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  • Hi all,


    Re Hair and make up;

    I am having my hair done by Gerardo who seems to be the one and only Ravello stylist! have seen some very good reviews for him though.

    My hair with a pre wedding trial is 230 Euros

    Bridesmaids hair is 75 euro each for up do, 55 euro each for half up.  

    Make up is by a lady called Adele and is 130 euro including a trial


    Hope this helps



  • Bee15Bee15 Posts: 16

    HI All

    Apologies - I also didnt get the notifications.  So much I could share with you so ask away as I have folders of info I saved.

    I should probably start this by saying I didnt have the best experience with my wedding planner which they are well aware of.  In fact, part way through I wanted to cancel the services and looking back I wish I did as she was far more of a stress and a hindrance than a help,  And in terms of company, lets just say I went with the most expensive option from those recommended.  Keep that in mind when reading the below....



    We hired a wine bar/restaurant just off the main square called Palazzo Della Marra from 12.30am onwards.  We paid 3,000 euros + tax plus drinks.  Annoyingly whilst we did our pre visit the owner said she would have done it for free if we had a minimum spend if we hadnt gone through the wedding planner.  It also became obvious that the full fee wasnt for her as she gasped when she heard what we were being charged.  anyway, overall it was a great venue.  The majority of our guests came for at least one drink as most of them were had to walk by from Cimbrone to get back to their accommodation.  And the hardcore young ones stayed until 3.30am ish!!



    We hired one of the bars on the square for post ceremony drinks.  Again this is a negotiation and we saved about 1.5k euros by not going with the one the wedding planner suggested.  We went with Bar Duomo which is back right corner if you are looking out of the church.  Its drinks on the square and there is little difference if we are honest between them all to warrant the different packages.  We had a pay for consumption deal on beer and prosecco , plus soft drinks, and one of the ushers was responsible for counting the bottles and settling the bill.  We had an agreement where if we spent over 1,000 euros we got a discount per bottle and this worked for us.



    We used Mario and it cost nearly 9k euros despite lots of negotiation and we were very disappointed on the day. I wish we had got other quotations.  There is someone called Sebastian flowers in Rome but he was on vacation the whole of august so we couldnt use him, but I wish I had looked at other options.  Main disappointments were that the button holes for the men were brown and wilting.  Thankfully they sent them with my bouquet so I spotted this and they rectified (with roses in a different colour than requested as they agreed there was a problem) and even more annoyingly my bouquet was part plastic!  About 30% plastic I would say which was never discussed at any point with me and was a lot smaller than discussed and agreed in all the pictures and documents we shared.  If you have any specific questions about prices I have the detailed list of what we had but it was my biggest frustration, regret, disappointment, etc etc you get the picture!



    We did arrange a boat trip the day before the wedding.  We got picked up in ravello in two coaches and taken to amalfi where we had a boat to capri.  At capri the group either transferred to smaller boats to visit the blue grotto etc or spent a few hours in capri,  on the way back at sunset we stopped for swimming before heading back to amalfi for transfers up to Ravello.  This cost 4,500 euros for 75 people.



    The following day we hosted a post wedding pizza brunch which went down amazingly well (specially as I hadnt eaten pizza the whole trip until this point!!) at La Vecchia Cantina (which is the big pottery place and has a lovely terrace at the back),  It was 25 eur

  • Bee15Bee15 Posts: 16

     It was 25 euros pp incl soft drinks.  Some managed to drink alcohol and we just took the hit in cost as it wasnt much ;)



    We did nails on the wedding day at the salon in town.  My advise PLEASE PLEASE DONT!  It tookm hours and made is completely behind schedule.  Its a random salon which looks part office, does the job but I so wish we had done it the day before!



    No one has mentioned this.  We hired two awesome cars.  I had an open top Fiat 500 spider and the bridesmaids had an old mini cooper.  Wasnt far but in dresses and heels.... plus was quite an arrival on the square.  We paid 400 euros for mine and 150 for the mini. I originally wanted an alfa romeo but the local ones got booked before the wedding planner secured it.  I arranged this directly with spider lifestyle and again saved 800 euros compared to what the wedding planner was offering.  The only thing was she refused to deal with my supplier, no problem, one of the bridemaids husbands became the point of contact and we had no issues.



