Gorgeous dress for wedding abroad needed!! : )

Hi fellow B2B's,

If anyone knows of anywhere that sells nice wedding dresses to get married abroad i need your help!!

I have been searching online for stores that stock dresses but have only found one site so far - and they seem to be under the impression that if you are getting married abroad you either want to wear a bikini or the plainest dress around (kind of look like m&s nighties from the 70's!)

If anyone has some good websites or know of any shops close enough to travel to from Berkshire your help would be really appreciated!

Thanks :\)


  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    Have a look at Jenny Packham, Alfred Angelo, Maggie Sottero, Monsoon.... they all do destination dresses for weddings abroad.





    You could go for a traditional wedding dress, but have your wedding in the late afternoon eg. 4pm and ensure you wear a hooped petticoat under the dress...

    Good luck shopping for your dress

  • sport12sport12 Posts: 27
    Thanks for that. I will have a look at all of those.

    I don't want anything too big or heavy - i am 5ft 2" and have size 2 feet so most dresses look like i am trying on my Mum's! LOL

    Also, i am hoping to spend £600 max (maybe that is why i can't find anything very nice :\))

    I did think about buying a simple dress and customising it. Has anyone else tried that?

  • sport12sport12 Posts: 27
    Wow, the Maggie Sottero dresses are all gorgeous!!! Bet they are way out of my price limit of £600 though.

    Anyone know the price range for these?... before i go to a shop and make a fool of myself : )
  • mrswogden2bemrswogden2be Posts: 511
    Hi Becks M

    i am getting married in Jamaica in november this is my dress


    i bought it through house of brides for around #335.00

    it has been despatched ( i only ordered on 23 june) and should be here soon image

  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    £600 is ample!! Don't worry about the price... if you find the dress you love, im sure you will get it for the price you want!

    Maggie Sottero dresses range average around £500 - £750 (some more up to £1000) so you will be fine!

    My dress cost £899 in the shops, but i hunted high and low and got it from a bridal store in N.Ireland for £399 incl p&p so don't worry about the price hun, it will be fine.

    Im getting married in Jamaica, and 5'1... lol very tiny... let us know how your dress shopping goes xx
  • sport12sport12 Posts: 27
    Hi jamaican bride, your dress is beautiful! Not long until your wedding... this year seems to be flying by! i'm not getting married until next year, we are still booking the wedding so haven't confirmed the date yet! but i love a good bargain so i'm on the look out for a dress already.

    Thanks for the reassurance about price Maz and Jamaican bride - £600 really is the absolute max i want to spend so its good to hear if you hunt about you can find cheaper.

    I did a bit of research on Maggie Sottero dresses last night and as you say you can find some real bargains if you look . I am going to go to a couple of shops and find some dresses i like and then hunt for them cheaper from the U.S or ebay.... anywhere cheaper!!

    I feel a bit guilty to the shop owners using there stock to try on but i've got a small budget so every penny saved helps! :\)

    Which dress are you wearing Maz? Its nice to hear from some other little people! :\) When's the big day in Jamaica?


  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    I left a message on http://www.1stcallforweddings.co.uk with information on the designer, style number, size and colour, then the lady with a bridal shop in n.ireland gave me a call.... not getting married in till next august, but i did this in march, so i had plenty of time to wait for a response...

    so look on preloved.co.uk its not only used dresses, but like mine stores that buy excess stock, samples, or those who have changed their mind about their dress or the wedding!!

    on ebay i did a 'want it' ad which was useful...

    don't feel guilty about the stores... they are rip off's!! lol... mine called me about a 10% off offer they were doing, i told them i was in the process of getting the dress for £399 so unless they could better that price, the dress wasn't in my budget..

    The dress i have is the one shown, but here a link lol http://www.1stcallforweddings.co.uk/search_for_a_dress.html

    I love it, feel like a complete princess in it!! Can't wait to wear it...

    House of brides is also an option... if you don't find anything here..

    Only 1 year and 1 month to go for me, so much to do, and alot of saving as well... can't wait!! xxx
  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738
    where are you considering getting married? and when?? xx
  • sport12sport12 Posts: 27
    ah your dress looks amazing! I can't wait to start trying some on.

    Thanks for the links i will have a look at those today too.

    It is so nice to chat to other B2B's, all my friends are single and thought it was boring enough that i bought a house last year with my H2B and saved up to make it look nice... i can tell they think it is the most boring thing ever to get married. We want to try for children soon after we are married too they will probably think i should be drawing my pension then!! lol :\)

    We have almost definitely decided on a Central Park wedding in New York but i need to get a bit more info first (will probably start a new thread asking advice soon :\)) We looked at beautiful beach weddings but the only thing that concerns me is that we are only having closest family there (8 people) and each side doesn't know each other. Our families are very different and i thought it might be better to have them in a big city where they can do their own thing rather than stuck together on a resort. If i thought they would all get on i would be probably following you and Jamaican bride out to Jamaica as that is my ideal - but its really not worth the agro. We will have to save it for the honeymoon.

    We are looking from June - August next year depending when we can book in. We are going to have a party when we get back.

    I can't wait to get organising!!


  • buttie16buttie16 Posts: 135
    I'm getting married in Cyprus next year and shall be buying a Maggie Sottero dress from BestBridalPrices.com - it's half the price it is over here even including the p&p!!!
  • sport12sport12 Posts: 27
    Thanks Buttie,

    i came accross that site whilst searching the internet but the 'call for prices' bit put me off. Have you called them yet? How much do they charge to ship to the UK??

    Sorry for all the questions, thanks for your help :\)
  • buttie16buttie16 Posts: 135
    I think the shipping costs are similar to house of brides. If you email them, they give you the prices - they are really quick at replying as well!

    Only problem is that if you want a Maggie dress, the order has to come from the US not the UK.

  • sport12sport12 Posts: 27
    Thanks Buttie,

    How did you order from the U.S?? Do you know someone over there?

  • buttie16buttie16 Posts: 135
    Luckily, yeh - I know someone over there. You can order other designers - just not Maggie!
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