Anyone managed totransport dress as hand luggage recently?

Hand luggage restrictions v strict now and I heard they're not hanging dresses anymore.

We're travelling business with BA to our wedding in Italy and I'm thinking of buying a special dress travel box to go in the overhead, but am worried they'll make me check it in and then it wont be protected enough. anyone had any recent experiences with BA or other airlines?? luckily my dress is quite fine and not a big, structured dress.



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    if your dress can go on a hand luggage then you can take it on board. And I would be very surprised traveling business class if they don't hang your dress on the plane.

    A friend of mine put it in a flat bag just to go through security check in and then once she was at the duty free she took it out. But she was not carrying anything else!

    I will be traveling with mine next year in my hand luggage because there is no way I would put it in my main luggage, just in case it get delayed or lost, that would be a nightmare.
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    Im very confused about this one..were flying with thomas cook and theyve told me our dimensions for handluggage are 11 inches by 9 needs to weigh no more than 5 kilos!! My dress like yours is very light, being chiffon. Cant understand it as when i flew last year my hand luggage was a satchel which was bigger than that (and prob weighed more!) also how come youre allowed duty free items that are heavier and bigger than my dimensions. If anyone knows anymore about this id appreciate it.
  • Yes, sonyme - the duty free thing is a joke. Those signs that are now screaming at you in every departure hall "Fly with Everything You Buy" really make me mad - just goes to show that it's all about money and not about security after all!!

    I've never been on a flight and not seen someone carrying a huge holdall or a suitcase that is evidently too big, so I'll be insisting on taking my dress on as hand luggage.

    There are wedding dress boxes that match the permitted hand luggage dimensions on Ebay.

    I once saw a guy at check-in who was told he had excess baggage and proceeded to put on as many of the clothes in his suitcase as possible. Needless to say he looked ridiculous, but it just goes to show how silly these rules are. If they say I can't take my wedding dress on, I'll be stripping off and putting it on for the duration of the flight!

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    Enchanted-mind, boy do i like youre style!!!! Please let me be on the same flight as you!!!! - (youre post made me laugh out loud)

    Its true thou it seems utter madness, i do believe theres something in the pipeline regarding hand luggage sizing, saw it in the news tues am but not the outcome.

    Thing is we ladies spend an absolute fortune on our dresses, the thought of being parted from it after all our planning etc is terrifying - although im sure it will be fine in the hold surely we should have a choice!

    Thanks for the tip thou, didnt realise ebay did the dress boxes i'll look them up.

    Jayn x
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    Theres also a company called was gonna use them but decided my wedding shop does boxes that fit airline hand luggage so just gonna have that as although it won't be as durable as a box you could buy it's not leaving my side so won't get bashed about like hold luggage would
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    My friend just got back from her wedding in Larnaca. She had flown with BA from Manchester and was really worried about taking her dress.

    She spoke to her travel agent who'd been organising her wedding and was recommended a company that specialises in wedding dress travel boxes...

    Their site is...

    Worth a look I guess. I think I might contact them to see if I can choose which colour for my wedding image

    Danielle x
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