    I brought in from the uk.  As mentioned there is one amazing hair and make up person locally who is half italian half australian but she was alreadyv booked, so I went via Your Beautiful Face and had Jodie and Nikki from the uk.  With easyjet flights and a b&b this was just as cheap and they were fantastic fun people to have around.  I found them in one of the wedding magazines as they specialise in overseas wedding (what a job!) and I am glad I did as they kept me sane through the wedding planner dramas



    Again came in from the uk.... 4 of them, happier and cheaper via easyjet than what was on offer through the wedding planner.  BUT I did need to pay Marco the villa cimbrone exclusive supplier to get electricity and the other set up.  


    Other things just to mention

    - no one really mentioned to me expect for a few weeks before the wedding that many of our suppliers added on additional costs adding up to thousands of euros for 'transportation' to villa cimbrone as its by foot/ cart.  This is something to think about

    - most bills come with +22 tax.  They wont and cant say via email but in person many vendors will waiver this if you pay cash.  it can be quite a bit of money if you are able to pay in cash (remember you can only take max 250 euros out of a cash machine per day per card so this needs planning in advance!)

    - at last minute there were many optional extras we just couldnt afford as we were over budget.  Whilst you cant predict this, many of these "arrived" on our wedding day despite us not agreeing to pay for them (about 8k euros we calculated so not insignificant), this ranged from church candles from Mario, lights in the crypt, extra lights in the garden and all the disco lights and other extras in the after party.  Again another reason for me to question the integrity of the wedding planner and vendors.

    I hope this helps and happy to answer questions

    We had an absolutely beautiful wedding day, and I really dont regret it, but the planning and avoiding being gullible was the biggest stress of the whole build up.  Therefore if I can help in any way I will do my best to


    Good luck all of you, how exciting!!!  xxx

  • Bee15Bee15 Posts: 16

    This is the Cimbrone list of aperitifs and canapes which are included.  You get them all and I dont think we saw them as part of our pre wedding tasting.  Plus dont worry about the prosecco, it just kept coming and wasnt restricted

    I didnt manage to negotiate on the cost per head for dinner, we did remove the pasta course though (but no chance of a discount it was more to save time) BUT we did negotiate two choices of main course - fish and meat which we alternated boy/ girl or based on dietary preference if we knew.  They wanted to charge an additional 20 euros pp for this (didnt make sense as to why) so they gave it fre when we removed a course.



    Prosecco di Valdobbiadene (2 flute per persona)( 2 flutes per person)

    Cocktail della villa (alcolico) – Alcoholic Cocktail

    Cocktail analcolico – Non- alcoholic Cocktail

    Succhi di frutta – Orange juice/Lemon Juice

    Acqua minerale – Mineral water



    Dal Buffet/From the Buffet:


    Mousse di pesce azzurro

    Blue fish mousse


    Gamberi fritti in pasta kataifi e paprika su salsa rosa

    Fried shrimps in paprika and kataifi cruncky biscuit served on pink sauce


    Ciliegine di bufala alla Caprese

    Tiny Buffalo mozzarella balls served on oregano and tomato


    Purea di cannellini con frutti di mare

    Creamed white beans seasoned with seafood


    Sfogline deliziose

    Selection of salted puff Pastries


    Crocchettine di patate

    Potato croquettes


  • Victoria100Victoria100 Posts: 102 New bride


    you are amazing!  I've sent you a PM :)

    Regarding the cars- I didn't even think this was an option. Where did your cars take you to/from? I thought you could only access Cimbrone by foot?

    We are staying at Villa Fraulo, getting married in the gardens di principessa and then ceremony at cimbrone.... I'd love to save my feet/shoes, but not sure where the car would go  to/from!

    V xx

  • Bee15Bee15 Posts: 16

    We only got the car a short distance from Villa Dante which we had rented to the church, and they stopped at the side of the church.  if you are at fraulo you wont need one so dont worry!  The car pictures were quite cute though.  We got them through spider lifestyle who dropped them off and picked them up, we just left the keys at the hotel reception.



  • Gemma90Gemma90 Posts: 32
    Niki_84 wrote (see post):

    Hi Gemma

    They are very beautiful! How many guests are you having at your wedding?

    I just looked back and saw you are a June bride! Are you all sorted?

    Who did you choose flowers through and what did you go for!

    Gemma, would love to know what menu you ended up choosing? Feel a bit helpless not being able to do a taste test!

    Niki x


  • Gemma90Gemma90 Posts: 32

    Hi Niki_84, sorry i have only just seen your post!

