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Hi, I'm just recently engaged and planning to get married in Portugal. I like the look of the Grande Real Santa Eulalia in Albufeira though they do not organise the ceremony/ legal part. Can anyone advise me how you go about organising this? Do I need a wedding planner or has anyone done this themselves? We are both catholic so would like a catholic ceremony. I like the thought of getting married outdoors! Has anyone got married in the Grande Real Santa Eulalia before? Would you recommend? Any help would be much appreciated image Thanks xx


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    Hi I got married in Portugal in may last year, I would say due to all the paperwork and translation you would need a wedding planner it makes things a little more relaxed and stress free for you. If anything goes wrong they are there to sort it out. My wedding planner was Quinta Occassions - Susanna was fantastic and very knowledgeable.

    Good Luck x

  • Hi I’m also thinking of getting married at the grand real and are in contact with Rebecca of weddings by Rebecca she has been brilliant and very accommodating so far we met her and the band double cocktail in Dublin when they were over in January and immediately fell these where the people we wanted to help us organize our wedding very professional and great fun. Also told Rebecca we wanted a church wedding and the party at the grand real so she’s organizing it for us too. It’s a gorgeous location and she told us we can party till the early hours and that’s a big plus!! hope this helps image

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    Hi all,

    If you do not need something specific (ceremony on the cliff, decorations etc)... in other words, if you need only wedding receprion - you can do everything yourself. However, paperwork is still rather complicated part.

    Otherwise, I recommend you to find the planner. If you need assistance, please contact me in skype (ivanviar)


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    Hi Everyone,

    We are also planning a 2016 wedding in Portugal. I was looking into Villa Vita. We plan to visit this year and look at the venues. Has anyone been out and looked at the resorts?x

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    Hello @Andie16 I am a weding planner at Portugal White Weddings I can help you with the choice of accomodation or anything else in you need. My email is: [email protected]

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    Hi ladies, can you help me with the legal requirements. What needed to be done inthe UK and what in Portugal? Also roughly how much does it cost total For the legal and ceremony bits?

    thanks ladies!!!

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    Sent you a message :)

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