Any Zante Brides on here

I have just paid our deposit to the wedding planner this morning so things have got real and I need to get my head around planning a wedding abroad.

Any fellow brides on here getting married or have got married in Zante? If there is I thought it might be good to a have wee thread to discuss any issues etc.

My first one is what do I do now? image


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    hi where abouts you getting married ? we went to cameo island , where are you staying ? oh i so miss all the planning and little crafty things i did wish i could do it all again if you need to know anything ill help if i can x 

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    Hi Jo35, 

    Thanks for your post. We are staying in Kalamaki and getting married at the Hotel Venus.. We have been here twice before and stayed at the hotel each time and we love it. Everyone is so friendly and the grounds for the wedding and reception are beautiful. 

    link to photo gallery...

    On looking at their website again today I see they added in more venues and then got carried away with the idea of marrying in cave image my BM had to rein me in and and remind me of the practicalities.

    Just spent the last hour updating my savings and payments spreadsheet which was a bit of mare tbh. 

    Did you bring a lot of stuff over with you? I am worried already about luggage limits as I would like to bring wee bits and pieces but have to consider weight and space for clothes etc.

    I have favourited your planning thread to read over the next few days. 

  • Jo35Jo35 Posts: 305

    hi just had a little look at things looks a lovely place we ended up in Tsilivi i loved it Zante is such a lovely place and everybody is so nice and friendly 

    we took a few things over with us like the signing frame, favours ,confetti and cones my bouquet and button holes for the wedding party my dress went in hand luggage (there was no way that was going in the hold ) i did pay for extra luggage weight and i did use it ! we had the most amazing day but it went far too quick,  savour every moment x

  • Hi ya I'm getting married in target taverna in Argassi may 26th getting closer now! If you need anything let me know x

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    We love Zante as well and the main reason we chose to get married here was mainly down to the fact that everyone is so friendly, its relaxed and you can chill out, Just what we want. 

    I think extra luggage is going to be a must tbh. 

    Hi Louise May, you don't have long to go now, how have you found the organisation so far? I'd love to hear your thoughts on how the process has been for you so far. 

    I have spent tonight looking at bridal shops online and looking at what they offer and shortlisting. I don't really want to go to the larger shops as I have a fear of them. 

  • All been really smooth so far so good! Getting close to getting legal docs sorted will keep you updated...

    are you using a wedding planner if so which one?

    Why do you have the fear of wedding dress shops? Xx

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    We are using a wedding planner - and they have been fab so far. Barbara who is one of the planners also works in the hotel we are getting married in so we had met her a few times previously before getting decided to to get married in Zante. 

    Glad its all been really smooth for you so far, its difficult when you are so far away and doing things via email / skype etc. 

    Wedding dress shopping gives me the fear, I honestly don't know why. I really don't want lots of people staring at me. I suppose its quite irrational tbh. 

  • Hi.

    Currently me and my partner are trying to book cameo island for May 2016. I have been sent info regarding packages available but now I have said were interested and in process of sorting out the date and bits, the details of the package/venue options are changing! Firstly, they sent details of a reception option in the beach cove of cameo, showing pictures of the tables set up by the sea etc which looked lovely and I fell in love with and now I'm told they don't have receptions in the cove any more and you have a reception on top section of the island, of which I can only see a couple of pictures of when searching the net ( and what pictures I have found do not give enough of an idea how it could look)

    Secondly, I was told min numbers for the bbq option is 20. Fine, this not a problem as if only 19 of us are able to attend i am happy to pay for min number of 20 people. Then I'm advised to find a different reception venue all together due to possible weather issues in May (and there's no indoor area for shelter) and that the min number now for bbq reception is 25-30! 

    So if there any cameo brides out there, firstly have you had any of these issues and what did you do? 

    Having never been to zante I don't know what sort of weather it is likely to be in late May and if anyone has had a cameo wedding when it rained, what did you do?

    Does anyone have pictures they wouldn't mind showing me of their cameo island reception. 

    Does anyone have any suggestions or alternative reception venues that are on a private/secluded beach or  others that would be good to go to? 

    I have gone from really excited about the wedding to stressed out in just a week! Any help would be great. Thanks for reading. X

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    Hi Forest1 sorry to hear youre having a few problems , are you using a wedding planner ? we decided not to have our reception on Cameo as we were told that they sometimes have parties on the island and the owner wont cancel them for a wedding as he makes too much money from the party,even if you have your reception on the upstairs area i dont think they close it off ( that would be worth checking out )  also i was under the impression that you hire the island but you dont its only the downstairs cove ( they have a notice up and clear everybody away ) 

    we had our reception in a taverna that was close to our hotel in Tsilivi ,we were there a week before we married so we just set about finding great food and hospitality and we couldnt have asked for better they couldnt do enough for our wedding party free champagne decorated tables fantastic atmosphere 17 of us and only cost 200 euro all night .

    try not to get stressed itll all come together in the end , you have picked an amazing place Cameo Island is stunning as is the rest of Zante x


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    Hi fellow Zante brides!


    How are you all getting on with your planning??


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