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  • Hi Tanya

    It's my understanding that the owner of Ravello events (who I think is your planner?) is the niece of Armando Malafronte, and so you might struggle to get them to agree to use anyone else!

    We met Armando when we were out looking at venues and he is amazing. Full on energy, very fun, very camp (although married with kids I believe) and very fabulous! We fell in love with him. We saw two weddings he did whilst we were there, and they both looked great. Our wedding planner mentioned he is very expensive compared to others, but as of yet she hasn't given us details on the others! Once I get them I will pass them on.

    Interesting to see both of your quotes though- thanks for sharing. I haven't even started looking at florist yet- so good to get a rough idea!



  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Hello Ladies!

    Sorry for the radio silence! Sorry Melanie for not emailing! How are you getting along??

    Starting to feel the pressure now that 2016 has hit...... 

    Re flowers, we just don't have the budget for the arches as much as it looks lovely but we are going to fill the tables with Gypsophila which I love and also have a bouquet with that as well as Hydrangea. I really wanted peonies but being out of season I was told the cost would be really high.

    What flowers are everyone else going for?

    Melanie, what are you planning for your menu?

    What about music? I would love a quartet to play for ceremony and then ipod for dinner and after.

    Niki xx

  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Also, chairs - what chairs have you all gone for?


    N xx

  • Gemma90Gemma90 Posts: 32

    Hi Niki_84 ,

    We have gone for the white spindle chairs they are called chiandra or something like that. :)

    Gemma x



  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Hi Gemma

    They are very beautiful! How many guests are you having at your wedding?

    I just looked back and saw you are a June bride! Are you all sorted?

    Who did you choose flowers through and what did you go for!

    Gemma, would love to know what menu you ended up choosing? Feel a bit helpless not being able to do a taste test!

    Niki x

  • Hi Ladies

    Niki, I know the feeling. Now its 2016 I'm suddenly in panic mode. My wedding planner emailed me 16 times yesterday so she's clearly also feeling it!

    I haven't sorted flowers yet (uh oh), my planner is pulling together a proposal for flowers and décor this week. Which florist have you ended up going with? I also haven't even thought about chairs.....

    On the plus side, I have booked to go out in April to do a menu tasting (yay!) so that's something to look forward to!

    How is everyone else getting on? Niki- remind me when your wedding is?



  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Hi Victoria,

    That's great news you are going over! Let us know how it goes!

    My planner mentioned a florist called Eve but we haven't actually confirmed yet. Will do that possibly this weekend. I'll let you know we pick. We are going for more candles than flowers I feel...

    Have you found your dress, Victoria?

    Wedding is 2 weeks before Melanie's! 25th August.

    When is yours again?

    What else is left to do!! I may research rings this weekend and book another bridal store shopping day...

    N xxx

  • Good morning ladies 😁

    i am am in panic mode also. Hired a personal trainer this week to work with me until the wedding eeeekkkk

    Nikki I am on the menu at the mo and really not sure either. It sounds delish but hard to choose. Have you made a decision yet? 

    My wedding planner hasnt mentioned music yet but think I want a soprano and string quartet, napolian band then iPod for dinner then DJ xxx

  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Morning Morning!

    Urgh, we are all in panic mode it seems. 

    Well done on the personal trainer, Melanie! You have plenty of time to make a great difference!    I may join a group but diet going well in the meantime.

    What I find difficult menu wise, is picking one dish for everyone?? Have been told for the main we could pick one meat and one fish but nobody likes the same things!

    We asked if they could do a family style platter for the first course of italian meats and cheeses and then choose from there? Want to choose, Shrimp and courgette flower risotto for starter but I know some people don't like prawns.... What do you do in that scenario??

    Music sounds great! Would love the string quartet and then ipod.

    What music are you having, Victoria?



  • I'm feeling the same pressures for the menu! We've been told we can offer a choice for 2 of the courses, but each choices adds 20 minutes onto the dinner. We have to leave Cimbrone at midnight, so every minute counts! Do I just pick one safer option and tell people to suck it up? We have a few fussy people coming, but actually they are so fussy I don't think giving them a choice would make a difference! I'm coming to the conclusion you can't keep everyone happy..... what do you both think?

    My date is July 29th, so just before you both....makes me even more concerned you both seem to be further on in the planning! Ooops!

    I do have my dress Niki, I ordered it in August because its M2M and takes 9 months!!! bonkers, but I'm glad its at least one thing I don't need to worry about now. I'm kind of jealous you can still shop for yours though! :)

    Are you both having your ceremony in the gardens di principessa?

