Wedding Band

can anyone suggest a band that could play at our Wedding in Bordeaux this summer?

We are looking for a band that can cater to all ages and keep the dancefloor busy all night.



  • We have some engagements France and Italy this year, perhaps it may be too much of a coincidence that we are there at the right time needed ! but if you have a look at our website and send details through, you never know, we may be able to assist.  Keith. 

  • george smith music was a bordeaux band that we have on our list, where are you getting married?

  • We are getting married in Aubeterre (1.5hrs from Bordeaux) and have booked the fantastic brightlights to play at our wedding - cannot wait!!

  • Awww don't suppose you need a photographerimage

  • Hi Cathy,


    Are you able to provide me with a direct email for Cover Brothers?


    Thanks !

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