Cost of hotels in Sorrento??

We are due to get married in June 2016 in Sorrento.  Have just had our ceremony date confirmed, however the hotels haven't released prices yet.

I would to be able to recommend reasonably priced hotels for our guests and even plan where we will be staying ourselves.

Does anybody have any idea of the prices  of Hotels in June or could anyone recommend nice hotels? 






  • MrsT-to-beMrsT-to-be Posts: 113

    Hi, firstly congrats on sorrento, it's such a beautiful place for a wedding!

    my friend married there a few years ago & most of the guests stayed in these 4/5 villas which share a pool. It was great as we could see each other as much/little as we wanted during the week- it can get a bit much so spend your whole holiday with a large group in one place. theres a large outdoor eating area we used for a big evening meal once all the guests had arrived a few days before the wedding. We went in April so things were a bit cheaper, about £200pp I think for the week. Go direct to the owner to book the whole place as it's cheaper.: 

    a few few other guests stayed at the grand hotel aminta which beautiful with stunning views as it's on a hill but cheaper than some of the 4* ones in town as is a bit further out of the centre. There was a free bus every hour though and it's walkable if you're of average fitness (about 20 mins)

    some people who who could only make it to sorrento for a couple of days stayed at the ulisse deluxe hostel which is bang in the centre and more than adequate for those on a budget and definitely not a 'hostel' in the usual sense.

    Feel free to message me if you have anymore questions about sorrento. We would have married there ourselves if the OHs mum would fly! 


  • DianaDiana Posts: 102


    we are marrying in August and staying at hotel plaza, we have previously stayed at Ulisse also which is central, clean but quite basic


    Mrs T to be- do you know who your friend used for hair and make up? 


    Many thanks


  • Hi Mrs T to be.....that information will be of great help.  I may be able to recommend the apartments to guests.   The Grand Hotel Aminta is actually a hotel I had looked at to be honest as noticed it was quite a lot cheaper than most and they have released their prices for most of next year. Did the guests enjoy it there? My only worry is it is quite away from Sant Agnello where our reception will be :/  I hear Tax's are quite expensive?

    Have had a little look at the Hotel Plaza too.  That looks lovely. Do you know how much you will be paying Diana?



  • DianaDiana Posts: 102

    I think it's roughly £135 a night for August when I get married.

  • MrsT-to-beMrsT-to-be Posts: 113

    Hi - those who stayed at the Grand Aminta said it was amazing, worth paying for the views alone. The taxis we got were very reasonable but it was april (easter weekend though so still busy in sorrento). I'm sure the hotel could sort a minibus taxi if there are a few people staying there. Maybe email them now saying that you're considering recomending your guests stay at the hotel and could they give you an idea of taxi prices for the journey?

    cant help with the hair and makeup i'm afraid - one of the bridesmaids was a trained makeup artist and spent a week learning different up-do's found on pinterest to do the bride and other bridesmaid's hair (with the heat in Sorrento I'm not sure i'd recomend having your hair down) xx

  • BekhaGBekhaG Posts: 586 New bride

    We're honeymooning at the Grand Hotel Nastro Azzurro in Sorrento. We're paying a fortune for it! £1400 each for a week, all inclusive in July this year (it does look amazing though and the all- inclusive includes branded drinks and champers).

  • AjayAjay Posts: 10

    By the way, where this place 'Sorrento' exactly comes in London..

  • Kerry46Kerry46 Posts: 21

    HI MrsNewton2be,

    Thomson have released package holiday prices for summer 2016! We booked up today... might be worth a look for price ideas image ... Thomas Cook will release prices next Thursday (30th April).



  • Hi Kerry

    Yeah my wedding planner had messaged me aswell. image Thankyou.

    I am a little reluctant to go with Thomsons yet to be honest as they are so expensive. I am hoping to book hotel and flights separately, once all prices have been released.

    Who did you decide to go with in the end?


