Anyone getting married in Kos, 2016?

Getting Married in Kos Sept 2016.  Anyone else, so we can share ideas and experiences? xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    Got married in Santorini very close to Kos! I had a great planner  with huge experience that didn't stress me at all !It was perfect!

  • Where abouts in Kos are you getting married we have looked at there xx

  • We are getting married at the Holiday Village, We are staying there and will have the ceremony on the beach with a bbq on the terrace of the Italian restaurant on the premises image

    where are you getting married Miss g 2 Mrs g xx

  • We haven't booked anywhere still can't decide where to go or what to do??

    Are you using your all inclusive for the bbq or paying seperate?

  • We're paying for the BBQ separate.. We couldn't decide where to go, but went in and spoke to the travel agents and she talked to us about various locations and some ideas of weddings they had booked and HOliday Village Kos just sounded perfect for us. xxxxx

  • Do you have many going? We're really struggling whether people will come abroad well to Greece or Cyprus tbh!!!

    I think thats what we might have to do just go in and see what they recommend. I love the atlantica aegean blue in rhodes but it's pretty exepnsive and so is the olympic lagoon in cyprus!! xx

  • We have a group of people coming to the travel agents with us, mainly parents from both sides, and some relations of my other half, and then giving the reference to friends and letting them book for themselves.  Those that want to be there will be there image xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Tanya14Tanya14 Posts: 4

    Hi im also getting married at hv kos in august  next year, and also going for the evening bbq at the italian restaurant     Just waiting  on my date to be confirmed. image

  • Jennifer69Jennifer69 Posts: 41

    Oh that's amazing Tanya!  Perhaps we could buddies and share our stories image do you have many going? We've just had the date confirmed last week. 21 Sept 2016 image xxx

  • Tanya14Tanya14 Posts: 4

    Aww thats great  news, still waiting on mine, i did choose 31st of August.  Its not a big group of us going its 8 adults and two children. image  how about you jen have you got many going? 

  • Jennifer69Jennifer69 Posts: 41

    We have 32 who have booked so far, and is a mix of adults and children.. Pretty much everyone we have invited have children..


    Did you pick the beach for the ceremony location? I cant wait to get my wedding pack so I can get ideas down and sorted.. Have you started any preparations yet Tanya? xxxx

  • Tanya14Tanya14 Posts: 4

    Hi jen! Yeah picked the beach for ceremony. And the colour  scheme is ivory and light pink. My daughter chose pink but she wanted shocking  pink so i toned it down haha she is only six. Ive got my dress already had to get it couldn't wait as i fell in love with it. Just waiting to add things on now feels like its taking for ever for the wedding  co-ordinator to get in touch. Im taking my own flower's, too. Men are just wearing linin trousers and shirt's no ties. When did you book your wedding? Also downloaded some hairstyles i want for me and my daughter and niece. I cant stop looking at things and ideas on the Internet. Its very exciting image how about you jen have you picked anything yet xx

  • Jennifer69Jennifer69 Posts: 41

    We're having pink and silver, we booked it and got confirmation on 28th April.. I've been looking at so much! My maid of honor is a hairdresser so she is doing all out hair and hopefully my make up.. I've just joined a group on Facebook called wedding at holiday village kos (unofficial) 

    Just found a photographer on there..  Xxx


  • Nadia9Nadia9 Posts: 1

    Hi, we are getting married in the holiday village too image October 2016. Don't know any other details yet though! 

  • Jennifer69Jennifer69 Posts: 41

    Excellent choice Nadia image

    Just had email back yesterday with price list for extras from the Weddings team..

    Started to put ideas and stuff down and booked to go try dresses on in a couple of weeks time image xxxx

  • Kirsten13Kirsten13 Posts: 1

    Hi ladies, we have just booked holiday village kos for our wedding in June! We literally booked Friday but I'm dying to know what date we will be getting married.. How long did it take for your wedding packs to come With confirmation ect? We are going for two weeks as we have to be there for 8 days before apparently.. So using the first week as a family holiday and asking guests to come out for our second week and wedding! So excited aready just don't know where to start! Xx

  • Jennifer69Jennifer69 Posts: 41

    Hiya Kirsten13

    It took about 4 weeks for me to get a text to confirm my wedding date, and then it was about 6 weeks later that the wedding pack came..

    Tbh, the wedding pack is nothing exciting, just tells you the email address for the wedding team, and a few little details about the bride and groom incentive scheme etc. 

    I emailed the wedding team within a couple of days of getting the pack and got a reply about 4 days later...

    I's so excited for the wedding but its miles away!!! 

    Just picked my dress on sunday, so now got to pay for that. :-) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi ladies! 


    Please help! 

    I'm just about to book for hv in October. Can anyone tell me if you have to have the legal ceremony at the town hall and does anyone have the prices for the bbq on the beach for my receptio? 


    Thanks very much. 

  • Hey :)

    Could i be cheeky and ask you girls roughly how much did your wedding cost all in at the Holiday Village, I'm trying to look at a few places abroad to get married but this one sounds perfect as I want a beach wedding and a BBQ for after. 

    Thank You

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