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  • Victoria100Victoria100 Posts: 102 New bride

    Hey Ravello Brides

    How are we all getting on? Its officially wedding season now, all my suppliers have started posting photos from this years weddings which is getting me very excited! Is everyone all planned and ready? I can't believe how quickly its come around!


    V x

  • Melanie33Melanie33 Posts: 53

    Hi Victoria,

    hope u are Well. I am getting very excited!! And loving seeing all the weddings currently on. 

    Its my hen do this weekend and I picked my dress up last week so all becoming very real. How's things with u? 

    in terms of planning it's really only bits and bobs to do now like flip flops ordered and personalized fans etc. oh and favors, what did u go with for favors? 

    Melanie xx

  • Victoria100Victoria100 Posts: 102 New bride

    Hi Melanie!

    I had my hen do 2 weekends ago. You'll love it. I didn't really have any expectations but its such a lovely feeling to be surrounded by all your closest friends celebrating what's about to happen. I got totally spoilt too.

    Flip flops and fans are both on my to do list also! Can't decide what kind of fan to have (the type with order of service printed on- paddle fans, or just plain paper fans). I don't think we are going to bother with favours, limencello is the obvious one but doesn't really go with my theme. Honestly I don't know if I will bother- I think I'll just spend the money on more alcohol or something!

    What is your date again?


    V x

  • Tanya13Tanya13 Posts: 7


    The months are whizzing by... How are we all getting on?

    I am struggling with the music.. If anyone has the time to post their own music details and any recommendations that would be great.

    I have just cancelled a load of hotel rooms in Ravello for w/c 11th Sept so if anyone is looking for some more rooms for guests etc you may find some have become available now. Apologies for hogging, we were holding them waiting for confirmed numbers.


  • Melanie33Melanie33 Posts: 53

    aww Vic I loved it too. We had a large lodge with hot tub and pool and the sun shone the entire time. Did nothing but laugh all weekend. Feels like the build up has started and I still have 2 and a half months to go. Not long until your day now.

    My date is the 8th of Sep. Remind me of yours? I remember you were a month or so before me.

    I thought lemon cello but doesn't go with my black tie theme either I didn't think. Was going with small bottles of Prosecco but we are doing a free bar all day so not sure if there is a point.

    I didn't realise you could get order of service on the fans. I like that idea. I have no idea what the order of service will be right enough haha

    As I live I Scotland I can only start the legal process now (3 months before) and panicking a little. Did it run smoothly for you? as we only get 3 months I am panicking about time.

    Music wise I have a soprano with string quartet for ceremony, then the napoleon band then pianist for dinner and dj for after party. Not even sure which company as arrange through my planner but I am sure is costing around 3500 euros xxx

  • Melanie33Melanie33 Posts: 53

    Tanya that may be useful, which hotel? Whats your wedding date again, you must be very near me xx

  • Laura569Laura569 Posts: 1

    Hi Ladies! 


    Just starting to to plan my wedding in Italy, so much ch and feeling a little overwhelmed! I have been doing a bit of research with regards to Positano and Ravello, but can't decide between the two! Ideally, I would love to get married at Positano Town Hall as the views look amazing, and have a reception at Hotel Caruso. We have about 26 guests. Does anybody know if this is too difficult as I have read on a forum that there is quite a bit of distance between the two venues? We are thinking end of May 2018. 

    We have also looked at Villa Oliviero in Positano which looks amazing but pricey!

    Thanks :-) 


  • andrew90andrew90 Posts: 1

    Hello Everyone,

    Ravello is one of my dream destinations I would love to photograph at and is right at the top of my wishlist. If your looking for a destination wedding photographer, please feel free to look at some of my work and I am happy to offer a great deal at this location. :)

    Many thanks,




  • Victoria100Victoria100 Posts: 102 New bride

    Hi Melanie!


    My date is 29th July so a month today! Legal process is still underway, its been relatively smooth but not completed yet- so fingers crossed! Its just a case of getting it going asap I think!

