  she didn't follow it.  I can honestly go on and I have ALL emails as evidence of what I'm alleging.  you can ask me for them if interested.

    But what angered us most is that all the runaround we did to get the documents in line for a civil ceremony was for nothing.  Not to mention the $600 we spent on countless things  To Summarize, she avoided us the day after the wedding and never gave us back our original docs (birth certificates and translated papers) and she cc'd me by mistake whereby she asked one of the girls on her team to "block our emails".  The same emails where we're begging her for our papers back.  If you only knew what she did to get around the signing of papers in the Town Hall you'd be shocked.  Everyone we worked with vowed never to work with her in future.  the mistake I made was that I paid her up-front day before the wedding when we met at the venue.  DO NOT do this!!

    But let me just say that because of our efforts, we had the greatest wedding.  We didn't let her ruin it for us one bit!!  We worked with amazing people and the venue was just stunning.  check it out:

    If anyone reading this needs any advise on what to do, who to work with, etc in Crete or Greece in general, don't hesitate to let me know (not sure if you can PM on this still new).  If we had a planner we may not have had all this info but since it was all down to us to do most of the work, we gained valuable experience.




  • Hello 

    I wanted to come on here to help anyone looking at getting married in Crete and to disagree with the previous poster. My husband and I got married just outside Rethymnon in May this year. We used Ruth at sun and snow weddings and could not have had a more perfect day. We were only a small wedding but were quite specific with what we wanted from a venue and Ruth found us lots of options until we found one which suited us. All the paperwork was easily sorted before we arrived and ruth came and met us at our hotel to take us up to the venue a couple of days after we'd arrived in Crete. She then took us into the town hall another day to sign the paperwork needed there. I should add all this was with us and our two children in tow :) Our wedding day was perfect, Ruth and Jenny her assistant had everything in hand and the day sped by without us having a care in the world. Added to which the photographs we had are amazing, we have had too many to chose from to know what to put up! I cannot rate her highly enough. 

  • it's look so nice.

  • Hi 

    I'm currently looking to book with sun and Snow Weddings and would like some advice I can see from this thread that 2 of you have bad experiences are there any brief out there with good reviews of this company x

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    Also had a bad experience with Sun and Snow Weddings.. was told you can’t get chocolate cake in Crete! Among many other issues. Changed planner in the end and lost deposit, so glad we changed though as we just had the most amazing wedding. 

    Just a warning to other brides to be, there’s no facility to review Sun and Snow Weddings online anywhere, they even have it turned off for Facebook which I think speaks volumes (and is why I’m posting here!)




  • Hi Beth48

    Who did you end up using instead & did it work out any cheaper? We have also booked already but they seem really expensive, as I have researched what things actually cost that I have been quoted. Also Ruth hasn't been on the ball with my previous requests & things that have already been arranged, I am having to point out. Which to me the whole point of a wedding planner is so you don't have the hassle of having to remember everything.

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    Stay away from Ruth. Our marriage was fake. She organised all for us, it was small wedding. And when we got back we didnt received marriage certificate. Was contacting her all the time, she was telling she posted, and than she will post again. Aftet few months we received all the documents back to us. And she blocked me and my husband, didnt get any phone calls or text. We contacted the lowyer in greece and he told us that our marriage was not registered in city hall. The documents she sant to us (not translated still in greece) were fake, she change our names on somebodys document. The lawyer told us that our case is not the first one. There were more couples were looking for the same thing. Be aware of her!

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