    We are having 34 guests at our wedding! How many have you got? Yes we are pretty much sorted, Its just the little things we need to do now such as book airport parking and buy make up and honeymoon clothes etc ... any excuse!! ;) Lol

    The flowers we have chosen are white and ivory roses as our theme is white and silver. Our menu is

    Caprese Salad

    Trofie pasta with mussels rocket and cheese


    Salmon fillet with potato and parsley

    Vanilla Chibouste with citrus fruits!

    We tried to go with what the majority of people would eat and it was pretty hard to choose from considering we had 20 menu choices ha. But we are very happy with our choices!

    What about you? When is your wedding date?

    Gemma x     


  • Victoria100Victoria100 Posts: 102 New bride

    Hi Ravello Brides!

    Just bumping up this thread as it seems to have dropped off the radar a bit.

    Bee15- amazing advice, I hinted about the 22% VAT thing to my planner and she text me confirming! huge savings so I'm very grateful! Would you mind PM'ing me who your planner was? I sent you a private message but not sure if you got it?

    Niki/Melanie - how are you both getting on? Any progress to share?

    Any other Ravello brides getting married this summer?

    My wedding planner seems on a mission to get everything sorted before wedding season kicks in, and I've been getting 20+ emails a day from her this week! Sorting out chairs, lighting, paperwork everything! I've also got my first dress fitting next week which is exciting! I haven't seen it since I ordered it in August so very excited.

    Victoria x

  • AJ16AJ16 Posts: 89

    Hi Everyone

    I am in the early stages of booking my wedding and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice as everyone on here seems to have loads of helpful information on Ravello!

    We have decided we would like our ceremony in the Ravello town hall gardens followed by an intimate reception for around 20 – 30 guests, just a meal and a few drinks. 

    I have been e-mailing Mario at Wagner Tours who has been really helpful and sent me information on possible reception venues – Villa Eva, Villa Maria and Restaurant Tatore.

    Although Villa Eva looks lovely I am a bit worried it will be too expensive for us and also a bit too big as we will only have 20-30 guests. For those who have seen the venue would you say this number of guests is too little to fill the Villa?

    I haven’t heard many people talk about Villa Maria or Restaurant Tatore so was wondering if anyone had visited these venues or tasted the food?

    We are also debating whether to marry in June 2017 or 2018. How long did it take you all to book/plan your weddings? I am worried it will be pushing it to get the ceremony/reception booked then get invites out to guests and RSVP’s back for a 2017 wedding, as I am worried the best hotels/flights will already be booked up!

    Also if we choose a 2017 date we will not have the time to visit Ravello before the wedding where with a 2018 date we could. Would you suggest a visit pre-wedding is essential?

    Sorry for all the questions but there is so much to think about and decide with a wedding abroad! Thank you!! 

  • Hi all, I am getting married next year in Ravello.  We have decided on having the ceremony at the Town Hall gardens and reception in the Wagner gardens at Hotel Caruso.  We just can't decide on a date!! It is either May or June but we are concerned that the evening temperatures in May might be too cold and June in the day might be scorching!  Has anyone got married or visited in either of these months.  Any info will be greatly appreciated :-)

  • Victoria100Victoria100 Posts: 102 New bride

    Hi Both!

    AJ16- I have seen Villa Eva, and I very briefly stepped into Villa Maria. They are owned by the same people I think, so after we toured Eva, we were taken to Maria to talk through the details. I'll be honest, I didn't pay that much attention but from memory it had a lovely big outdoor terrace. I would say most venues can be flexible for numbers and just dress them accordingly. Our venue is Villa Cimbrone and I've seen beautiful weddings there (via blogs and photos) catering from 6 guests right through to 300. Its just how they dress and make use of the space!

    I would say a pre-wedding visit is not essential at all, it just depends on your style. I personally knew I wouldn't be comfortable booking a venue without seeing it, however I know the majority of brides on this forum haven't seen their venues yet, and lots of brides who had fantastic weddings having never seen their venue before. Only you know how relaxed you are about that sort of thing.

    In regards to timings, we booked our venue last June, which gave us 13 months to plan- I would 12 months is absolutely achieveable. Most flights don't get released until 9-10 months before, and hotels vary but certainly not more than 12 months before. Our wedding planner reserved loads of rooms for us, but actually most people booked directly ( etc) I would say roughly 8-9 months in advance.

