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  • Gemma90Gemma90 Posts: 32
    Lisa137 wrote (see post):

    I am hoping someone could give me some advise. We are getting married in Ravello Aug 2016. We won't have chance to view the venues. We are considering Hotel Palumbo,  Garden hotel or parsifal hotel and was wondering if anyone had view any of these on their trips to Ravello and could offer any feedback.  Xx

    Hi Lisa137,

    Out of those three venues you have picked, in my opinion I would choose to have the wedding at Hotel Palumbo. It is virtually next door to the town hall and the town hall gardens where I am assuming you would be having your wedding ceremony as most people do. Hotel Palumbo is very palatial and it oozes italian classiness! We went inside to view and it was a gorgeous hotel. Very calm and peaceful with guests and staff going about their business. Your guests would be in awe of it.

    We actually stayed at Hotel Parsifal when we visited. To be honest, as nice as it is, I would not recommend a wedding there. It is a lovely, homely B&B and has a nice small garden but I am pretty sure the only place you could have your wedding meal would be in their main restaurant which is inside quite a dark room. It does however provide a stunning view as do most of the hotels in Ravello but I would dismiss this one as a wedding venue just based on what we saw.

    I didnt visit The Garden Hotel so I cant give my opinion on that one but I am sure whatever you choose will be right for you!

    Ravello is beautiful so you have already made a fantastic choice!! :)

  • Hi Ravello brides,

    My partner and I are in the early stages of booking a Ravello wedding for 2017.  We are looking at having our reception at hotel villa Fraulo. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this venue? I haven't seen any mentions of it here, but it looks beautiful. 

    Thanks everyone  

  • Sorry ladies I can't offer any help with your queries as I haven't been myself. 

    I was considering hotel Caruso and now looking at Hotel Santa Caterina and was wondering if anyone had been and has a view on the hotel Santa Caterina. We would be having the ceremony and canapés in Ravello and reception in Hotel Santa Caterina. Xx

  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Hi Ladies,

    Just joined as looking at having our wedding in Ravello August 2016! What a useful forum!

    We loved the Hotel Caruso but think it may be over our budget. Very good choice for all you choosing it!

    Hi Melanie33 - we also had Santa Caterina on our list as it's so unique with it's position. It was in our top 6 and was my partners close favorite for a long time. Good choice. The only reason why we dropped it was becuase our budget couldn't stretch to €250pp for the reception.

    Also same price as the Hotel Caruso which is why we should be dropping it!

    Love Villa Eva - has anyone on here actually HAD their reception here yet? Love to hear your thoughts?

    Also on Hotel Palumbo, Palazzo Avino and Hotel Onde Verde?? That last one is a wild card option in Praiano but it's so pretty!

    Good luck everyone! xxx



  • Hi Niki, 

    How's your planning coming along? I find it very exciting but can be daunting Also. 

    Hotel Santa Caterina is our top just now but there is so many beautiful venues. Are you using a wedding planner? If so, which one? I am just about to confirm but torn between 2 at the moment. 




  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Hi Melanie,

    Planning coming along nicely! We are really lucky that my future PIL are taking a holiday on the Amalfi Coast next week and will check out a couple of venues for us as we just need to book it now. They will let us know their thoughts and send us photos and videos!

    Hows we yours coming along? It is daunting as you just want it as perfect as possible!

    We will definitely use a wedding planner. Talking to a few at the moment so we are getting to know them but two have stuck out.

    The famous Laura Frappa who is excellent but I am also talking to Claire from Love in the Lemon Grove. She is VERY nice and really very personal.

    To be honest it will come down to price as we do not have a large budget.

    Which two are you talking to? PM if you want to!

    Santa Caterina is such a super venue. if we had the budget we would have chosen it. Any others you're thinking of then?

    Have you found your dress?


  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Hi everyone,

    A photographer question now; how much have you been quoted for a day's work? Around 10 hours.

    I'm a fan of a particular tog in Ravello and he has quoted €2300 and then travel costs of between €350-450...

    Personally think this is too high for us but nothing to compare to just yet.

    Any advice gratefully relieved!

    Niki xx

  • Hi Melanie

    I think I just responded to you in another forum!

    Santa Caterina is indeed beautiful and a bit more unusual, its on different levels (which I like) and the restaurant (where you would have your meal) is literally perched on a cliff edge- amazing! The only thing I would say to consider, is that if you are having your ceremony in Ravello, is that its a bit of a drive to then get to S.C.

    Ravello is completely pedestrianized (although I think small cars can get to the town hall) however if you were considering coaches etc, then guests would have about a 5 min walk back to the coach. Amalfi from Ravello isn't far, but there is only one windy coast road, so takes about 20 minutes. It's totally do-able, but just something to consider.

    Caruso is beautiful, make no mistake, however its a big hotel with a lot of other guests. As per my other post, I was able to sit in the bar and watch someone else's wedding and reception. This might not bother some people, but it put me off slightly. S.C is indeed a bit more private.

    If you are set on Ravello, you should check out Villa Cimbrone & Villa Eva too.