    So jealous of your black tie- I wish we had done that, but its obviously a bit late now! Are your wedding party wearing kilts? My H2B and the ushers/FOG are wearing kilts- suspect they may roast in the July heat! oops.... I really hope people get dressed up and don't turn up in shorts because its a destination wedding......

    I've not bothered with order of service on the fans afterall- I've just ordered white heart shaped fans instead. the ceremony is that short it didn't seem worthwhile!


    Laura- it is quite a distance between the two, and the traffic is a nightmare. its only road and its narrow so people stop regularly in parts where its not wide enough for two cars. We drove from Amalfi to Priano and that took 1.5 hours, not sure if they have rush hour etc though..... hope that helps?


    Tanja- our music is String Quartet for the ceremony, Bagpipes for the walk between ceremony and reception, Bossanova for cocktails, Piano and Jazz for dinner, and then a band with a singer for after dinner. everything except the bagpipes is all one booking, with the same people providing different elements I believe. From memory (I don't have my budget with me) I think it was about 4k sterling for everything.


  • Melanie33Melanie33 Posts: 53

    Hi Vic,

    Thats great the legal process has run smoothly. thats us started it now so fingers x ours runs smoothly also. That is sooo exciting that u only have a month to go. You need to come back on and Tell us all about it. 

    No kilts for us. As we live in Scotland most people have them so wanted to be different and go with tux and keep with the black tie theme. I love a kilt tho!! Also love that you are having bagpipes 😬 👍🏼 

    I am sure people wont. Just drop that in when speaking to people about it to discourage people doing that. Xxx

  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Ladies!!! I don't know where the time has gone!!! Eeek!!! I haven't been on here in so long! Wow, Victoria! Under a month to go!!!

    Please, please let us know how it goes!


    Mel, how are you doing? All good? I have a dress fitting today - could not shift more than a few pounds - boo. Lets see what else happen in these last few weeks though before I can't shift any more weight!



  • Melanie33Melanie33 Posts: 53

    Aww Nik so lovely to hear from you,

    Can you believe how soon it is. I am actually panicking a little as I have all the wee extras to do and I can't send them over until 30 days before. currently trying to source personalized fans so if anyone has a supplier please let me know.

    eeeekkkl dress fitting today. That's amazing. U will love it. I have my first on the 21st but have my dress home with me and completely love it. 

    So is everything in order with the planning? Xxx

  • Melanie33Melanie33 Posts: 53

    Vic where did you get your fans from? Sick of trolling through suppliers xxx

  • Victoria100Victoria100 Posts: 102 New bride

    I got them on ebay! I had seen heart shaped white fan ones and couldn't find them anywhere, and then suddenly popped up on ebay, and because I ordered 70 they came to 50p each! Its literally my biggest bargain of the entire wedding! I chose not to bother with the order of service on them in the end, the service is so short and I loved the heart fans!


    I've got so many bits/things to sort now- robes for the morning, gifts for everyone, pashminas for the evening, my wardrobe, gift for groom! waaaa


    I need good ideas for bridesmaid, MoB and H2B gifts please everyone!!!


  • Melanie33Melanie33 Posts: 53

    Thanks so much Vic,

    I am feeling a bit like that myself, its all the small things but lots of them. Love ur idea of pashminas for at night as it will get chilly.

    That is a bargain!! :)

    Ok well I was initially thinking sunglasses for the wedding party. We are going with Ray bans for all the groomsmen but thinking of going with jewellery for the bridesmaids.  I am making up a box with robes, personalised champagne glasses and clutch bag for their phone and lippy as well.

    I ordered a personalised handkerchief for my dad with beautiful words and comes in luxury box, that could be an idea for MoB, I am not sure what to get mine. As for my other half, I plan on getting him a rolex as a surprise.

    Hope that's gave you some ideas. Don't panic, it will all come together. xxx

  • Victoria100Victoria100 Posts: 102 New bride

    Yeah I've bought my BM's a personalised canvas bag, with a robe in it, their earrings for the day, plus the make up that the MUA used during the trial on them (and will be using on the day) so they have it to touch up/keep. There's no real "forever" gift in there, but I don't know what they would like, that's reasonably priced and appropriate! Groomsmen are getting engraved hip flasks- nice and easy!