    Lynzrossi- Caruso is beautiful. We visited it a couple of times last year, and actually even though its not my venue, I'm looking forward to visiting it again as their Bellini's are the best I've ever tasted! We deliberated over a date for hours, we have a few teachers coming so it needed to be summer holidays. We were initially targeting May, but have gone for late July now! Its going to be hot, but firstly our ceremony isn't until 5pm (the earliest one is 4pm) so wont be in the midday heat, plus the whole reason I want to get married abroad is for the weather, so feels wrong to moan about heat! Regardless of date, the weather can be temperamental, so make sure you are happy with the wet weather/indoor option. I saw a bride having a full on tantrum when we were there because it was raining and she didn't like the indoor option (this was in May).

    Hope that helps both of you!



  • AJ16AJ16 Posts: 89

    Hi Victoria

    Sorry i've only just seen your reply! We have decided to take the plunge and have booked for June 2017 :-) It seems lots of people manage to plan with just over a year to go and we have a wedding planner who is helping organise pretty much everything! So i'm hoping it will all go smoothly from now on! Thanks for the advice! x

  • AJ16AJ16 Posts: 89

    Hi again!

    I was just wondering if any of you have booked accommodation yet for your weddings? and if so how far in advance before your wedding did you do this? We are not getting married until June 2017 but there are some hotels that we can already book. As much as we would love to stay in the amazing 5* hotels they are just not within our budget and i was wondering if anyone had any good reviews of 3/4* hotels in Ravello? At the moment we are looking at Villa Maria and Villa Fraulo. Also Villa Piedimont but i think this is a bit further away from the main square and not sure i fancy the walk in my dress! 

    Also, how many days in advance is everyone arriving before their wedding as i know you have to be there a few days before? We were hoping to fly on the Tuesday for our wedding on the Friday? 

    Thanks! x

  • Victoria100Victoria100 Posts: 102 New bride

    Hi AJ

    We have booked Villa Fraulo for our wedding. I haven't actually seen it yet, we missed it when we were out there last year, however I am going out next weekend to do menu tasting and we are going to stay there! I'll give you an update when I get back! We booked in last September for a July Wedding, so approx. 10 months in advance.

    According to my wedding planner its only 2 days you need to be there before, so Tuesday will be absolutely fine.



  • AJ16AJ16 Posts: 89

    Hi Victoria 

    That would be great, thank you! :-) I'd love to hear how you get on. We are having our reception at Villa Maria and can book a room here through our planner, so i can see the plus points of staying there but my fiance said it would be nice to stay somewhere different to the wedding venue so its different and more exciting on the day. From the pictures Villa Fraulo looks lovely. So many choices to make! :-) Hope your trip goes well x

  • Victoria100Victoria100 Posts: 102 New bride


    I'm going to Ravello on Thursday for some planning/menu tasting. Does anyone need anything? Happy to take photos or even videos of specific things, or check things out if anyone has any questions. Let me know!


  • AJ16AJ16 Posts: 89

    Hi V 

    Wow I bet your excited to be going to Ravello for planning! :-) If you could let me know what villa fraulo is like that would be fab! We are also looking at villa piedmonte but think that's a bit further out from the centre so you probably won't see that one. Have fun! X

  • Melanie33Melanie33 Posts: 53

    Hi Victoria,

    thanks for the very generous offer but don't think there is anything. 

    Best of luck with the tasting and hope u have a ball 💋 Xx

  • Melanie33Melanie33 Posts: 53


    we are staying in Hotel Giordano. I wanted an authentic feel and this ticked the box also wanted a large swimming pool for the kids coming along. Some of our guests are staying here and others have sources their own accommodation in line with there budget but it did book up quite early so I would encourage booking sooner rather than later xx

  • AJ16AJ16 Posts: 89

    Hi Melanie

    How many months before your wedding did you book the hotel? We are looking at Villa Fraulo or Villa Piedimonte but i have e-mailed them and both have said their 2017 rates are not available yet so we can't book. We have 14 months until our wedding but i am eager to get the hotels booked asap as like you say i have heard they get booked up quickly! xx

  • Bea14Bea14 Posts: 5

    Hi everyone

    I'm really happy I came across this forum because it has been super helpful!

    I'm currently in the early stages of planning my wedding and I'm scared already!

    I was wondering whether you could let me know how your experiences have been with your wedding planners because I'm scared about making the wrong choice. I don't mind paying quite a bit for a planner as long as they are efficient and transparent, so I would be really grateful if you could share your experiences = ) p.s I'm planning to get married in is so beautiful!

    Thank you

  • AJ16AJ16 Posts: 89

    Hi Bea

    I'm the same as you it's nice to have other people to talk to as there are so many decisions to make and it can get a bit overwhelming! 

