Wedding in Cyprus 2015/2016

Please help, I don't know where to start with planning a wedding abroad. Looking for advise from people who have got married in Cyprus and possible venues etc.


  • Hi Lauren

     I worked for First choice travel agents for 6-7yrs, first thing i would recommend is to decide what sort of wedding your looking for (hotel,public area ect) if your looking for a hotel wedding i would say to head down to a travel agents get there wedding brochures they will show u whats included in there wedding packages and teamed with the summer brochure you can also see what the hotel has to offer, Cyprus is most prob the most popular destination so books up really fast (also depending on your wedding party) the more guests u have the better deal you get and normally added extras

    hope that helps xx

  • Hello Lauren, 

    Having a wedding abroad is such a great experience as you get to benefit from amazing sun, stunning sea views and the perfect wedding moon image Cyprus is one of the most amazing destinations as it is in close proximity to the UK. The food in Cyprus is also delicious so its a win - winimage

    If you would like, we can help you on your wedding planning as we plan weddings all around our gorgeous island. We offer personalised wedding packages that are uniquely designed on your needs and wants.

    To explain a little bit how we work! For us to get the right wedding packages we work together with our couples for the perfect result. More specifically we design personalised wedding packages that include everything you might want, such as full wedding planning and coordination, hair, make up, flowers, decoration, photographers, videographers, cakes, flowers and many many more. Basically, the packages include exactly what you want, and if you adapt preferences after we book the package, we are also happy to adapt the package for you so we will be sure it is what you are looking for. Our couples choose their wedding date & time and we make sure you are 100% happy with everythingimage 

    Please note, we have special offers for bookings before 14th of February 2015 which you can benefit from image X

    If you are interested in viewing our packages, please get in touch with us @ [email protected] OR [email protected] OR PM our FB Page image

    I hope my answers helped a little bit and I am really looking forward to hearing back from you and showing you our packages and what we can offer to make you a happy bride to be! 

    Lots of hugs xxx

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    Hi Lauren, i got married in Cyprus sometime ago now and have been back each year.  It's a fab place with great places, best to get the brochures from the travel agents and go from there.

  • New-mrsb, did you book through a travel agent then? How was your experience of booking and organising?

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    We got married in Paphos and we went to a wedding there the year before, plus viewed loads of venues image 

    We used an independent planner because we didn't want a set package and we wanted a personal contact - I did a lot of research and didn't like the sound of booking with a travel agent (not getting your wedding date/time confirmed for ages, having 3 or more weddings a day at the same venue, having no choice of suppliers for flowers/cake etc).

    Also, some travel agents tie your holiday/wedding and guests holidays all together, meaning you all have to arrive and leave on the same dates - we wanted maximum flexibility and not everyone stayed at the same hotel either

    We booked our wedding date first, then our holiday as you would a normal holiday, we used Linda from Paphos Total Weddings and she was fab image

    The process of getting married in Cyprus is really simple, you get some forms signed at a solicitor in the UK before you go (draft then yourself, shouldn't cost more than £20) then you have a meeting at the town hall when you arrive, very simple and quick and legal in the UK so no need to have a separate ceremony when you get home like some places abroad 

    Our friends got married on a yacht from the harbor which was gorgeous, then we sailed out to sea for the reception image We got married in the St Pauls Pillar church and reception at the Elea - we wanted a private ceremony and reception and none of the hotels really offered that, plus we wanted to have our wedding at a different venue to where we were staying, it felt more special that way image 

  • All I can say everyone leaving the country feel so sad. 

    That is fact because I live it every time I need to deliver the products (photos or videos) to my couples.


  • Hi im also looking to get married in cyprus next year. I have been to the travel agents to enquire but was told packages don't become available until April. There are so many nice venues in cyprus. Any advice wud be much appreciated xxx

  • Nissi Beach wedding venue in Ayia Napa can give you beautiful garden for photographs and the sea is just there. Olympic lagoon venue in Agia Napa is good for families with children also good place to married and the sea which is 5 minutes from hotel can give you fantastic photos with the 2 bays one looking at east and one at west for sunset photos. Grcian Sands venue is overlooking the beach a fantastic spot and the deck ceremony area it is perfect for your blue sea group photographs while the beach (very long beach)can give you nostalgic sunset photos.