  • Kerry46Kerry46 Posts: 21

    We've booked Grand Nastro Azzuro  for two weeksimage still looking for some more affordable options for our guest though! 


  • MrsC2016MrsC2016 Posts: 27

    Hello there. We booked with thomson three weeks ago and already have our may date at the clostiers confirmed. Ended up going for grand hotel rivera. Have u recieved ur extras pack from thomson, my confirmation text said 6weeks image other than that so far so good, have u thought about recep venues? Thanks

  • Kerry46Kerry46 Posts: 21

    Hi MrsC2016,

    We haven't booked our ceremony through Thompson, only our holiday.  We've booked the Cloisters for the ceremony and Relais Blu (boutique hotel) for our reception - all booked through our wedding planner Cheryl at Bella Sposa.

    Hope you hear something soon!


  • MrsC2016MrsC2016 Posts: 27

    The relaid blu looks beautiful Kerry. We're current trying to decide on a venue so stressful lol x

  • MrsNewton2BeMrsNewton2Be Posts: 204

    Cheryl is fab isn't she Kerry!  She has been a godsend so far for us!

    I am waiting for Monarch to release prices for flights.  Some of the hotels are starting to come up now on some searches.

    Still undecided where we will stay.  The OH like The Hilton Sorrento Palace.....but reading the reviews looks like its food is extortionately priced! 

    I still quite like the Aminta to be honest.

    Decisions, Decisions! x


  • Kerry46Kerry46 Posts: 21

    Yes she is fab! image I'm in the same position trying to figure out reasonably priced hotels for our guests! Easyjet apparently won't be releasing prices until October,  I'm far too impatient till then lol. How many guests are you hoping for?

  • MrsNewton2BeMrsNewton2Be Posts: 204

    Oh really?? Monarch told me they would be releasing prices mid May so hopefully won't have to wait much longer, else we might have to look at Thomsons in the end. 

    We are hoping for 35 as our package is a minimum of 35. image We have invited 55 Adults so far and 13 Children but i doubt very much that 13 kids will come plus there are a few adults I know who probably wont come.  

    How about you? x


  • Kerry46Kerry46 Posts: 21

    Hopefully it won't be too long! I loved the package at meditteraneo - great deal but we're not expecting that many people, hoping for about 25! That reminds me I'll have to get our invitations sorted soon image x

  • MrsNewton2BeMrsNewton2Be Posts: 204

    It's difficult to prepare for numbers isn't it.  I feel uncomfortable with asking people all the time if they think they will come.  I know people will probably say yes to our face and then last minute let us down.  I think it will probably become quite obvious early on who will be coming though.  I have just finished making our invites.

    Have you decided on a photographer yet Kerry?


  • Kerry46Kerry46 Posts: 21

    I agree, I think it will be obvious!  I'm trying to remain hopeful, I'm only worried about H2B's mum/brother and sister as I know it's alot of money for them but we'll see what we can do once all the prices are released. I think we've decided on The Bros Photography (included in Bella Sposas pacakge) as we don't want to go over the top with prices! Have you decided yet? x

  • MrsNewton2BeMrsNewton2Be Posts: 204

    I am really undecided about Photographers to be honest.  I have a couple that I really like but are a little bit more expensive.  Its caused a row between me and the OH image  He thought they only cost a couple of hundred quid. He didn't realize how expensive they were from the beginning. 

    I like The Bros too.  I am really taken on a couple of others though, that aren't through Cheryl.  Will have to see if I can persuade the OH or do some serious negotiating....which I am not very good at to be honest. I really want to get one booked though, so I can stop fretting over it.


  • Kerry46Kerry46 Posts: 21

    Oh that's not great, hope he comes around! I think there is just so much choice, are you thinking of a video too? X

  • MrsNewton2BeMrsNewton2Be Posts: 204

    I got my way in the end image We are going with Francesco De Tito. He is someone I found a little while ago. I really want a videographer but my OH is only just getting over the cost of the photographer!  Haha.image 

    Might have to hold out on that one for now! X

  • Hi Ladies, 


    I am at the stage where I want to get my accommodation booked for my July 2017 wedding.

