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Getting Married in Lake Como 2016

Hi All,

Myself and my partner are getting married in Villa Carlotta followed by a dinner/dancinig at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

We are going out to Como in a few weeks to do the food tasting, meet lots of suppliers and etc.

I am struggling to find a hairdresser and a band...does anybody have any suggestions? Ideally that you have used before/been to a wedding where they were hired.

If you are getting married in a similar area I would be happy to help!




  • Hi Lisa,
    Hope your planning is going well, your venues are stunning! 
    I am currently offering a great package for weddings abroad, as I am trying to expand my business into international wedding photography. Feel free to have a look at my or on my facebook page or give me an email[email protected] 


  • MaeveMaeve Posts: 1

    Hi Liza,

    I hired a great band "swing - rock - pop". [email protected]

    hairdresser: "fuori di testa"  Serena in Varenna - really professonal and niceimage!


  • Laura92Laura92 Posts: 9


    Are you organising everything yourself? I am and I just booked Villa Carlotta this past weekend.  Now trying to get my head around everything else.

    I asked them via email if they allow any time before the ceremony for me (or someone in my group) to go there and organise the flowers etc.....I also asked about the ancient chairs being covered...unfortunately they replied about other things but didn't answer these questions.


    Maybe you could try

    For Hair and I know she does make up and photography too for a good price but not sure if she does them all separately x

  • hello! for the hair and make up I suggest "Hair Point" in colico, but don't worry she move where you are! she is kind and she do amazing hairstyle and make up, I know that the trial is free!


  • Hi! 

    First of all, congrats for your choice: the Como Lake is an incredibile place, so romantic and charming!

    I'm an italian wedding photographer and I live not so far from Como Lake; I'm trying to improve my business so I'm offering great deals for wedding packages! I always work with Valerio Elia, an exceptional photographer (who speaks fluently Italian, Chinese, English and French, so communicate to each other isn't a problem for us!). If you want you can give a look to our website here's the link:

    Here's our e-mail: [email protected]

    Feel free to ask everything you want!

    Congrats for your wedding, best wishes,

    Ludovica Lanzafami



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