  • Jennifer 108,

    I haven't actually looked round Fraulo, but we have recommended it as our main accommodation for the wedding party next year based on a recommendation from our wedding planner! It looks lovely.



    I met Claire from Love in the Lemon Grove earlier this year, and you are right, she is absolutely lovely. It is my understanding that she's quite new to the wedding planning circuit and her prices reflect this (very reasonable). We didn't end up going with her (we have gone with Laura Frappa) however, if you are on a budget I would definitely recommend Claire. I get the feeling she will put 110% into each wedding as she is so keen to build her portfolio!

  • I got married in ravello in 2013 and used lacalla wedding planners who were fab. I got ready at hotel palumbo- perfect location to walk to the ceremony! My planning thread is probably still on here somewhere- italian wedding by the sea. Happy planning! x

  • Thanks Victoria100. It's good to hear it has been highly recommended. We are waiting on our planner to confirm a price and then I think we will be booking! Exciting times 

  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Hi Victoria,

    Thanks so much for the info - amazing you met with Claire from Love in the Lemon Grove. I understand about building a portfolio as when I started out as a makeup artist, you needed someone to give you a chance to help build up your port! That's lovely to hear! I will go with my gut instinct.

    Laura Frappa has been excellent with information given so I can see why couples choose her for their planning - you know you are safe with her.

    Thanks for the helpful info!

    Has anyone got any recommendations for photographers on the Amalfi?

    Niki xx


  • Thank you Victoria100!!

    I am aware it was a 15/20 min drive so was thinking having the ceremony then drinks in town square in Ravello  before driving down. I quite like the idea of something difference for the reception. I think HSC appears authentic and romantic. 

    I do also like Villa Eva. It's really hard to choose. 

    melanie x

  • Hey Melanie

    That's definitely a good word for it. SC is very authentic and has quite a lot of character. We met their events manager (can't remember his name) and he was just lovely! The rooms are nice too, some of them have amazing little terraces. If I remember correctly, SC also has an amazing stone pizza oven for late night snacks! If you did want to do it all in one place, they also have a nice garden (with a sea view) where you could have a symbolic ceremony.

    We must have viewed maybe 8-10 venues when we visited and hand on heart I can say I would be happy to get married at any of them, they are all so beautiful and all have amazing views, so I think whatever you pick, you won't be disappointed!

    Niki- all the photographers I've had quotes from have been higher than the one you quoted above so afraid I can't be much help, however I found a couple of wedding planners were willing to give me photographers names before I had picked (a planner) so maybe ask the different planners who they would recommend. Another thing to consider is that a lot of the planners have "preferred suppliers" anyway (although some seem to be flexible on this) so maybe something to consider when picking your planner.


  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Hi Victoria

    So many thanks for the advice. We have narrowed down to 2 photographer's that our planner uses, we went with Claire from Love in the Lemon Grove and she has been SUPER.

    My future in-laws went out to meet her and they went to a few venues and we have now booked Villa Eva for next August!

    Thanks for all the advice Victoria, Melanie and all.


    Niki xx


  • Very excited for you  xx

  • Thanks Melanie! Now just need to hear about your venue booking! 

    Niki xx

  • Congratulations Niki! Villa Eva is just beautiful, I am sure you will love it! Very jealous of the midnight pizza's they can provide from their stone oven, your guests will love you for it. Have you picked your photographer yet?


    Melanie- let us know when you pick your venue!

  • I will do Victoria. I am notoriously indecisive and its such a big decision. I am more swaying towards Vila Eva currently. They are all just so beautiful xx

  • Thanks, Victoria 

    It's a huge weight of my mind and also because the dates are getting booked up fully for 2016!

    Melanie, Villa Eva will hold a date for you for a few weeks if you want to grab a date and then see if it works for you?

    The photographer we wanted (Julian Kanz) is booked up! I would have loved him.

    The other photographer who has a similar style we like is Gianni di Natale. Do you know any good photographers that have that action / reportage style of shooting?

    Melanie, if it helps, my in-laws came back from the Amalfi a few weeks ago and took videos and photos of Villa Eva, if you want me to send you some so you can get a true picture of what Villa Eva is like, I can? Photos on a website sometimes isn't enough! I haven't seen the images yet but we are visiting this wknd to get all the goss so will be able to check it out then! I know hand on heart that Villa Eva is the right venue for us anyway.

    My in-laws toured Hotel Palumbo too and they said it was beautiful, really very pretty but that it wasn't private and was slightly more formal. Also you are confined to one space as it's a hotel and other guests are using the other areas too. Villa Eva is exclusively yours which is quite hard to find I think on the Amalfi and the guests have room to roam about.




  • Hi Victoria/Niki,

    We confirmed for Villa Eva 👍🏻😃 this week for the 8th of September. I am super excited. Even got 12 red roses from Sinan to mark the year until the date. Very Happy with our choice too. 

    we ended up going with Wagner tours as he seems to really know the venue and was much cheaper. 