    I'm 3 weeks tomorrow and seriously into panic mode now! Still seems so much to do/buy/source/make! I had so long to plan as well! haha.

    I keep trying to kick H2B into action, he's in charge of the honeymoon, but I'm trying to give him more wedding jobs too, although he asks so many questions it doesn't really save me any time!

    Hows everyone else getting on?

  • Megan23Megan23 Posts: 7

    @Bee15 can I ask what you paid for your ceremony at cimbrone? They seem to have out their prices up a lot? 

  • Megan23Megan23 Posts: 7

    hello ladies! 


    So exciting reading your posts so close to your big day! 


    I justwanted to to ask what you've been quoted for flowers? My planner (who seems to be super slow) hasn't given me any idea yet and I'm trying to pull my budget together. Justwanted to know what sort of price I'm looking at for a flower arch, table decorations bouquets and candles lanterns at the reception? 

    Thanks and good luck!! Xx


  • Victoria100Victoria100 Posts: 102 New bride

    Hi Megan


    A ceremony at Cimbrone was quoted to be as three thousand euro, its worth noting its symbolic only though. Are you planning to have ceremony and reception there?

    Flowers really caught me by surprise- they are definitely where I've totally blown my budget. I stupidly picked my florist (who I met and liked) and told my planner to go ahead with him before we started negotiating prices, so I didn't have much room to argue! From speaking to other ladies, I think all florists in this area are fairly pricey though! We are paying 1500 euro for an Arch but that's for a metal gate with a few flowers versus a full floral arch (which was closer to 3k), I think our centrepieces are 160 each, my bouquet is 200, , bridesmaids are 90. Hope that helps?


    V x

  • Megan23Megan23 Posts: 7

    Thanks so much for all of your comments @Victoria100 and @Bee15 you have been AMAZING thanks so much! 


    Finally got it around to doing a spreadsheet and looks like I'm about a 3rd over budget 🙈🙈 


    needing to to cut costs where possible so all your tips are reslly really helpful. We've planned a ceremony at the town hall gardens, although my planner still hasn't confirmed whether they are still allowing it in the gardens. 

    We've hired a villa that we're having the reception at but the caterers have come back €175 plus without alcohol when originally we were told €140 so need to battle with them to get that down (oh joy). 

    Has anyone had a string quartet for the ceremony and/or a DJ for the evening? Could you let me know what you were quoted if possible?

    thanks again so much ladies. So so helpful! Xx

  • Melanie33Melanie33 Posts: 53


    I hope your wedding is fabulous next week. I am sure it will be everything u hoped it would be and all your planning and hard work will have paid off. 

    You need to come back on and let us know how it went and show us pictures xxx

  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Good Luck Vic! It's been so lovely chatting to you on here along with Mel and the rest of the girls. You will have a wonderful time. As Mel says, please do come back and tell us how it all went???

    Sending calming vibes!

    Nik xxx

  • Niki_84Niki_84 Posts: 77

    Happy Wedding Day Victoria! Thinking of you today!!!

    N xxxxxxx

  • Melanie33Melanie33 Posts: 53

    I was thinking of her too Niki, 

    I am sure it would have been incredible. U next eeeekkkkk, u all set? Xxxx

  • Bea14Bea14 Posts: 5

    Hi Ravello Brides!!!

    I hope everyone is doing well and having fun wedding planning.

    I ended up choosing The Amalfi Experience because they were recommended by our venue and they are really efficient and friendly 😊 We've also chosen Caruso as our venue for August 2017 (woo hoo) Are there any Ravello brides getting married in 2017?

    Regarding music, we are in the same position. We haven't chosen yet but everything seems so expensive in Ravello! (Already over budget and haven't considered flowers, music etc) Currently contacting hotels and b&b's directly and it seems that most are accepting bookings for next year.

    Regarding photography, we ended up choosing someone here from the UK because we fell in love with his work and the cost of bringing him to Ravello was quite competitive compared to some of the photographers based in Italy.

    Has anyone considered having fireworks at their wedding?

