Can anyone reccomend a place in Italy to get married

Just got engaged and love the idea of a beautiful scenic Italian wedding but hAve no idea where to start! Also would appreciate any advice on a good wedding planner as there seems too many to choose from when I search the internet.


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    Where abouts in Italy are you thinking? Like what kind of wedding? By the coast or the Italian countryside (Tuscany or Umbria) or the Lakes or Venice etc. I am getting married in Unbria next year and I am using a planner called Sarah of Salve Umbria! We emailed a lot of planners and she seemed the best on price and value for money. She is also British so no language issues at all! Hope this helps and if you have any other questions Fire away! I know how stressful and overwhelming it can be!!! X

  • The cloisters in sorrento is also beautiful. my friend got married there last September and it was amazing! image 

  • Northern Tuscany is beautiful. Around the Lucca area.  We used Lisa and Isabella, English and Italian combo!! from Hitched in Italy, they were great and found us the perfect venue.

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    I am getting married in Lake Como, Italy. It is stunning, I could not recomend it enough!

    We are having the ceremony at Villa Carlotta and then the reception at Grand Hotel Tremezzo. There are lots of different venues that offer a great service!

    Good Luck!

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    Tuscany is BEAUTIFUL!!!

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    Has to be Tuscany, just so beautiful there: Love this wedding.


  • Hello ! I am French but live in Milan (I got married with an Italianimage). My husband is from the Amalfi coast and I have noticed how expensive it can be to get married there. However, what cost more is the wedding planner. If you have 30 guests maybe you can organize yourself with accommodation and venue. Then it also depends in which period you are getting married. You can negotiate better price in the spring and fall than during the summer.

    If you need advice I will be happy to help image

    Ps: for info my husband and I are fashion photographer and videographer. We have created few months ago to realize photoreportage if weddings. If you have any questions even concerning other photographers that I like or know on the coast let me know image



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    Hi Claire,

    Did you sort it out?

    Italy is seriously beautiful from Lake Como to Amalfi coast and everywhere in between, amazing venues (there is with something for everyone) mild weather, great food...and wine!
    My agent, Danila from Dama Wedding, had great recommendations about different resorts and properties and really helped us understand where we would achieve the best overall value for our guests and within our budget. You can search for her website and contact her, it is definitely an option worth considering.



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    Hi Claire. We've been to weddings in both sorrento and lake Garda and both were beautiful in completely different ways . If you've got time, why not visit this year and try get to a few places - Italy is really easy to get around on the train- I'm sure once you see the place that's right you'll know it's 'THE venue' 

    One thing to think about when choosing a location is how your guests are going to get there. Look at the flight prices and times for airports near the venue/your home town using this year as a guide- somewhere with daily flights by ryanair might be preferable to once a week with BA (Though BA defo has the best luggage allowance for the bridal party!) as it gives people flexibility to make a holiday out of it or just come for a long weekend.  

    good luck! X

  • Hello Claire,

    Congratulations to you!

    There are so many beautiful places in Italy and is not easy to chose at all. You can consider lake of Como, Sorrento and Amalfi coast ( where i have actually organized few weddings) and Sicily is an amazing island too. Most important things are : budget that you have for it, how many guest approximately and time of the year. There are some destinations more expensive than others and if you have an idea between country side or sea, this can be the first step for you to chose. Tuscany is another amazing region, but you might find similar scenery in Umbria but definitely less expensive. I am an Italy destinations wedding planner and I would love to help even if just for few tips. You can contact me if you wish and I will hopefully be able to give you the right advice. You can also check my website to get more ideas if you wish

    I really hope you will fall in love with the right place soon....

  • Hi Claire,

    The Amalfi coast is beautiful and easily accessible from the UK, easyjet fly from London Luton/Gatwick and Stansted. I actually married in Sorrento myself in 2007 and now have my own business as a wedding planner! Sorrento is great if you want something that is quite lively with lots to see and do or somewhere like Ravello is incredible for an elegant, quieter destination, both have incredible views of the coastline. Feel free to look at my website too if you need some inspiration on this area Happy Planning!

  • Hi! 

    I suggest to consider also cinque terre in Ligury, Langhe and Monferrato in Piedmont!

    I'm an italian wedding photographer; I'm trying to improve my business so I'm offering great deals for wedding packages! I always work with Valerio Elia, an exceptional photographer (who speaks fluently Italian, Chinese, English and French, so communicate to each other isn't a problem for us!). If you want you can give a look to our website here's the link:

    Here's our e-mail: [email protected]

    Feel free to ask everything you want!