  • Hi Future brides!

    Im Megan!im getting married in Italy in April!

    ive chosen Italy - Rome as my perfect place for my wedding!

    actually it was quite impossible to organise it myself, I adore Italy and travel often here, but its a complete disaster when you need to organise smth here, especially such a big event as wedding,

    so i read in one of the forums that it was better to find a wedding planner, so I did so, and i dont regret at all! She did everything for me and I wasnt mad looking for my suppliers, or waiting their email for days, if you want she is

    She is my photographer, im really happy as her photos are amazingly beautiful, she is a real professional, and a very kind and attentive person!

    Ive also found thanks to my wedding planner, my make up artist and hairstylist in Rome

    Annartstyle make up and hair, you can find her both on FB and instagram,

    She is a real professional, speaks fluent english, is very flexible with prices, she does greatly both hair and make up, I ve already done my trial, so Im sure about it 100%. She consulted me about my general look, as I didn’t know what I wanted, but thanks to her great experience, we found my Look!If you are interested , i can send photos here!


  • Hi Ravello brides!!!

    I haven't been on this thread in so long! So great to see so much information from so many of us, I don't know about you but since new year it feels like their is no time left to go!! I can't believe how much there is left to do (mostly beauty regime! Facials, weight loss, tan, eyelash trial, hair trial!!) 

    So I have 118 days to go and I am sooooo excited now :)

    We get married 30th May 2016. We are with Mario at Wagner tours, town hall gardens and Villa Eva reception and looks like final numbers will be 90-100. 

    Dress being made so still not tried on the final product!

    Picking up bridesmaid dresses in 2 days then need to get shoes etc! And my own shoes too! Found an AMAZING website called 'Shoes of Prey' you must check it out, its a shoe design website. Think will design my own shoes (don't want stiletto heels with the grass ceremony and cobbled streets) prices are really reasonable too

    Invites are out (passport and boarding passes) and RSVP deadline is March 1st. 

    All big parts booked, had to stay quite simple as have so many guests its getting too pricey otherwise. 

    Have personalised M&M's to leave in the guests rooms before they arrive (with out picture on!) Flip flops for the dancing, fans for the ceremony, will have a big wooden polaroid frame for people to take photos behind (like a booth) its all coming together! 

    Bridesmaid gifts are matching Jo Malone purfume I choose that we will all wear (like a wedding scent!) 

    Honeymoon is 1 week all inclusive in the Bahamas. We were going to stay I'm Italy but I really want to just do nothing all week but sunbathe and eat! I just went to Venice to my 30th birthday and it was incredible.

    Would love to hear all your plans and where you all are with it. All the little details that we have to think about now its so close! I just can't wait!!



  • Hey Samantha! Wow, sounds you like are almost there!

    With your big wooden frame, is your planner sourcing it for you or are you taking it out with you? I quite fancy a big glass or mirrored table plan but don't fancy putting it in my suitcase! I also am planning on  the flip flop idea, as my guests need to walk from gardens principessa to Villa Cimbrone! Are you taking them out with you? I'm going out for a long weekend in April to do menu tasting and wondering do I fill my suitcase with stuff and ask the venue to store it until July. suspect they will say no!

    What music are you having?


    Megan- sorry but you are coming across a bit spammy, you've posted on every single thread in the forum recommending that same make up artist.

  • Hi ladies,

    hope you are all well.

    Samantha I am with Mario also. how are u finding him? Really not long for u. U must be super excited.  Did you have a choice of options for menu with him? Didn't think I had that option. What did u go for menu wise?

    Niki not sure what u can do menu wise. it's very hard to please everyone 

    I am going for the flip flop and fan idea also. Love the M&M ideal too Ha! 

    I am thinking pink ray bans for my bridesmaids to match their dress. 

    I am taking over a frame made up as my table planner. My stationer is doing It.  Doesn't hve a mirror as I don't want it to smash but paying for extra luggage for it. Sending my invites out this week and wedding website almost complete. 

    Confirmed my music this week too. Added on the pianist for dinner eeeekkkk Samantha what did u go for? 

    Victoria I would ask if they would store things as Mario said I could send stuff over beforehand so they might. I am also getting married in the gardens. Looks so beautiful. 

    For our honeymoon we are going on a road trip round Italy. Starting with Roma, Florence, portofino, lake Garda, Venice and whereever else we take a fancy too. Want a mixtUre of sight seeing and luxury. Barbados sounds fab!! 

    Melanie xx


  • Hello ladies!