  • These are 2 of my possible wedding venues . Am I right in thinking the beaches are nicer in Aiya napa.  I was also told there is not alot for families in Phapos xx


  • I have also looked at greican  sands . Are you a local photographer in cyprus ? Xx


  • Yes Dionne I am a local photographer in Cyprus. My house is only 2km from Gr. Sands 

  • Yes beaches here are lovely with golden sand. You will love them.

  • Do you have a Web page with pricing or do u get booked through agents ?? Xx


  • Goodmorning Dionne. I do have a webpage and you can book direct with us. Can you please google my name Costas Kyriakides photographer and you will find me. I dont know if I can put direct here my website, if they will allow me. If you like my photos and style then I will send you my packages and prices. Anyway even if you do not book with us and you coming in Ayia Napa your 2 daugthers will love the sea and beaches here.

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    Dionne5 wrote (see)

    Hi im also looking to get married in cyprus next year. I have been to the travel agents to enquire but was told packages don't become available until April. There are so many nice venues in cyprus. Any advice wud be much appreciated xxx

    If you speak to an independent wedding planner you can book further in advance, I didn't use a travel agent as we wanted more flexibility and felt a travel agent didn't provide that image

    Remember as well that there's plenty of wedding venues that aren't hotels - our friends got married on a yacht, with this company, it was brilliant

    Dionne5 wrote (see)

    These are 2 of my possible wedding venues . Am I right in thinking the beaches are nicer in Aiya napa.  I was also told there is not alot for families in Phapos xx


    There's tonnes of stuff for families in Paphos, we had lots of people with children at our wedding and at our friend's wedding the year before and all the families with children had a great time image 

  • Hi Lauren, I got married via a wedding planner I googled in Protaras Cyprus in 2010 best thing I ever did  have 2 children and they loved it, it is so much beter than going through a travel agent over here, they add money on and have little flexibility of the time and date of your weding, with wedding planners you can choose and there is also options of beach weddings and St Elios Church, slo the Garden of Eden looks lovely, theres plenty there all on Google, Weddong planner  with good reputations are Aphrodites, Medweds, Ocenview weddings, Cyprus dream weddings but also look on trip advisor for reviews Oceanview is fairly new but seem to be good, a rough average is between 400-500 euro for the planners and for this they do the lot and take away the stressQ they aslo take you down to Parilimini to sort the documents, etc but it is really easy but they also each have their preferred photographer/DVD, cake suppplier etc and you can tailor make packages to help you budget for exactly what you want rather than getting set packages which may have things on there which you would not need. I paid around 250 euros for my wedding planner in 2010 I got married at Sunset Beach Protaras it was stunning  private gardens facing the beach and I am now trying to organise my sister in laws for June 2017 the wedding planner I used has left Cyprus so I am either going to try and do this myself as I have been contacting restaurants direct, or ask a new planner but it depends if you want a hotel or a beach wedding etc as you can organise a reception at a restaurant who usually cater for all your needs with your private area and DJ . I am torn just weighing up costs for doing it at a hotel such as  Golden Coast or on a beach with a nice meal reception somewhere, I go back to Protaras every year,and will be visiting this June, it is a lovely place so friendly and the beach at Fig Tree Bay is stunning. But equally to anyone any help would be good My sis in law wants a beach wedding or similar and noce evening meal she is on a tight budget but there will be around 50-60 of us including children.


  • Hi,

    My name is Maria and I am a professional wedding -christening-event planner here in Cyprus. I am here to make as easier as possible your wedding 'adventure', which I am very sure it does make you really nervous, taking into account that you are getting married abroad. Me and my team are ready to make this journey are wonderfull as possible and I am sure that my service will leave you 100% happy and satisfied.

    Just to give you a general picture, we offer custom made packages according to what you really need, very flexible and budget oriented. Our services cover unique invitations, wedding dresses, photographer, videographer, wedding cakes and treats, flowers and decoration, wedding cordination as well as wedding gifts for the guests. Dj, venues, accommodation, flights and catering services.

    You can have a look at our facebook page, like it to become a member and get all our daily updates and real weddings' news. For any inquiries you are more than welcome to pm us on our page. (

    So, just lay back, relax and enjoy this amazing journey with JUST GORGEOUS AND HANDMADE team.

    Just Gorgeous & Handmade by M.N.
    +357 96364445

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