    For the ladies getting married this year...wishing you all the love in the World and I'm sure the weddings will be amazing - your posts have been sooo helpful so thank you for sharing your experiences so far! 


  • AJ16AJ16 Posts: 89

    Hi Bea

    We are also getting married in Ravello in 2017 :-) 23 June for us! 

    We are using Mario at Wagner Tours, getting married at the Town Hall then onto Villa Maria & Hotel Giordano for dinner & drinks (Caruso looks out of this world but was waaaay out of our budget! Your wedding will be beautiful!) 

    We won't be having fireworks as are trying to keep the costs as low as possible and only having a small quiet wedding (about 25 guests) - the big party will be back in the UK later on!

    Hotel is all booked, staying at Villa Fraulo but not looked into music and flowers properly yet - we have an idea of what we would like but planner says its a bit early to book anything yet.  

    We have booked Enrico Capuano for the photos/video as he was recommended by our planner, came in at a reasonable price and his work looks great.

    Its nice to chat to other people getting married in the area and picking up lots of tips :-) happy planning! x

  • Bea14Bea14 Posts: 5

    Hi AJ

    Thank you = ) I'm sure every wedding in Ravello is beautiful because the views are just amazing!

    We are having a small wedding too, maybe 30-35 guests.

    Yep, I've been told that too, I just hope the flowers and music are not too expensive because we are trying to keep costs down = s

    I can't wait to start planning the small details such as invitations and wedding welcome bags! hehe

    We would love to have fireworks but might not be able to afford them...I haven't enquired about prices but I can only imagine them being expensive as everything seems expensive in Ravello!

    We haven't decided on accommodation however we are close to booking Villa Piedimonte. Did to travel to Ravello before choosing your venue and accommodation?


  • Hello Ladies!


    Sorry for Radio silence, we went straight on honeymoon after the wedding so I've been away for 4 weeks in total- back to work this morning with a total bump!

    Thanks for your well wishes Mel/Niki- so nice of you to remember!

    It was ABSOLUTELY perfect. All our friends and family fell in love with Ravello (which I knew they would) and we had such a special week with them there. It was Ravello festival two days before our wedding, so the whole town was covered in lighting and there was a huge firework display on- great timing!

    I'll do a full report soon and talk through all my vendors/the day- but for anyone with any immediate questions let me know! If any of you are on Instragram, have a look at the #fromhentosten hashtag if you want a nosy at some pics.

    Mel/Niki- I am beyond jealous that you still have your days to go- I hope you both have the most amazing time!


    Victoria xx

  • AJ16AJ16 Posts: 89

    Hi Bea

    Sorry i haven't replied sooner i've only just checked the forum again!

    No we haven't been out to Ravello before booking anything. As much as i would have loved to we just couldn't afford to do it. Luckily my best friends sister got married in Ravello in June this year and used the same planner as us, and she has been so helpful giving us advice and tips! I also sent my friend out on a video/picture mission when she was there for the wedding! haha so that has made me feel a bit happier about not visiting before our wedding! I'm hoping as everyone says it's so beautiful there we won't have to worry too much!

    We also looked at booking Villa Piedmonte as it looks beautiful but apparently it is quite a walk from the town square so we decided against it. Not trying to put you off but maybe something to consider? We didn't want to pay for wedding cars so wanted to be in walking distance to everything.

    I can't wait to start planning things either, I have a million ideas already! I'm keeping myself busy with suits, bridesmaid dresses and wedding rings at the moment :-)

    Victoria so glad your day was perfect, i can't wait to read all about it!! x

  • Leaf123Leaf123 Posts: 1

    Hi ladies!

    This forum is great I wish I found it sooner!

    I'm getting married on Sept 5th in Ravello Town Hall Gardens and I just have a really quick question that I would love some advice on. Our planner has just told us that we can't add our vows to the civil ceremony as we had hoped as the civil state officer won't allow it. Just wondered if anyone else on this forum has had or is having a civil ceremony in the Town Hall gardens and how much you were able to customise your ceremony script? I'm devastated that we only found out 2 weeks before our wedding that we could not do this.

    Any help is much appreciated! And best of luck with your weddings :)

    Thank a mill Xx


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