Santorini wedding

Hi Ladies,

After my wedding in Santorini, if anyone needs advise for this island , please reply to me and I will get back to you this as many as I can information. The island is just the best place to get married and has unlimited option for all budgets.



  • Jade36Jade36 Posts: 2

    Ooh where did you get married and how many guests did you have? I am hoping to get married there next year so interested in finding out where you and your wedding party stayed!

  • debiedebie Posts: 13

    I got married last year in Santorini !The ceremony was held at Dana villas and wedding party at Pyrgos restaurant.It was a unique experience thanks to my planner!!

  • sonia9sonia9 Posts: 243

    Hi! Which planner did you use please> x


  • Hi Sonia,


    My wedding planner was Olympia Giannopouou from Marryme in Greece. An amazing lady who planned , organized and designed everything for us. Also has logical prices. The best think to do is to ask her for skype meeting , she will give you her number and will devote to you usually as much time as you need to clarify everything in your mind. 


    You can see her site or you can contact her via email [email protected]

    Wishing you a happy holiday time and if you need more information let me know 



  • sonia9sonia9 Posts: 243

    Thank you!!xx

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