    I have ate been looking at photographers and I too want action shots. I love the white company but they start at 4000 euros 😱 

    hows your planning coming along? 

    Niki I would love to see the pics and video xx


  • Congratulations Melanie!! 

    How does it feel? Exciting and a relief? Now you have something to work towards!

    You are exactly 2 weeks after us!  

    I added Mario on Facebook and he seems very on the ball and everything taken care of! I like looking at all the photos he puts on there for inspo! Are you having Town Hall first? We are doing Town Hall the day before and just having a very simple witness only ceremony in a pretty short white dress and then day after will be the big wedding (symbolic) at Villa Eva.

    Never heard of white company photographers? Do they have another name? Look at Julian Kanz and also Gianni di Natale.

    Save the dates are going out next week and then will start planning the invites I guess. Diet started on Tuesday - slowly and simply! I want to slim from a 14 to a 10/12! I have 12 months so plenty of time! Will start looking at cakes, flowers and decor.

    Will start dress shopping in November I think - see what is out there in the sales. I was thinking of going to the Wedding show next month at the Excel center?

    What's your plan??

    Great! Will send you whatever we look at this wknd! I can't wait to seem them!




  • Melanie,   are you going to Villa Eva at all beforehand or not bothering now that you have booked? xox

  • Congratulations Melanie! You must be so excited!

    I did have a lot of photos of Villa Eva too, but annoyingly I dropped my phone down the toilet and I hadn't backed up!

    Niki- We have booked Gianni de Natale. We met him for a drink when we were out there in June and we just loved him. His photos are great, but he seemed like a great guy too. Very excited to have him there on the day. Other options are JoAnne Dunn (who is actually his ex-wife) but her shots were just a little bit too arty for us or David Bastioni, who I haven't met, but his photos look great and he is well recommended!

    I sent my save the dates out about a month ago, I had tea towels made! They still to have gone down really well, either that or everyone is being polite!

    Any other 2016 Ravello brides out there to add to our trio?

  • I am very excited ladies and it is a big relief 😁 the countdown is on!! I know Niki you can give me any tips of advise after yours is complete. 

    we are getting married in the gardens of the town hall at 5pm then drinks in the town square and then onto Villa Eva for canapés followed by dinner. Going to have a pizza party the evening before and possibly a quizz for the guests arriving. 

    Sorry it's called Whitefashionphotography. I love their work. I am in a dilemma. My wedding planner usually uses  Enrico Capuano who is also his son. I therefore am not sure if his recommendation is non bias. I am also not sure I love what he does and I think the photographer and videographer are so important. Are either or you getting a videographer and if so who are u using? I think both the ones you recommended are fab!! Did both your wedding planners recommend them to u? Have either of you heard of him? 

    I I have booked tickets for the wedding show for Glasgow in October 😁😁 very excited. also going to book in for dress shopping for December. 

    Melanie xx

  • Oh and no Niki no plans to go. I want to keep it all a surprise and hope to be blown away when we do arrive. What about you? Xx

  • Hmm, he is bound to be a bit biased isn't he. Totally agree that its one of the most important things so would definitely go with the style you prefer. I'm sure your planner will understand. He is probably just trying his luck a bit.

    We are having a videographer yes, we've booked Matteo Casteluccia who looks great. Our photographer did offer video but I would rather he was just focused on the photos. Its all rather extravagant isn't it, but we only get married once (hopefully!)..... 

    Has he given you videographers to look at? I must have spent hours watching other peoples highlights videos. I still watch them now even though I've booked my videographer. I'm a total loser.

    Dress shopping is exciting! I ordered mine about a month ago (I'm a little bit OTT when it comes to organization in case you hadn't realized already!). do you know what designers/styles you like?

  • I ended up going with the one he recommensed Victoria. I think I was being over cautious but when I spent the weekend going through all his portfolio and researching others I was happy In the end.

    my thoughts exactly with the videographer. I also spend hours watching others peoples and have even found myself crying at some haha.

    that's so exciting u have it. What did u go for? I haven't went dress shopping yet but know I want lace. Not 100% sure of style yet. Possible A line. Going to book some appointments in December as one bridesmaid is in Dubai and other new Zealand and will be over to come then. 

    What did u book after your photographer? Not sure what to concentrate on now xx

  • Hello ladies!

    I'm new to the forum, getting married in Ravello in May, 2016, and  am very thankful to have found you!   We have had a number of difficulties and your posts so far have renewed my excitement.  :). I've reached out to Claire, looking forward to hearing bank fron her.

    Any suggestions for hair and make-up?   If you don't mind me asking, what are you being quoted?


  • You've caught up with me Melanie! I've booked venue, photographer, videographer and dress! Starting to think about accommodation and music/entertainment but my wedding planner keeps saying I've got loads of time so I'm not too worried! What are you doing next?

    Hey Jess! Are you all booked for May? which venue have you gone for? exciting! No suggestions for Hair/Make-up from me I am afraid. I've got SIL's who are bridal hairdressers/make up artists (lucky me!) so they will be doing it. I'm sure Claire will have some reco's for you.

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