Transport logistics in Tuscany. What would you do?

Hello everyone!

This is my first post and I'm so excited to have found this board. It seems like it is overflowing with a ton of useful information. 

My husband and I are in the beginning stages of planning a vow renewal celebration in Tuscany for October 2016 and we are struggling with narrowing down the venue choices. 

Most of the charming/full of Tuscan character villas and B&B's that we have found are a good 1.5-2.5 hours away from an international airport and I'm just very curious as to how that works. Am I missing something? Would selecting such a secluded location for 35-45 people be asking for a huge headache and lots of stress? 

Okay, sorry if this is a little scatter-brained. We're just a tad overwhelmed with the choices and decisions to be made thus far. Thanks in advance for your response! 


  • JulyBugJulyBug Posts: 420

    We are getting married outside of Siena which is an hour drive from Florence and a two hour drive from Pisa (which is where most people are flying into). We gave people a lot of notice (sent out the invites 8 months in advance) to give them plenty of notice. We also have a website we set up with clear instruction on how to get buses and trains to siena from the main airports. We haven't had anyone not come because of the distance.

    I've also been to a wedding in France that was a two hour drive from the airport, we all just rented cars and shared between us, it was totally fine. Basically - I wouldn't worry unless anyone will struggle because of disabilities/ill health/old age but they would prob find the flight harder anyway! Good luck image 

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    Our wedding was just outside Lucca, which is only a 30 minute drive from Pisa airport. Our wedding planner has many beautiful venues in the region and they are all within easy reach of the airport.  

    There is also a train station directly at Pisa airport which is really handy for guests not wanting to drive.

    I understand that you don't want guests to travel too far to get to the venue as they have taken the time and expense to get all the way to Italy!

    Get in touch with Lisa at Hitched in Italy, she will help you out.  She based int he UK, so makes communication really easy.

  • Bee15Bee15 Posts: 16

    We used "wedsite" which allows the functionality for people to RSVP if they want transfers.  We also included in this website a chart which gave the rates for shared transfers eg 2 people 350 euros, 4 people, 500 euros etc etc  whatever the figures are and this went up to 15-20 people.  Allowing people to save money if they coordinated landing and departing at similar times. 

    That being said, it seems a lot of our guests have found car hire not badly priced and are clubbing together and coming by car.  They seem to have romantic ideas about road trips in Italy.

    So I wouldnt worry about it too much.  My advise would be to set up a wedding website giving as much information as possible so people don't need to search it themselves and the leave them to it.  


    Good Luck!

  • Bee15Bee15 Posts: 16

    PS Those figures I made up, I cant remember what they actually are but our transfer is 2.5 - 3 hours so even more than yours!

  • Ashley25Ashley25 Posts: 3

    Thank you guys! 

    I'm not worried at all about our European friends and family. Our Dutch family has been to Italy many times and often travel with the car, but I know for sure that my American family and friends will be terrified to rent a car and drive in a foreign country. Haha. 

    It may sound silly but I think it is a legitimate concern....

    We've lived abroad and are much more......well-traveled....but I have friends getting their first passport to attend and I think if we asked them to drive they would be terrified. 

  • Ashley25Ashley25 Posts: 3

    In this case do you think it's best to choose a location reachable by public transport? That seems to limit venue options quite a bit.

    Maybe we can arrange for our Dutch family members to pickup our American guests at the airport and carpool to the wedding site. 

    What are your thoughts? 


  • LoveShoesLoveShoes Posts: 67

    I would choose a location that's reachable by public transport if you can, but it's difficult in Tuscany as most venues are quite remote.

    I went to a wedding a few years ago near Siena and it was impossible to get anywhere via local transport and not many people had hired cars so we had to eat in the hotel restaurant, which was really expensive. I'd choose a venue that's near to a town, so people (and you) can get out and about and explore a bit even if they don't hire a car.

  • Georgee3Georgee3 Posts: 22

    We're getting married in Petritoli in Le Marche. The venue is a stunning 'palace' and fits up to 70 guests (It's not tuscany but it's worth a look!)

    What we're doing is hiring a bus for whomever RSVPs that they want transport, but we found a LOT of people have decided to hire cars and will be able to fit others in their cars so there will only be about 15ish of them out of 60. 

    Not OP but I like the Wedsite idea @Bee15 Thank you!! I'm gunna have a look into that image

  • PhoebeHPhoebeH Posts: 18

    Hi @Georgee3 I realise this thread is quite old now but we're looking to provide a coach for our guests and wondered which company you used and if you'd recommend them? Too many companies to choose from, I don't know where to start!


    Thanks, Phoebe 

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