    Victoria! So exciting you have your dress sorted! So you'll have a fit in April? I have a goal to lose a stone before March 18th which is when I am going with FMIL and FSIL to try on some dresses. Any of you in London that have been to David's Bridal in Stratford Westfield?

    Struggling with what I want - think mermaid / fit and flare lace?

    I am not having my ceremony in the gardens di principessa - we are actually having our ceremony at Villa Eva and then the reception straight afterwards. We are going to the town hall at 11am same day and just getting the legal bit done (in civvies!) and then going to hotel room to start getting ready! Everyone will hopefully believe that the "symbolic" ceremony at Villa Eva is the real deal ;-) The Gardens look so beautiful though - will visit it whilst in Ravello of course!

    Hi Samantha! That was lovely reading abut your plans! Please, please do let us know how your lovely big day goes in May! Love the signature scent idea!

    Can I ask how you chose your menu? Have you been to Villa Eva for a tasting session?

    Hi Victoria, I think it's well worth asking if you can store something somewhere at least?? I know my wedding planner can't store anything for me which is understandable (can you imagine...) but I wonder if the venue would?

    Hey Melanie What was the menu that Mario said you could have? Are you happy with it? To be honest. all the food looks amazing! Did Mario say that Villa Eva can store items then? Your Pink Raybans idea is so pretty - would make amazing photos! What else have you planned for music? Victoria - have you chosen yours too?

    N xxx 


  • Hi Both! Glad you're back!

    Music- we've gone a bit mental here, string quartet for the ceremony, walk to the reception is TBC but hoping to surprise the guest with bagpipes (SO is Scottish), then we have bossanova for the drinks reception, pianist & sax for dinner and band for dancing. sounds ridiculous, but apart from the bagpiper its all the same people so hasn't been tooo expensive.

    Melanie- great idea on just taking a frame, are you going to attach the paper with string etc? I might have to copy this idea- mirror is definitely risky!

    Niki- I haven't been to Davids, but I have heard great things about it.  I went down to London to dress shop and went to Morgan Davies, Les Trois Soeur and Browns. So much choice though! Do you have designers in mind? I've gone for a mermaid and yes my first fit is April!  I'm quite babyfaced so wanted to avoid anything that would make me look younger (ballgown etc). Theres a few articles floating round and also threads on here that compare the different London shops so you should check them out.

    I got this months "Brides" magazine yesterday and there's a Ravello wedding featured. I don't know if I am just more aware of it, but definitely seems like Ravello is becoming v.popular for weddings!

    Which florist have you both gone with and what are you both having? That's my next task and its stressing me out!

    V xx

  • P.s Niki you can totally get away with having your ceremony in Eva. Nobody will know any different. Plus the bit where they do the ceremony at Villa Eva is just beautiful, great views. Have you seen it in person, I can't remember? We would have done the same, but Cimbrone wanted another 3k to host a symbolic ceremony and I thought, I'd rather save the 3k and have the 10 minute walk!

  • Hello ladies,

    Niki that will be so beautiful as the view is spectacular!!

    thats great u have your dress Victoria and Niki fingers crossed you find something you love. 

    Music wise we are having string quartet with male singer for ceremony then 

    - Guitar and Mandolin for walk to town square for drink then follow us to Villa Eva and stay during canapés

    - Baby Gran Piano for dinner followed by DJ.

    flowers I went for white roses, hydreingas, orchids and another flower that's in season which I can't remember but all white. I actually don't know the florists name. Sorry!! Vic  the woman doing all my stationery is doing the frame and sticking the table plan onto it and seeling it all for the transport. 

    gave my first guest their invite yesterday eekeeekkkk!! 

    Will buy it tonight for a read . 

    Nik Mario has given me multiple options, like 29 pages of food options. For someone who is very indecisive this was a nightmare. I don't know where to start. I am delighted with it tho it all sounds delush but makes choosing so much harder. Have u picked yet? 


  • Hello ladies! (are there any men on here lurking??)

    Victoria, love that you are hoping to have bagpipes! Is that possible in Italy? How amazing if so! I think we will stick with a string quartet and then ipod for dinner. We are not having dancing as such, only if people get the urge! More of a dinner party vibe we are going for.

    Thanks for the store recommendations in London. Have lost a little weight and hoping to have lost a stone in a month when I go for visit to David's Bridal in a months time!

    I'm a jeans girl and don't remember the last time I wore a dress so it fills me with panic at the though of not just wearing a dress but a huge full length ivory / white one!! Not that I would go tea length as I am a traditionalist at heart (and I did try on a short wedding dress last year and it didn't feel right)!

