Invite for reception back home

Hi, we are getting married in Italy in September and we are having a reception when we return. What sort of wording should we use on invite and how can we politely ask that people dress appropriately as I will be wearing my dress again etc.





  • I'm interested in this too! does everyone know you're getting married or are you eloping?

  • Rachael46Rachael46 Posts: 3

    Yes, everyone knows we are getting married.

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    Hi Rachael46,

    I guess it depends on the venue, but I have found keeping info short and politely to the point works best.

    We were recently married in Nevada, and are having a reception in September. Our venue is a field with a marquee and hog roast / BYOB. Ours says this;

    "Hello! We are so excited for our upcoming post wedding hog roast! We can't wait to see all our friends and family and share our joy and happiness with you. Please kindly RSVP by [insert date] so we can provide our vendors with the final head count.



    Theme: Summer hog roast / BYOB

    What to wear: Smart casual - it may be worth bringing walking boots/wellies, warm jackets/blankets etc to put in the car in case of weather change.


    Where to stay:

    Local taxis:


    Notes: For more information or to answer any questions you may have, please feel free to call us, text us or Facebook message us and we will be more than happy to help.

    We look forward to seeing you soon!"


    Hope this helps and is what you were looking for ????

    All the best and congratulations!





  • hi

    we had a reception on our return & sent out proper wedding invites. we said something like we are getting married on date at abroad. on our return you are invoted to our wedding recpetion on blar date at blar location etc.

    please dress to impress. there will be food dancing & fun etc.

    everyone dressed up for ours like a proper wedding & i had my dress on & we cut the cake & had speeches etc. it was great


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