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Hello, this is my first post. We have been looking for a venue in France over the past weeks (almost a month now) We thought we had hit on a venue just North of Bordeaux called Bellevue but the lack of correspondence and attitude of the planner there has been attrocious. We were always concerned about the negative tripadvisor reviews but put them aside as this place is always on the first page of wedding searches. We have since been in touch with a couple who posted a negative review and were advised to avoid this place like the plague - eeekkkk.

Anyway, OH has decided enough is enough and we need to look for somewhere else. Before I go mad looking at loads of other venues, can anyone recommend anywhere in this area of France. We want to be within 1 hour 30 of Bordeaux as this is where most of our guests will fly into.

Sarah -x-


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    Hi Sarah, we went to a wedding at a place called Chateau Saint Privat des Pres. It was absolutely stunning (in fact, it's on RMW today - and we really enjoyed the whole weekend. I know they had a great planner also.

    We flew into Bordeux and drove there, I think it took us about 1hr30 x

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    Thanks Julybug, I shall contact them. The place looks really nice although the rooms a little basic. Did you stay in the chateau itself? What was the food like as this is so so important to us and would have created a huge issue with the first place as they were offering beef stew as their main food option on the wedding day.

    The location of the chateau you mention seems great.

    S x

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    The rooms were lovely, I stayed in one of the small apartments inside the chateau. I wouldnt really call them basic but they are in a very old chateau so you don't get all the mod cons you'd get in a modern hotel etc.

    The food on the day was really amazing. I think you can use any caterer you want though so it's up to you. I think my friends used the planner that the couple in the RMW link used so she probably has her preferred list of suppliers and you can do a couple of tastings through her..

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    Latest update..I was hoping to secure the above mentioned cheap venue despite major concerns from my OH but it seems now that they are no longer doing weddings after 2016 they also have far too many restrictions but we didn't realise this at the time anyway, looking elsewhere in the region I found this stunning venue called le petit moulin (who have their own in house wedding planner as part of the package) and whom I contacted.

    The  owners and their wedding planner were unbelievably helpful and very proactive and I’ve provisionally booked a slot for 2017 . Going out to visit in May.

    This venue is a hidden gem as they only do about 10 bespoke weddings a year and get booked up very early.

    The prices were very comparable with the other place and this place is absolutely stunning’.

    Has anyone else been married at this petit moulin?

  • Hi Sarah,

    Petit Moulin looks stunning, I think you have found a hidden gem there! If your looking for a photographer feel free to have a look at my page We are starting out on international weddings, expanding our uk company, we are offering some great deals at the moment image 

    Good luck with your planning

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    Thanks Darren I have had a look at your page and would love to get an idea of how much it would cost should you come to France.

    The wedding planner has already sent me heaps of information and we are due to have a chat at the weekend, but am also interested to see what else is out there as well. She even said that if I want to talk to another supplier she would be happy to speak to them as well so maybe let me know your prices and we can go from there.

    God I'm getting so excited now, feels like we have taken a massive leap 

  • Its such an exciting time for you Sarah! We are getting married in August so know how much there is to think about! If you wanted to send us an email, we can chat more [email protected] 

    Darren image

  • Hi Guys! Any help/advise with finding a chateau that rustic  and that you can make your own for a french wedding and ideally at a good price for next sept/oct would be amaze if anyone has any links/ideas. Thankyou Gen

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