    When we first got engaged, we set our hearts on Vegas. We don't like fuss and we like to be left alone to do our own thing so it suited us to the ground and the thought of wearing whatever we liked and not being judged was something that appealed to us both but we never would have heard the last of it! Italy was one way of being able to be in control though - especially of the guest list.

    Flowers we are going for are gypsophila and hydrangea. All white with maybe a little blush. I'm just carrying a huge bunch of gypsophila with a white bow! Simple but I love it!   image

    This is also the centerpieces we are having: image

    More gyp and candles! I think our florist is called Eva?

    Thanks Ladies, yes, we are excited and no! We haven't been to Ravello at all and can't go before the few days before our wedding! So, I guess we can choose where we want the layout when we get there.... I hope! Victoria, you will have to let us know how your visit goes! You're going soon aren't you? 

    Re menu: We are definitely having a antipasti starter and then a vegetarian pasta I think followed by a meat / fish / vege option.

    What else is there to choose! xxxx

  • Bee15Bee15 Posts: 16

    Hi Victoria,

    I got married at Cimbrone last summer so any questions and I am happy to help.  We did skip the pasta course which I would well recommend doing, it still made for quite a feast AND even doing this after the speeches we only had 45 minutes for dancing before midnight.... we did rent somewhere in town though for an after party which carried on until about 3am so that helped!

    Another tip I was given was to cut the cake at midnight which I am glad we did.  It meant that leave for one last song after the cake cutting and then people leave.  Maximised the dancing time and prevented that lull at midnight when you want to carry on but cant.  Villa Cimbrone weren't over happy at this new trend but they did it in the end for us and it worked seamlessly (other than they didnt tell us we had a majority fake cake which was embarassing when we went to cut it, they dont tell you that as part of the package!!).

    Anyway, if you have any questions let me know 


    Good luck!! Its a stunning place and I am sure it will be magical for you all 




  • Bee15Bee15 Posts: 16

    Oh and we did have flipflops.  You can send things boxed to Villa Cimbrone, just let them know they are arriving (we send miniature patron tequilla favours) and my dad brought 50 pairs of flipflops in his luggage!!

    If you havent done them yet check out cafe press custom flipflops.  We were going to do these but ran out of time so just went with bog standard weddingflipflops and they came in a basket



  • Bee15 I'm so happy you have popped back on the forum, you are who I have been waiting for!!! I have so many questions! would you rather I messaged you privately?

    Where did you rent in town? We were toying with the wine bar, but I'm really worried that people won't come and it will look empty. did you find most people came? We have about 65-70 guests, and I guess I'm concerned that the walk back to the square means we will lose people along the way? Our ceremony is in the town hall gardens (I was really keen for it to be legally binding) and I'm worried people will get bored with all the walking. We went to visit last summer but I think I've distorted my memory! We are going out for menu tasting in April so I am going to do the walk a couple of times and time it!!

    Great tip on cutting the cake so late! I imagine they might tell us no if they were already annoyed at it last year, but I can at least ask!

    Did you have a planner? any other tips you can share?




  • Hi everyone,


    I'm so extremely relieved that I found this forum for Ravello brides! Congratulations to everyone and I hope the planning process is coming along and of course, stress free!


    I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for hair and makeup. I was given a quote for 250euros for hair and another 250euros for makeup. I'm curious if that's the average that everyone has been getting or if you have other recommendations for different artists. 


    The other thing I'm wondering about are the flowers. How much is everyone budgeting for flowers/decor? I wasn't expecting the quotes that my planner gave me, granted I am from Canada so I understand that prices will be different. Nevertheless, I nearly fell off my chair when I was shown the total LOL.


    Looking forward to hearing from everyone...

    Rae Anne


  • Bee15!! Your post has come at such a crucial time for me I'm so grateful I saw it. 


    I'm looking to plan my wedding at Villa Cimbrone in Aug/Sept 201£ and appreciate any tips please! Apologies for the questions 🙈🙈


    - did they negotiate on the menu as I've heard you can get the cost down? 

    - where did you hire afterwards as midnight finish time scares me? 

    - do they allow you to start dinner earlier around 7pm to allow for a few hours dancing before midnight? 

    - did they offer wedding planning help as I'm hoping I can negotiate this with my wedding planner

    - do they give you discount on a stay there

    - during aperitifs do do they serve canapés too? 



  • Also anyone that can offer guidance florist prices I would really appreciate it. @Bee15 did villa Cimbrone give you a Pricelist on this or your wedding planner?   


    Megan x

  • Ravello Ladies!! 

