Are you having a hair trial here first?

Hi all,

This may be better place in the hair and make up forum but thought I would get more opinions of brides getting married abroad here. image

I get married in Vegas in December and have a hair and make-up artist booked. We arrive on the Saturday afternoon and get married on the Tuesday. 

I have long thick hair and was offered a trial but with everything we already have to do on the Sunday and wanting to enjoy our time in Vegas anyway, I didn't book one but do have the option to add one on. However, I was actually thinking of maybe having a trial here to see what styles I would like? I would hate to get to the morning of my wedding and find the styles I am wanting don't suit me and having to go with anything because I have run out of time!

Did you have a trial here just to see what suited you or are you planning too? My hairdresser does offer wedding hair so I am wondering if she will just allow me to pay for a trial with no wedding booking to follow?

Thanks for any advice you can offer image


  • miramira Posts: 4

    I will surely have one before my wedding! I just don't want to see something on the mirror that day , I won't like!

  • AmandaaAmandaa Posts: 9

    My mother is a hairdresser and we've tried a few  different wedding hairstyles.Certainly try different hairstyles before the wedding day. Be sure to show the hairdresser photos of hairstyles. You risk not understand each other. Look, such hairstyles for long hair are fashionable now  and here  Save images and show your hairstylist, wish you  luck image

  • JulyBugJulyBug Posts: 420

    I am getting married in Italy and had a trial here at my local hairdresser. I'd recommend having one - it was useful to play around with different ideas and she also gave me some tips about what works best with my hair, which I'll pass onto my hairdresser in Italy.

    It also just made me feel better that the style I want doesn't look completely awful!image

  • I have booked a trial with my hair and make up artist in Vegas now - 2 days before the wedding but I am sure this is fine. I have a few different ideas of what I want and will have a Skype session with them before and share my ideas. I have faith in them as they have fantastic reviews image

  • bluewkdchickbluewkdchick Posts: 118

    hiya I was thinking the same, I arrive two days before our wedding in spain and I am thinking of having my trials in the uk to get ideas then take lots of pictures and then take them to the stylist/make up artist in spain? x


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