Santorini 2015-16


I got married last May in Santorini island.It was a wonderful experience and this island is magical!!! If there are any brides that would like help or ideas contact me!I would be glad to help!



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    I would like to get more information. How many people did you have at your wedding? What venue and what were average costings? Thanks

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    We had our wedding on a resort in Imerovigli area on the terrace that I have on my profile picture it was wonderful!Then we went to a restaurant in Fira for the reception.We were not many  only 18 .you're welcome!!

  • Mrs OyelayoMrs Oyelayo Posts: 101

    How much roughly was the cost of the dinner? Was it a sit down or buffet? Thanks

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    A sit down menu.60 euros p.p in caldera view restaurant on the cliffs

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    Nicole hi!

    I'm new around here as I got engaged last week!We are thinking about a wedding in Santorini just us and our parents and brothers.Could you please inform me which planners you used?If you used some of course..

    Thanks! x

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    Congratulations! Santorini is a perfect place for your wedding!I always dreamed of it and thankfully my husband accepted getting married there!

    We used Gold-Weddings Santorini a local company with great experience.They are in the field 28 years now so they must be considered LEADERS.Their prices are very reasonnable too.

    Ru thinking of a beach wedding or a caldera view wedding like we did?


  • fabiennefabienne Posts: 28

    I haven't decided yet.We definitely want to a caldera view hotel though! Thanks a lot I will contact them and let you know!

    Have a great Sunday! x

  • fabiennefabienne Posts: 28

    Wow! Immediate response! We arranged a free skype meeting to discuss about ideas,venues,etc Thanks Nicole! x

  • debiedebie Posts: 13

    I got married in Santorini too last year using the same company.I can't recommend them enough! The ceremony was held at Dana villas and party at Pyrgos restaurant.

  • Anna79Anna79 Posts: 1

    We've chosen Santorini as our destination for a small wedding with a party of 8 people.. I'm a little lost as can't seem to find the average cost of a wedding there...

    Can anyone give me an idea of the cost for a simple service with a small number of guests?

    Thanks in advance.

    Anna. X

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    I believe you shouldn't pay more than 3500 for a ceremony & party for 8 people.We had 18 guests so we paid a little bit more!



  • nikosnikos Posts: 9

    In 2013 i go married in Santorini and it can be as cheap or expensive as you want to be. We booked a table for 9 people in Megalohori and it worked out about 35 euros per person.

    I am also an International wedding photographer and my most popular destination for weddings is Santorini! 

    Based in the UK, I DO NOT charge for travel to get out there as I am 9 times out of 10 already on the island. For striking wedding photography for you to cherish and relive the memories of your wedding day, contact me.


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    I booked Dana Villas and Theros Wave Bar  for September 2016 using Gold-Weddings Santorini too.They have been great so far!

    What theme did you have Debie?Colours?

    Nicole your photo seems great!I love the colours you chose!

  • debiedebie Posts: 13

    I had a yellow-wedding..My flowers where yellow,white and green.

    How about you?Have you decided yet?

  • miramira Posts: 4

    I like orchids..I was thinking about a combination of water and orchids..Alexandra showed me some great photos.I fell in love with them! I also like  lilac..or pale colour

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    Mira hi!

    Congrats on your wedding! Have you booked everything?which area r you staying at?

  • RaeClarkRaeClark Posts: 3

    Hi Nicole, I have booked Le ciel for May 2017. I was wondering if you could recommend any hotels in Fira or Imerovgli ranging from budget to luxury. 

    I am am looking to arrange it all myself without a wedding planner as my job is an events planner. I'm trying to get grips with legal side if anyone can help?


    thank you 

    Rae x

  • nikosnikos Posts: 9

    I will be in Santorini for the summer periods in 2016 and 2017 for your wedding photography.


    love to hear from you 



  • Lucy125Lucy125 Posts: 1

    Hi I am just back from my wedding in Santorini and it was amazing! If anybody wants any recommendations or help just let me know. lucy x

  • annabel6annabel6 Posts: 13

    I had my wedding in Santorini on June 2nd and I just came back home! It was a wonderful experience ,we all enjoyed it so much!We arrived a couple of days in advance ,had a meeting with Alexandra from Gold-Weddings Santorini checking on the venues and last details-everything was very well organised, so had nothing to worry about!

    On  our  wedding day the photographer came to our hotel for a  bride- preparation  shooting and stayed all day long.He did a great job and now we have sooo many photos to choose from.

    We had ceremony at Santo Winery  and then reception at Ampelos restaurant in Fira. The Winery has amazing views of the caldera and the whole island and Ampelos delicious  local dishes.

    Congratulations to you all !

  • Mrs..C..2beMrs..C..2be Posts: 318 New bride

    I am going to santorini in sept to look at possible wedding venues. I am wanting something with beautiful views that might be suitable for between 15-30 guests and ideally private. Any recommendations? Also could I ask those that have already wed are there any options for free bar for guests and if so did you use or would you recommend? I am so excited and it's great to see so many happy brides who have already wed there! Xx 

  • annabel6annabel6 Posts: 13

    We visited St.Irini Chapel,Dana Villas,Theros Beach bar but decided on Santo Wines winery! They were all suitable for the number of guests you reffer.

    Can't help you with free bar! Our menu included wine in the price!

  • Mrs..C..2beMrs..C..2be Posts: 318 New bride

    Thank you Annabel.  I know someone else who got married at a winery, I cant remember the name but it sounded beautiful. Something abit different too. Did you just have reception there or get wed there too? x

  • annabel6annabel6 Posts: 13

    No just the ceremony.Our reception  took place at Ampelos restaurant in Fira

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    We chose Ampelos as reception too! Unfortunately Santo  Winery was already booked..

  • Mrs..C..2beMrs..C..2be Posts: 318 New bride

    The views at winery look amazing ???

  • annabel6annabel6 Posts: 13

    It was very beautiful! 

  • AdreaAdrea Posts: 7

    Good morning to you all,

    I just got engaged and looking for a  wedding in Santorini.As we(my fiance and I) are both from Cyprus it would be a very good choice, because the majority of our relatives would be able to attend.Which venue did you choose?Where did you stay(looking for something affordable at least for my guests)? Did you have a bachelor party before? Are there many activities for our guests on the island?Sorry for my questions...

  • debiedebie Posts: 13


    I got married last year  in Dana Villas having reception at Pyrgos restaurant(caldera views but not on the caldera cliffs).My planner Alexandra(from Gold-Weddings Santorini) was great and  I highly recommend her.I had yellow,white and green flowers.Our guests stayed in different areas, as some wanted caldera view while some others wanted to stay close to the beach.

    Santorini is a wonderful place to have your wedding and has got many activities for your guests also.

    Good luck with your planning!

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