    Congrats for your wedding, best wishes,

    Ludovica Lanzafami

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     Nice to meet someone in the same boat!!

    I have booked Sorrento in September 2015 for September 2016, and all days and times were available.

    To book you don't have to pay, you pay a month before, so book it!! and May - June is not the height of their season Aug-Sept is...

    A GOOD wedding planner is worth her weight in gold, but challenge their quotes, list what you want... I have found that they list things that I believe are covered in the Cloister Fee, I have emailed the Town Hall regarding this I am waiting their reply! I have Friday 16th september at 1pm booked 600.00 euro

    We have visited Sorrento on numerous on occasions in the last 12 months, pretty much visited everywhere!!

    The Foreigners Club is good on a budget, you won't get any hotels etc exclusive, and remember that their priority is their guests.... your wedding, any weddings with hotels are sold on a 6 hour time scale, typically 12.00-18.00 or 18.00 - 00.00, and you will be allocated a small part of the hotel/patio.

    Music requires a music tax, that is payable at each venue (so the Cloister and Reception!!!!).

    I have booked a flight from Bristol to Napoli on 10/09/2016 for £30.00!!! easyjet... their sales start in Dec... get the flights the day they come out! my flights are now £179 each way.

    Our family and friends have gone through Thomas Cook or Expedia for good package deals, but Alfonso @ NaplesVillas is very good if you want a Villa.

    Also feeling Italy, we have booked with Sergio and he has given us a very good deal.

    I personally changed our plan when I visited, after visiting all the Hotels ( and I honestly mean all the hotels), We decideded to check out private Villas and we found Villa Eliana.......OMG it is out of this world, same price as the Hotels and if you have 50 adults its exclusive (if not 2000 euro, we decided we would rather have the extra people) 

    Simona is fab xxx she was so helpful...she even spent hour on the phone trying to locate a mirror I lost on the first day driving around Sorrento bless her (thats another story Italian drivers!!)

    If you want any info I have drop me a message I am happy to pass it on, I really feel your pain ;-).

    But from what I have experienced the Sorrento Folk are very helpful xx



  • Hi,

    Italy has millions of great places, depends what are you looking for!

    im getting married in Italy in April!

    ive chosen Rome as my perfect place for my wedding!

    actually it was quite impossible to organise it myself, I adore Italy and travel often here, but its a complete disaster when you need to organise smth here, especially such a big event as wedding,

    so i read in one of the forums that it was better to find a wedding planner, so I did so, and i dont regret at all! She did everything for me and I wasnt mad looking for my suppliers, or waiting their email for days, if you want she is

    She is my photographer, im really happy as her photos are amazingly beautiful, she is a real professional, and a very kind and attentive person!

    Ive also found thanks to my wedding planner, my make up artist and hairstylist in Rome

    Annartstyle make up and hair, you can find her both on FB and instagram,

    She is a real professional, speaks fluent english, is very flexible with prices, she does greatly both hair and make up, I ve already done my trial, so Im sure about it 100%. She consulted me about my general look, as I didn’t know what I wanted, but thanks to her great experience, we found my Look!If you are interested , i can send photos here!


  • Hello ladies, congratulations and all the best with the planning. If you'd like to consider Croatia and Middle Dalmatia as your wedding destination, I welcome you check out our Chic Croatia, we'd be more than happy to assist you with any questions or to send you a proposal. Wishing you all the best and happy planning! 

  • Hi Clare,

    Here in Italy we have so many scenic locations for weddings. Starting from the north, you can have your wedding on Lake Como or Lake Garda.

    If you are looking for an exotic location you should consider Venice and for a country side wedding, there are plenty of places to choose from in Tuscany or Umbria.

    There are also historical wedding sites to look for in Rome, Florence, or any small but interesting hill towns such as Cortona, Assisi, Todi, San Gimignano and so on.

    If you are keen on having your wedding by the sea, you should look along the Sorrento coast line.


    Hope this will help!! 

    Here also a link to our wedding photography website:

  • Hi Claire

    I am the owner of a resort in Tuscany


    we can organize your whole wedding for € 100 per person and can accommodate up to 70 people .

    ask a quote to [email protected]

    Congrats for your wedding, best wishes

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    i have chosen sorrento! We get married July 7th at the cloisters and then have our reception with don pedro family!

    good luck!


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