    We will be flying from Glasgow or Edinburgh, all of our options are't available yet as easyjet arent realising the Scotland to Naples flights until Nov (which is a pain).


    Thomsons are extortionate, Thomas Cook isnt giving any holidays until the flights are realised. The cheapest I have found is Jet2 holdays and the flights work with our dates but its still coming in at min £1000pp.

    I want to offer cheaper options to my guests, especially young familes that will need to pay for kids too. Any suggestions?

    Also are there any hotels that are particularly family friendly? Although beautiful and perfect for adults who want to relax some of the hotels seem a little to stuffy for the kiddies. 

    Recommendations are most welcomed xx

  • MrsWard, I'm also next July and from Scotland. We're travelling with our two kids and flights from Scotland were ridiculous, and I was too impatient to wait on easyjet. So we've decided to fly from Leeds via Monarch and flights for four of us, and 3 cases checked in came in at under £500 total. couldn't believe the price difference.  We've booked a family room at hotel continental but if the Hilton was closer to the coastline I would've booked there, the Hilton is very family friendly and also has kids clubs/entertainment. xx 

  • MrsG2B2017 wrote (see post):

    MrsWard, I'm also next July and from Scotland. We're travelling with our two kids and flights from Scotland were ridiculous, and I was too impatient to wait on jet 2. So we've decided to fly from Leeds via Monarch and flights for four of us, and 3 cases checked in came in at under £500 total. couldn't believe the price difference.  We've booked a family room at hotel continental but if the Hilton was closer to the coastline I would've booked there, the Hilton is very family friendly and also has kids clubs/entertainment. xx 

    oh lovely! What date are you in July? How many of you are going? 


    Its really difficult trying to find accommodation as so many are based at couples rather than families. The cheapest I have found the Hilton is £1100pp incliding flights but children are the same price as an adult (gulp). 

    How are you getting on with your wedding plans? Xx

  • Yeah it's a real killer when the prices for kids are the same as adults, especially when one of mine will have just turned 2 and couple months earlier he would've been free 🙈🙈 I just booked mine separately and made enquiries everywhere to try get best deal. 

    I'm the 6th July at villa fondi and then onto hotel Meditteraneo, based on the response from our save the dates we're expecting roughly 50 coming over, i imagine as people go to book though dome may pull out.  Plans been slow up to now, most of main things booked, ceremony, reception and photographer. Next is hair/makeup to book. A lot of the wee stuff are included in planner package too so it should just be the case of picking what I want nearer the time.  Youll no doubt be experiencing the same laid back approach in Italy, lol!  How are your plans going? Xx

  • Jist to let you brides 2 be know there is now a Facebook group for Sorrento and amilfi weddings. Here's the link:

    If you have Facebook and you've not already joined add yourself to the group, there is over 40 on it now and it's been amazing sharing ideas with one another 


  • Sara50Sara50 Posts: 196

    We recommended the hotel gardenia to our guests with children as they were one of the few places that offered family rooms at a reasonable cost. About 12 of our guests stayed there including my brother in law, his wife and two children.  They stayed for a week booking flights and accommodation separately and I think it cost them around £1600 for all four of them. It's far from a luxury hotel like the ones on the front but it was well priced, clean and had a nice pool area. It's about 20 mins walk to the square. Our guests had no complaints! I wanted to have some hotels to recommend that wouldn't put people off when they saw the costs! 

    Me and my husband are looking at going back to sorrento in May half term for 4 nights and I can't believe the cost of accommodation It  seems much more expensive now compared to when we were looking last year. We stayed in the de la ville for the wedding in August for 7 nights which cost us £1100 for the room, it's £900 for 4 nights in May! 

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