Grandmother can't make Italy wedding -anyone done live web?

My poor gran is too ill to our wedding in Italy and I know as her first grandchild to marry she is devastated. We're having a party back home when we get back but does anyone have tips for involving her? I've looked into live web links but the venue doesnt have a big enough connection. I'm thinking of doing video call on mobile and one of my young cousins can sit with her and they can watch the ceremony live. Anyone done anything similar, have any tips or ideas??



  • My grandparents can't attend my wedding either as it would require a long-haul flight - I'd love to hear from anyone that knows how this could work, too.
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    Also our grandparents can't make it due to the 10hr flight and ill health!!

    As we have so many friends and family attending we aren't having reception on return, but taking both sets of granparents to The Ritz for afternoon tea and going to present them with a framed picture and video recording of the ceremony.

    Our travel agent is directly linked to Virgin Atlantic, and they offer the free live web direct to their shop... so those family members who are free on the day and living within the area of the UK can watch the ceremony as it happens.

    I would suggest speaking to your travel agent and tour provider if they can do this.

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    hi kandy

    what's the venue's connection speed/bandwidth? do they have broadband or just dial up modem?

    you might want to find out if anyone in the area has wifi that you can hijack for the ceremony

    have a look at this website and maybe try contacting them to ask about necessary connections

    all you really need is a laptop and webcam - if you don't want to do proper video streaming you can just opt for the free MSN Messenger video calling. Then anyone back home can watch your ceremony whilst it's happening just by logging in to msn (and you can get away with minimal connection)

    the disadvantage of this is that it wont save your video like a streaming service might

    good luck!

  • they sound like great ideas.

    we're not booking through an operator so sadly wont be able to do that - though VA have certainly come up trumps with that one!

    we're marrying in quite a remote town in the south of italy in an old town hall - not sure they'll have a connection but i will check. the webcam thing sounds good. i'll have to experiment here!

    thank you all!!

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