    We are using Mario at Wagner Tours. He has been great so far as he replies to all your e-mails really quickly and gives you lots of information. He also makes you a spreadsheet with with all the costs for your day which he updates each time you book something, so you always know where you are with your budget. I'm not sure if he offers Caruso as a venue but its always worth sending an e-mail to ask. Caruso looks lovely but was way out of our price range so we have chosen Villa Maria for our meal & Hotel Giordano for drinks afterwards.

    I also e-mailed Ravello Events when looking for a planner and they seemed helpful so might be worth contacting them as well.

    I was so worried when i started looking at all the options but now we have a planner it is much easier!



  • Melanie33Melanie33 Posts: 53

    Hi AJ16,

    I am sure I booked accommodation around 12 months in advance so wont be long until you can. I tend to agree with your hubby to be, I would pick somewhere else and keep the wedding venue a surprise for guests for on the day.



    My top choices were Caruso or Villa Eva,  Caruso is stunning and a great choice. I ended up picking Villa Eva for various reasons that suited us , having exclusive use was appealing. I knew if picking Villa Eva the wedding planner strongly linked to this venue is Wagner Tours and he has been great so far.

    I found selecting my planner the most stressful and time consuming as I think its crucial you get someone who knows your venue and you trust them.Good luck!! xx


  • AJ16AJ16 Posts: 89

    Thanks Melanie. 

    I think 12 months seems to be the earliest you can book accommodation so think I need to stop panicking! Haha I think we are going to stay somewhere different and have 2 hotels we like the look of so at least I have some time to decide! 

    Villa Eva looks lovely :-) we did consider it as our venue but will have under 30 people so it was a bit pricey. And we are having a big party back in the UK so just wanted somewhere quiet for dinner/drinks x

  • Victoria100Victoria100 Posts: 102 New bride

    Bea14, our wedding planner is Laura Frappa from exclusive Italy, we also spoke to the Amalfi Experience who were lovely. I know both of them cover Hotel Caruso. I agree with Melanie, we picked our venue and then picked the planner who specialised in that venue- in our case Cimbrone was clearly Laura's speciality. We wanted to negotiate a specific thing with the venue before booking, and out of the three planners I was in contact with, Laura was the only one able to do it- decision made!

  • Bee15Bee15 Posts: 16

    Hey Ladies, 

    Just quickly passed by and saw some comments about accommodation

    We did book about 9 months in advance a variety of rooms with free cancellation on  glad we did as by the time many of our guests got around to book, barely anything was available (for mid sept)

    One reasonable option was La Moresca (we booked all their rooms!!).  Was fun for those who took over the hotel.  modern and nicely decorated, great views, rooms are slightly on the small side and can be noisy (hearing other hotel guests), but overall they loved it.

    The other one which was really cute is Villa Amore which is up near Villa Maria/ Villa Cimbrone.  Bit of a walk as its in the pedestrian area but great for weddings at venues near there!

    Piedemonte was a bit of a walk




  • AJ16AJ16 Posts: 89

    Thanks Bee

    I do love the look of Villa Piedimonte but am worried about the walk on the wedding day! I'm wondering if i could book a taxi but not sure if that's just an added stress getting to the town hall on time! Villa Fraulo is a lot more central so that's our other option.

    All of our guests are pretty organised so i think we should be ok with getting them to book, but i might book a few rooms with free cancellation just in case! Thanks for the tip :-) x

  • Victoria100Victoria100 Posts: 102 New bride

    Hello ladies!


    I've just come back from a few days wedding planning in Ravello and I'm very happy! I was worried it might not be as nice as I remembered, but honestly it was better! Its such a pretty little town, and definitely nicer than Amalfi!

    Very happy with our choices now and can't wait to get back out there in July! We did our menu tasting and it was superb!!

    Hows everyone getting on with planning?


    V x

  • AJ16AJ16 Posts: 89

    Hi V

    Glad you had an amazing trip! :-) I bet it's made you even more excited for the big day now!

    We won't get the chance to visit Ravello before the wedding to it's lovely to hear good things from those who have been and not just rely on the pictures!

    We have now booked Villa Fraulo for our accommodation for ourselves and 14 of our guests! Didn't you say this was your wedding hotel? What is it like? 

    Our invites have also just gone out as well. Super early as its like a year until the wedding but we wanted to give our guests lots of time to book leave from work and accommodation/flights! x 

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