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i have finally gone ahead and booked my wedding on Lake Garda for Sept 2016. I have chosen to book with Pam at Romantic Weddings on Lake Garda. 

While i have been initially impressed with the level of service - phone call to start and subsequent emails, I have found that since paying my deposit the frequency of our emails has become less. I haven't had a reply to a few basic questions since 27th April. I may just be getting a little bridezilla here because I know it is the start of wedding season, but has anyone else used RWOLG for their wedding planner? I think because I am super organised I may just assume everyone else is the same!!

I just want want to ensure everything has run smoothly for another couple to put my mind at rest!! 


  • Lauren98Lauren98 Posts: 5

    All sorted. Please ignore. I called and discussed. All is well image

  • Hi Lauren


    Can i just ask how is it all going now? I am considering using this planner and just wanted to check if you are happy with them



  • Lauren98Lauren98 Posts: 5


    Congratulations for your up and coming wedding. Malecesine is a good choice. 

    Yes, all has been great since my post. I think I was slightly overreacting. I guess I need to remember I am far from the only bride who has a wedding booked with Pam!! I also booked well over a year in advance, so I was far from a top priority as I have a lot of time to be able to decide what I am doing and to be able to bool things. 

    Pam has been great though - she really knows what she is doing. I have also spoken to her via telephone and Skype etc as well as over email with no problems. 

    She he also really knows the area and has provided some great suggestions, especially since I am not having a huge wedding. 

    Good luck with whatever you decide and if you have any questions, I'll answer the best I can x

  • Hi Lauren98

    If you don't mind me asking, where are you holding your reception please? We have chosen to marry on isola del garda however we are undecided on where to hold the reception. I can't find many reviews about weddings in lake Garda.also do you happen to have you found your photographer and make up artist? Xx

  • Hi Future Mrs R,


    Congratulations :)

    We are looking to hold the reception at either Al Corsaro, Malcesine, or Alla Fassa (just outside of Malcesine). I am waiting for a little bit more information before making an ultimate decision.

    In terms of photographer, Pam's partner, Fransico, will be doing the photography. As for the makeup artist - Pam is organising this and unfrotunately I do not have a name and/or contact details!!

    Have you thought of anywhere you would like to hold your reception? 


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