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My lovely brides to be... I would like to offer my photography services for those that are getting married in Santorini. I am an international wedding photographer based in the UK and a member of the BIPP. Being in the UK means we can meet and go through your wedding plans. You get a chance to see my work and most importantly you can tell me all your photography requirements. I am a very important part to your wedding day as I recreate your wedding memories for you to cherish forever and what a gorgeous island to have as your backdrop! I am usually in Santorini from June to October and would like to give couples striking and beautiful photography. 


I got married in Santorini in 2013 and it was magical and everyone used to joke who would be doing my wedding photography. Well it could not have been me! Anyways, I want to tell you about my experience with the photographer that was part of wedding package.

You may not actually get to meet the photographer. How can you see their work? How can you tell them what you would like from the photography when they just turn up? I believe you need to like the photographer itself and their work. I was disappointed with our photographer in our wedding package as they didn't really interact with us. I had to tell her what to take sometimes. It wasn't just me being "the other side of the camera". Lets face it, it is Santorini, it is gorgeous and you'd like the best shots of your wedding day. She was too shy. Plus for what we paid, turned out to be very expensive.

I do not charge for my travel to Santorini for your wedding out there. I always meet with my couples in the UK before we fly out there. You can see my work and you can tell me your wedding plans and what you'd like from the photography. 

Hope to hear from you soon

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  • miramira Posts: 4

    Please send me privately your quotes !!! I booked for September 2016  Dana Villas and Theros Wave Bar with Gold- Weddings Santorini 

  • nikosnikos Posts: 9

    will do image

  • VangelisVangelis Posts: 1

    Dear Niko

    Just stumbled on your forum post while browsing on the web and I felt the need to reply.

    To be honest I was really surprised to read that you being a professional photographer, chose for your own wedding one of the packages offered by wedding planners that include "a photographer" without knowing who would take the photos.

    As I'm sure you are well aware there are plenty of photographers on Santorini, some of them legal and many of them illegal (but this is another story...). Nevertheless, most of them have websites that couples can look at their work as well as have Skype calls to meet and discuss about everything.

    These packages that you mention are the more budget-friendly ones for couples who really don't consider their wedding photographs that important and book any photographer for 1-2 hours. And these packages are certainly not the majority of the weddings that take place on Santorini.

    I'm a wedding photographer myself living and working on the island of Santorini and in fact I'm in the process of organising my wedding as well. A destination wedding might as well be an option for me, since I'm a well-known professional on the island having excellent relationships with all wedding vendors, so I wouldn't know who to pick for my own wedding.

    If that is the case after all (since I haven't decided yet) I certainly wouldn't pick my photographer from one of the packages offered by wedding planners without knowing who he or she would be.

    It's one thing to try to advertise one's services in wedding forums (which is absolutely fine with me) and another to give wrong information about weddings on Santorini.

    Wish you the best of luck


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