    I'm so sorry for the late reply, I don't seem to get notifications when someone posts so always forget to check!

    I love there are so many of us! we must post some photos and links after our big days, would love to see you all!

    Re: Music. Having harp and violin for ceremony in gardens (think they are going to play what a wonderful world as I walk down aisle) Guitar and mandolin for the walk to town, Background music during dinner and DJ for dancing. All arranged through Mario. 

    Re: Flowers. Again arrange through Mario, Having white and yellow roses (would love something more exciting but have to stop going mad on spending!) price wise, for 1 bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaids bouquets, 7 bouttionaires, 2 Flower columns at ceremony, Petals down the aisle, 16 small lanterns and 11 centrepieces its a total of 2070 Euros. 

    Re: Frame, a friend is making it in pieces and I have added 2 more baggages for each way to take that, all the flip flops and other bits out there. I considered sending it but sending a big box of something to Italy would probably be even more expensive that the extra bag. 

    Re: Menu, As said above Mario gave us the link of all the possibilities, there are like 20 different set menus at increasing prices but you can mix and match to get a new quote. You can also provide a choice of 2 main courses for people to decide. We are having after the canapes, (off the top of my head) Parma ham and goats cheese roulade, spaghetti in aubergine crust with tomato and basil sauce, shrimp risotto, then a choice of either Lamb or Seabass for the main, then Apple mille-feuille for desert. I also sent him a photo of a cake I liked and that will be made for the wedding. Don't feel like you have to have the set menu or one of the cake examples, I have found Mario very accomodating for any changes we want to make. I never had a tasting but when we were out there last year we ate at Villa Maria (same chefs as the wedding I think) and the food was just all incredible.

    I love hearing about all your plans! We are just taking on the huge task now of trying to organise people into groups for transfers and the seating plan. Final number is 95. 

    Love to you all and happy planning!



  • Hello ladies, 

    sorry I can't be any help on hair and makeup as I am fortunate my friends do this as a profession and are coming to the wedding so going to do it on the day. 

    Flowers and decor I went a bit nuts. I think my total for both ceremony and reception including lanterns and drapes we are 3500 euros And I only have 5 tables. Another 800 on top roughly for the additional lighting on the day too. 


  • I hve chosen quite a few different flowers tho and the large centre pieces which are 350 each. Xxx

  • Hi Everyone!

    Hair & Make Up- Unfortunately I'm not help either. My two SIL's are Bridal Hairdressers/MUA's respectively so they will be doing my hair & make-up.

    Flowers- We are still working on final prices, but RaeAnne, you are correct, it isn't cheap. The arches are being quoted between 1000-2000 euro and then between 150-250 a table for centrepieces and 170-200 for bridal bouquet! How does this compare to everyone else's quotes?

    Megan- I can probably answer a few of your questions r.e Cimbrone. We didn't negotiate on the menu (perhaps we lost out here- I would be interested to know if you know people who did!) We are going out for our menu tasting in April, so will be clearer on what we get for the money. I know that Apertif definitely does include canapés though, apparently quite a large selection too. We weren't able to start dinner before 7 no, however my planner said they are getting more and more flexible each year, so its definitely worth asking. We are starting welcome cocktail/canapés at 6.30 and dinner at 7.30. You can use the crypt until 1pm, but you need exclusive hire of the hotel for this. Our planner suggested a wine bar in the piazza, or one of the cafes for hire after midnight, it depends if you want dancing or just casual drinks. They do have in house event planers, but we are using a separate wedding planner (their preferred planner). The one thing I would say to you, is that they have a preferred list of vendors/suppliers. I've been perfectly happy with this list, and actually most the vendors I wanted to use were already on it, but just something to be mindful of. I think that's everything you asked but let me know any other questions!

    Sam- 95 is impressive!! I think we are going to end up with 70, and I thought this was a lot! Where are you all staying?

    All- anyone got any exciting plans for the day after? boat trips etc. We are looking to do a casual lunch somewhere, trying to work out logisitics (i.e a boat to get there) now. Would welcome any ideas I can steal!


    We are 5 months today! Getting very excited now

  • Wow 5 months today. That's very exciting Victoria. Will fly in!! your floral prices are roughly th same as mine. I went for the columns instead of arch so I can use them in the reception at villa eva so felt it was good value. 

    We are doing a pizza party the night before and also considering boat trip afterwards. Have you contacted anyone about it? I hvent as of yet. 

    Thats great you both hve so many going. I think we are nearer 40 -45 but don't have final numbers yet. We are 6 months 9 days eeeekkkk xxx

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